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Video: Bluetooth RC Mini cooper via Nokia N8

November 24, 2010 4 comments

BeeWi recently released an app on the ovi store that allows you to use your Nokia (compatible with Symbian^3 & S60 3rd & 5th editions) to control and drive a BeeWi bluetooth Car. Of course like in every RC toy u can control left,right,up,down, but now with this you can also use the motion sensor to drive your bluetooth car.

Here’s the link to the free application BeeWi Control Pad and click here for more specifications and details about the RC Mini Cooper. Obviously, you will also need to buy the RC car, you can buy it here. The retailers are mainly in Europe and the price is 59.99EUR which is a little bit expensive but for those of you who like to have fun, the price don’t matter

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Video: Winners of the FX studio app for the Nokia N8

August 7, 2010 1 comment

Framestore announced the winners of the FX studio app(Reminder). The 3 best ideas are the Magnet Man(1st), Alien Tripod(2nd), and Raining Goo(3rd). Here’s a video about some of the ideas that were submitted for the competition. Magnet Man is at 0:13, Raining Goo is at 0:18, and the Alien Tripod at 0:19.

[VIMEO= 13911534]

Note that these effects are made by the same team who worked on movies like Avatar, Prince of Persia, Clash of Titans, Sherlock Holmes, and more. If you wanna know more info about this app I recommend checking out their facebook . Personally I think this app will be very entertaining and fun, with this type of camera it’s should be amazing.

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Video: FX studio, an App for the Nokia N8

July 28, 2010 7 comments

Framestore just released five new videos about FX studio. FX studio is a visual effect app that allow you to add special effects to your video clips.

Some of these effect includes a headbanging penguin, a ghost, a canon effect, an alien tentacle, a UFO, a zombie arm, a meteor, a laser gun, an explosion and an interdimensional portal. You can also submit your idea via this animation competition, the best idea will be integrated into the FX studio app.

Here’s an introduction to the FX studio app:

[VIMEO 13652412]

How the app works:

[VIMEO 13672837]

The making of Ghost:

[VIMEO 13673187]

The Nokia N8’s camera and this app makes a good combination for entertaining video clips. Furthermore, the N8 isn’t out yet,so it should give plenty of time for Framestore to makes a bunch of other effects.

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Video: Intel AppUp store Phone UI

June 10, 2010 1 comment

Here’s a quick video demo of Intel’s AppUp centre (store) on a Moorsetown running Aava Mobile handset.

Aava Mobile demonstrated this phone earlier at CES, at that time running on Mobilin, later demoing Qt based UI, the framework for MeeGo.

It appears however, Aava Mobile will instead be making an Android phone (not sure if they’re completely dropping MeeGo, only Android appears on their site)

Nevertheless, this may be how the store will look like across all Intel smartphones using AppUp centre.

In the video below you can see the AppUp store for cross platform apps across tablets, netbooks and smartphones.

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Video: Numpty Physics on the N900 – Incredible interactive drawing puzzle game

January 24, 2010 11 comments

Numpty Physics is a brilliant game enjoyed by tablet users since the days of the 770, and its compatible for N900 owners too!

The basic premise of the game is to get the red thing (may change per level; here it’s the start button) towards the yellow thing (in this case, a star). You do this by drawing a myriad of tools from other boulders, levers, pulleys, pendulums and more.

Certain objects obey (or try to) the laws of physics (hence the name). e.g. Larger boulders will fall faster than smaller boulders Click for the video and rest of the post

Freeware: Ovi Daily App Awards (6 free apps to try, 7 days to cast your vote!)

December 14, 2009 2 comments

This morning, I received a DHL package from WOMWorld. As far as I knew, it was “just” the Nokia Bh-905 stereo bluetooth headset (unboxing in a mo!)

But stowing away with the bubble wrap was a card and a really nice brushed metal USB stick.

What’s in the USB stick?

I think I’ve already got one version or another installed of the apps above and they’re definitely worth trying out! Particularly Nimbuzz and Fring!

If you want to try them out, I’ve uploaded them all as a .zip file over at megaupload and rapidshare.

Click to download MNB from megaupload – Approx 5MB

Click to download MNB from rapidshare

Also, as mentioned in the card, check out this video over at

Vote over at

. What is your vote for Must-Have Music App?

  • BandFan
  • Midomi Music Identifier
  • Playlist DJ
  • Shazam
  • TuneWiki Lyrics Search

2. What is your vote for Must-Have Social Networking App?

  • BuddyCloud
  • Facebook for Nokia
  • Fring
  • Nimbuzz
  • Shozu

3. What is your vote for Must-Have Twitter App?

  • Gravity
  • Tweet60
  • Twittle
  • Twittix
  • Pixelpipe for Share

4. What is your vote for Must-Have City Guides and Mapping App?

  • I Parked Here
  • Lonely Planet Live
  • PinPoints
  • Trapster
  • WorldMate2009

5. What is your vote for Must-Have Photo or Video App?

  • CellSpin
  • Nokia Photo Browser
  • Scalado PhotoRama
  • Touchnote
  • Qik

6. What is your vote for Must-Have Entertainment App?

  • Anina Backstage Model News
  • Netflix for Nokia (U.S. only)
  • Dad’s Cab
  • SPB TV
  • Vibrate

7. What is your vote for Must-Have News & Info App?

  • Widget
  • AP News Widget
  • Bloomberg
  • Metro News Widget
  • Tech Buzz Homescreen Widget

8. What is your vote for Must-Have Games?

  • California Gold Rush
  • Eat This!
  • Farm Frenzy
  • Micro Pool S60
  • Super KO Boxing 2

9. What is your vote for Must-Have Utilities App?

  • Doc Scanner
  • Florin Finance Tracker
  • SBSH VoiceQ
  • SMS Tag
  • Vlingo

Video: Nokia N900 presentation with Gary Birkett and Liqbase

September 15, 2009 1 comment

I’ve uploaded this just for anyone who wanted to see Gary Birkett, creator of the “Identity” N900 powered installation at the OneDotZero event that happened this weekend.

It’s in two parts because I can’t upload anything longer than 10 minutes. The videos show Gary’s Liqbase playground which he’s been working on for quite a while using previous internet tablets, all working extremely smoothly on the N900. Gary has been using the N900 for quite a while, and you’ll see he’s extremely happy with both the hardware and software.

Note the sensitivity of the N900’s accelerometer.

Apologies for the shoddy cam work – I was filming gary with one hand, taking pictures and going through the menu of the N900 on my lap with the other. Annoyingly I cut off just as there’s more demonstration of standard N900 apps.

Note: original video sample was VGA, but went to 960×540 after being split.

BTW, I also have the Push Workshop video to put up but I don’t know where. It’s 663mb -maybe vimeo? But they only go up to 500MB.

Video: OneDotZero “Identity” Installation – Powered by the Nokia N900.

September 14, 2009 1 comment

The main attraction at BFI was the Nokia N900 and the “Identity” Installation that was powered by the N900.

You just type in your message on the N900, and via projector, displays your text across a 42 metre long wall (with 6 projectors). The text themselves are made up from twitter feeds concerning onedotzero. If you wrote about it during whilst the installation was/is up, you’re tweet became part of that art.

The app worked using the touch screen and the accelerometer which are both very responsive.

Here are a couple of my videos  – credit to gerrymoth for idea of using “Identity” for advertisment :p.

This first video contains two simultaneous shots, one of Roger demonstrating in the lower left, and the rest of the actual “Identity” projection responding to what Roger’s doing instantly.

The second video gets a random song from YouTube with the upload (if it worked). It sort of fits the whole trance vibe the projection is giving me.

Much of Nokia’s aim was to raise awareness for the capabilities of the N900. One developer noted that “building for Maemo5 is like building for pc – you’ve got all the components you’ll need all ready for you.” They backed up that statement with a lot of developer speak  that I don’t understand, but the gist is

“N900 and Maemo is really easy to make applications for.”

Also, speaking with Valério – a Maemo developer, he informs me that despite what seems to be a Fragmented Nokia OS portfolio, with Symbian and Maemo both with flagship Nseries devices – “Qt” (pronounced cute) means that when you develop a Qt app for Maemo – it’s very simple to recompile for Qt in Symbian. I won’t go into a Symbian v Maemo thing for now.

Stay tuned to – there’s a couple more N900 related posts coming soon.

Big thanks to Donna, Robbie and Adam WOMWorld for the invite and looking after us! Was awesome meeting up with WOM team again and meet new bloggers

  • Mike from MobileMentalism
  • Neil from mypocket OS
  • Gerry from NokiaAddict
  • eBook enthusiast Roger from
  • developers Valério from (he’s also a blogger) and Gary (one of the creators of “Identity”)
  • and Nokia N900 Maemo master, Jussi Mäkinen.

JM Nokia 😀

It always goes over my mates heads the moment I start talking about anything phone/Nokia so I just express it on my blog.

This weekend was slightly the escape of my inner geek. I thoroughly enjoy the conversations at these events.

It’s great to rant to actual people (in the same room) who could respond with more rants, ideas, and even widen your perspective on the situation of Nokia and mobile, as well as learning so much from the developers and being able to give direct feedback and suggestions to high ranking Nokia staff who have the capability of carrying out ideas that could work for Nokia.


Sam (volunteer for Identity), Neil and Roger


Eager texters. Neil, Gerry and Valerio

No Mike unfortunately.

The best feature on the N97? Memory? Keyboard? No it’s Ovi!

April 15, 2009 6 comments

Applications address the limitations of our phones; shifting new interest into tired devices either by bringing wished features or an entirely new use not considered before. Ovi will be “the door” to bring those applications to our devices. So that’s why, for me, the best feature on the N97 is OVI. Once I get used/”bored” to the keyboard/touch screen/memory and other things it does, applications will spice it up and give it life. What’s great for everyone is that Ovi isn’t exclusive to the N97.

n97-ovi-t Nokia N97 on Ovi store from Michele Ficara Manganelli

“Ovi – Open the door to your digital world.”

If Nokia were to make an exact clone of the iPhone, with identical UI, at the same price, but the only thing different were internet services, Apple would win the consumer because of their thriving ecosystem of developers that have made such a content packed app store.


[iPhone and N97, by Robert Scoble]

Apps – that’s what Nokia used to be good at, at least for those who knew where to find the apps; you get the S60 device instead of another type of phone because of the plethora of software available for it.

[Of course, there’s another side which I can’t and won’t cover, which is the relative ease to develop an Apple app instead of a Symbian one. This perceived ease however, is part of a self feeding cycle – more users, more money, attract more developers, better apps, more users, more info about how to do make apps, more apps, more users more money, more developers…etc.]

Nokia already has a wealth of applications for S60, albeit some of them no longer functional on newer devices (shame really). However, it’s so hard to get them to the user. The apps are dispersed among several websites, some containing overlapping catalogues, some exclusives and some sites contain apps only from that particular developer.


S60 Apps



The Ovi store needs to deliver all currently available applications to the consumer:

  • free applications,
  • paid applications,
  • beta applications for those who want to try it out,
  • and the mass of themes available for S60 (vetted of course for copyright/inappropriate images).
  • Non S60 applications, i.e. S40/Maemo?
  • What about Map content/liscence downloads?

Just let users be aware that you have these apps, Nokia.

These apps then need a demonstration (not just description) of what it does, and and all organized into logical, filtered categories.

The most important thing is to get the consumer knowing that it’s all available in one place. The Ovi store.


In the Ovi store, every downloadable content relevant to your handset should be available. Games/Music/Themes/Tones/Graphics and of course APPLICATIONS.

There’s more to Ovi that just apps/downloadable content. There’s data syncing of calendar/contacts, email service and content sharing of user media. But it is the ease at which these downloadable content can be accessed that will make or break Ovi, which is essential for Nokia’s future success in the smartphone arena.


Nokia N97 on Ovi store from Michele Ficara Manganelli

…. Then maybe later address the prices so they don’t vary so much/make it an easier for impulse buying.