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Nokia C7-00 camera… not quite what you’d expect!

November 29, 2010 18 comments

Due to popular (kind of) demand, I’ve conducted a short yet conclusive test on the 8 Mpix camera capabilities of the Nokia C7-00. Similar fixed-focus or EDoF  (Extended Depth of Field ) camera modules are also used in a pair of other Symbian^3 based Nokia smartphones like the C6-01 and the upcoming E7, so I think it’s safe to draw some parallels out of the results of this test.

To see how it goes, I’ve pitted the C7-00 against a seemingly run of the mill, average performing by today’s standards, 5 Mpix auto-focus camera in the Nokia N900. I like having my camera tests as varied with different phone models as possible, so in some shots I’ve also allowed HTC Desire to bring an outlandish flavor into the test. So let’s get going!

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Video: Samples of the Nokia N86’s impressive DIGITAL zoom

August 18, 2009 4 comments

Earlier in July, the All About Symbian crew discovered a rather brilliant feature in the N86 that was never spoken about by Nokia. Real, usable digital zoom that preserved much more detail than previous/standard methods.

James Burland from Nokia Creative, using the Steve’s same N86 shows us again exactly how good that zoom is in this video (at a bird sanctuary?)

Just check out the obvious detail there. At times, I forget it’s zoomed in as on every other mobile device, digital zoom produces blocky pixels that make you regret using the digital zoom afterwards. With the N86 is a practical feature (well for video anyway)

This isn’t exactly how it works but when capturing a VGA video, but basically instead of zooming in on the 640×480 pixels, thus loosing detail and producing blocky artifacts, the N86 instead uses the entire 3264×2448 and (depending on zoom level) crops a portion of it to VGA, maintaining more of the detail than usual.

It’s not optical zoom, but it’s a very useful alternative and very effective up to 4x/5x zoom.

Via Nokia Creative

Here are some more video examples from N86 user ChampionJohnny

In this first video, look how at first the text is unreadable. But with the N86’s quality digital zoom, you can read even the smaller print.

In the second and third video, note again how much detail is maintained up to 4x digital zoom

Note: viewing on fullscreen on a desktop may make the videos appear more blurry – but that’s because they’re only VGA resolution. They would probably be even more impressive when Nokia ups the ante to HD ( 720p and maybe even bring back optical zoom)

Review: MobileBurn’s Nokia N86 Review

July 26, 2009 1 comment


Russell Jefferies from MobileBurn put’s Nokia’s “flagship camera phone”, the Nokia N86, under the scrutiny of review.

To find out why the N86 received a “Highly Recommended” rating, you can either check out the 6 page article and/or watch the 3 part video review:

For me, the N86 is one of, if not, the best non touch screen phone. If you’re looking for a traditional keypad input device, packing a whole load of multimedia and oozing style, the N86 is the phone for you.

Via MobileBurn

Camera samples: Nokia N86 test shots

May 9, 2009 1 comment

I was not going to post for a while as the intense exam period has started. But procrastinating led me to stumble on spazziocellulare’s post on N86. Of main interest are the sample photos. Scroll down (on the spaziocellulare post) and you’ll see these pictures, but make sure you click on them to view the actual photo as the one on the main page is blurry.

The photos look very sharp, with colours looking mostly natural (although can’t really say as I haven’t seen those scenes with my own naked eyes for comparison). Note the zoomed in pictures have added artifacts that are not present in the original.

Now I just wonder how the N86 handles people (skin tones/movement) and low lighting.

Via Spaziocellulare



Videos and Photos: Nokia N97 and Nokia N86

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Mobile-Review has some side by side pictures and a couple of videos of  the N97 and N86. The text and audio is in Russian, so you may want to use google translator for the text to get a little gist of what it’s about (not that it helped me understand it one bit).

Nevertheless, we can still awe at the pictures.


I’m not sure if it’s the colour scheme but from the front, the N86 looks so much sleeker, more professional.  From the back though, both N97 nad N86 just look horridly dull and cheap. What’s that about?

You can get a lot more though from the two videos (embedded on their site). You can see the maturing N97 UI, with the more recent home screen widgets. It looks pretty quick in some areas but frighteningly sluggish in others.  The screen though appears very responsive over all. My hopeless wish is that somehow, Eldar is saying in Russian “Ah, yes, Nokia has put a capacitive screen in the N97. Look *squiges fingers around to show responsiveness*”. Haha.


There is also another separate video to show the N86. The phone looked pretty solid and the UI seemed extremely nippy. Very nice to see how the N95 has gradually evolved, refining into this.


Go check it out, there’s more photos of both the N86 and the N97, and of course, you can actually watch the video there.

From Mobile-Review