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Video: Avatar on the Nokia N8 with multitasking of Asphalt 5, GT Racing and Hero of Sparta over HDMI.

September 24, 2010 16 comments

Very quickly, here’s the famous Blue Cats in Space, AVATAR game demoed on the Nokia N8. But Asphalt 5, GT Racing and finally Hero of Sparta are also demoed, and with the latter still with the other 3 games chugging in the background.. As mentioned by several product managers, C7, E7 and C6 will all be capable of reproducing the same game playback. I.E. if N8 can do it, all the other S^3 handsets can do it. Though having that big 4″ display and some keyboard controls may give you a little bit of an edge over say, the C6. I dunno – maybe. 🙂

Thanks to N#O#R#U#L#E#S who sent us this tip in via!


video by Idelafr from

Video: Asphalt 5 on the Nokia N8

June 4, 2010 6 comments

Last week we saw EA “unveil” some stunning 3D games for the Nokia N8 with Sims 3, NFS Shift and Monopoly.

Today, Gameloft is showing off Asphalt 5 on the Nokia N8.

Unlike EA’s NFS, this seems to be controlled by touch and not accelerometer.

What I really like is the prospect of many high quality third party apps and games titles coming over to Nokia.

Spread the love guys!

It’s a win, win for developers having an even larger audience and Nokia users having greater choice of high quality apps and games.

These are the kind of high quality titles I would not mind handing over cash for (not those appalling versions from 1980).

What annoys me about this video is that the orange N8 is actually looking mighty fine.

Grrr, after I thought I’d resolved my choices to the black (Dark Gray) and Blue….

gameloft via @mickyfin

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