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Absolutely Criminal: Nokia 5230 3.2″ Touch+GPS+Free Nav, 6 months free internet and 8GB memory card for £79.99! – What a Symbian steal! Offer ends midnight.

March 25, 2010 5 comments

Nothing says recession friendly better than the 5230, as today, T-Mobile UK are offering the 5230 at such a low price, it’s criminal NOT to buy it!

Rafe from All about Symbian reports about a very excellent offer from T-Mobile.

At £79.99 you are getting yourself a decent touch screen Symbian^1 device for a rock bottom price! What’s more you get 8GB memory card thrown in! That’s pay and go, no contract, no tie in. £79.99 and it’s all yours.

And if that’s not enough you even get 6 months of mobile internet FREE! After 6 months, you can get another 6 months internet for just £20 (1GB fair usage, much better than O2’s 250mb). Also, in your first month, you get unlimited texts – to help you break in that touch QWERTY I suppose :p. That’s of course topped off by the usual 10 free music tracks with Nokia and free Ovi Maps Turn by Turn, Walk and Drive navigation

How amazing is that?

This would make an absolutely fantastic gift or a personal backup phone. With the bundled internet, you (or gift recipient) can fully enjoy the Ovi Services, particularly enhanced mapping navigation and also Nokia Emails – instant email everywhere on the go!

And just to point out the technicalities, being Symbian^1, this is technically a smartphone. You have your host of telephony features, but you’ve also got Ovi Store to get some apps to enhance your phone. And with the free internet, you can instantly get every single free S60 5th Edition app where ever you have a phone signal. No worries about needing WiFi at home ^_^ (First year Uni did not have WiFi :o)

5230 features:

  • 640×360 3.2″ display (its not capacitive as video mentions)
  • Symbian^1, S60 5th Edition (Ovi Store, Nokia Messaging for Emails, Ovi Maps Navigation)
  • 3.5mm jack
  • MicroSD (4GB included)
  • 2MP camera
  • 640 x 352 video at 30FPS
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Arm 11, 434MHz
  • A-GPS <<< What an insanely cheap GPS device!
  • Micro-USB
  • Relatively small at 111 x 51.7 x 14.5/15.5mm

The only thing missing is WiFi which is understandable given the price and the market this is trying to capture!


If you’re interested in the 5230, here’s an unboxing and a recent review of its US counterpart, the 5230 Nuron.

Via all about symbian

Video: Phonedog’s unboxing and Mobile Tech’s Review of the Nokia 5230 Nuron

March 23, 2010 3 comments

The 5230 has been available for quite a while but it’s pretty new over in the US. Here’s an unboxing of the entry level touch smartphone from Nokia using S60 5th edition, the Nokia 5230 Nuron.

Despite the friendly price tag ($179 retail, $200 unlocked) the 5230 packs several punches in terms of features. It has the classic 5800 family look with its host of ports neatly tidied away from view.

  • 640×360 3.2″ display (its not capacitive as video mentions)
  • 3.5mm jack
  • MicroSD (4GB included)
  • 2MP camera
  • 640 x 352 video at 30FPS
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Arm 11, 434MHz
  • A-GPS
  • Micro-USB
  • Relatively small at 111 x 51.7 x 14.5/15.5mm

Note, like the standard 5230, the Nuron misses out on WiFi.

Below is MobileTechReview’s review of the Nuron

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Stuff Magazine’s Nokia X6 Review: For entertainment, music and social networking.

February 12, 2010 2 comments

I don’t know what on earth the reviewer speaks of when she says the 5800 was not the hit Nokia were expecting. I remember that around March/April, Nokia expected to sell 1 million 5800 but exceeded that and sold 3 million (actually already reached 1 million in January). Sales wise, the 5800 is one of Nokia’s most successful phones.

But perhaps the reviewer meant successful in terms of mind share; getting an iconic handset with an agreeable touch UI. This is where touch S60 initially had fallen short of the mark.

The X6 seeks to remedy this, along with a few hardware changes, including Nokia’s first capacitive screen, 32GB (or also 16GB) memory, and a slimmer shell.

Unfortunately, as the reviewer correctly puts, the X6 is still (unbearably) underwhelming. Pausing between loading of apps, freezing in heavy web pages, nonsensical double taps to open folders – overall very laggy for what’s supposedly a premium handset (premium priced anyways).

An important thing to consider maybe the recent firmware upgrade of the X6 to V12, which does sort out some speed and stability (or lack of) issues. It’s a touch annoying  though that despite the lengthy life span and history of Symbian, each new handset (not just S60 variant) still needs firmware upgrade after firmware upgrade to become finally usable. (V21 with N97 after 7 months is almost there). This is not good for users who don’t even know what a firmware is let alone how to upgrade it. (On the positive note, “frequent” firmware upgrades means problems gradually get fixed quicker….though on the flip side again, that problem should not be there in the first place. I mean come on…same phone just different shell…it’s like there’s some amnesia and they’ve forgotten they already sorted this problem out in another phone :S)

I reckon the 5800 is still a much better option as a music phone. The only thing it really lacks is the additional 2MP. But for such a value-packed price, the 5800 is unbeatable. And then there’s always the likes of the 5230, another phone of unquestionably great value for money. [That’s what I recommend to friends looking for a good value, ‘modern’ Nokia phone. Not so much 5530 as that lacks GPS and having free Sat Nav functionality always impresses, especially when they don’t realise their phone has it]

Freeware: Lights – control your Nokia N97’s keyboard lights! (& other S60 5th edition)

September 22, 2009 2 comments


“Lights” is a free application from the Ovi Store for S60 5th edition but it does work best if you’ve got a QWERTY keyboard (i.e. N97 or N97 mini).

The application basically controls the lights on your phone, be it the keyboard lights, the red/green call/end keys, screen light or even the charger light.

You have four options:

  • Blink – Red/Green keys flash on and off, as do keyboard and charger lights. Pressing the screen manually makes the lights flash
  • Breath – Red/Green keys as well as keyboard lights fade in and out.
  • Dream – Random coloured circles appear on the screen quickly and disappear – like a hazy dream I guess. Sometimes the keyboard lights fade in and out, sometimes it’s just the red/green keys.
  • Torch – A bright circle appears so you can use the big screen as a torch (prefer the LED option myself – though that 3.5″ screen is bright enough as a modest light source)

Note: you may notice the proximity sensor flashing. It always does that with or without this app – that’s just how it works – but you can’t see it with the naked eye (only via camera).


Here’s a quick demo of “Lights” in action on the Nokia N97.

It’s just another ‘fun’ app – I really like the breathing lights, especially with the keyboard – it’s somewhat quite soothing :).

I’m a huge (odd) fan of LED lights. I’ve found the default breathing menu light most useful on the N97 when trying to find it in the dark (and I obviously can’t find my other phone to call/find it). Though I guess that’s the only use of it, unlike say in the likes of the N900 where the LED light has useful indication notifications.


Freeware: Opera Mini 5 beta – now the best browser for the Nokia N97

September 16, 2009 3 comments

A while ago, we got a glimpse of Digia’s @Web browser, a webkit based browser than just had spectacular features I’ve been waiting for from the native browser. It’s main selling features were its touch optimization and multiple tabbed browsing (up to 4).


Now, Opera Mini 5 beta has been released and it simply cruises past @Web’s previous achievements.

Opera Mini 5 has been completely refitted for finger optimization, plus it’s got some great animation to make the user experience pretty slick. The ultimate best thing about Opera is its new support for tabbed browsing with I don’t know how many windows maximum because I haven’t managed to go past 15, and I don’t think I’ll need to on my phone (but it was nice to have the option)!


What’s great is that Opera Mini 5 beta hasn’t compromized on stability. It handles 15 tabs as well as 4.2 handled 1 window. Of course there are other great features that just combine to give a fantastic mobile web experience:

  • Audohide navibar and address bar (full screen browsing and not waiting for the damn sidebar to disappear!)
  • Google search bar (quick google search without going to
  • Copy and Paste
  • Flawless tabbed browsing
  • Open links in new tabs (you don’t have to copy a link and paste in new window like in Digia’s @Web)
  • Opera’s trusty fast load times
  • Opera’s Super quick backwards/forwards in pages without having to reload the entire page again.
  • Kinetic scrolling is extremely smooth
  • Speed dial of 3×3 grid of sites.
  • Easy accessible settings
  • Simple manageable history and bookmarks
  • Password Manager –
  • On screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Very stable (Except in youtube)

I’ve made a quick demo of the features in Opera Mini 5 beta on my N97.

Being Opera Mini, it doesn’t do flash. Also you can’t zoom your texts. I can live with those two as I’ve become used to it when browsing opera.

What I did not like was how the QWERTY keyboard of my N97 eventually becomes non functional, with the secondary keys permanently being stuck on, so instead of typing Nokia, I’ll type “?9;8@”

It is in Beta, so maybe that will eventually be fixed. It’s worth noting that this does noot install over any previous versions of Opera Mini. They both can run concurrently.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, you must try this web browser on your S60 5th Edition phone. Just for the sheer ability to juggle multiple web browsing of so many tabs – I thought I’d have to wait for the N900 before I’d experience that (though with the N900 you will be multitasking with real, unadulterated, unmodified web pages with full flash and full interaction of how you would if you were using a desktop)

to download it, go to in your phone’s browser

Freeware: Coin Toss Touch for the Nokia N97/5800/5530/X6/Samsung i8910 – S60 5th Edition

September 6, 2009 1 comment

CT This app is free from the Ovi Store and it simulates, well, a coin toss.

To flick the coin, it uses either the touch screen or the accelerometer. You’ll see a 3D coin resembling a penny twisting around in the “air”. It would have been nice if the speed/height/rotation was affected by the degree initial movement (i.e. strength of flick) but at the moment it doesn’t. A simple touch produces the same spins as a swipe or a wrist flick.


To download, go to the >>Ovi Store<< either from your browser or from the Ovi Store App on your S60V5 phone.

Freeware: Converter for Nokia N97/5800/5530/S60 5th Edition

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This is a nice touch based alternative to the default S60 converter. It’s free at the Ovi Store.


  • Prominent number pad – very useful particularly for touch only use (and this app only recognizes touch input). Default S60 converter can of course use the keypad/keyboard and keypad touch (though only visible when you click on “Amount”)
  • Scrolling bar of icons that allows you to switch between
    • Area
    • Energy
    • Fluid Volume << Not available in default S60 Converter
    • Length
    • Mass
    • Power
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
  • Within the type, you can  of course switch to different units – just tap in the unit box of the starting/ending amount


  • Conversion is instant – the moment you type an amount – though you can only change the value of the starting amount (you can change the end amount in the default S60 converter)
  • It does lack the currency option, though I don’t use that in the default converter as “PSILOC World Traveler” has a much better currency conversion tool with 4 instant currency view selectable from every major currency all of which with an always up to date exchange rate. PSILOC World Traveler is also free on the Ovi Store and may already be preinstalled on your phone. PWT has its own host of great features – Weather, World time with 3D Globe etc)

Freeware: 7 free (flash) apps/games for your Nokia N97 – Stopwatch & Countdown/Pacman/Kitty Cannon/Helicopter Game /Spank The Monkey/Touch Type/Hardest Game in the World

August 26, 2009 1 comment

flash app

Here are some popular online flash files for your  N97/5800/5530- basically most S60-flash capable devices, although some will only work with Touch/keyboard/D-Pad (though an onscreen D-pad is available). All app menus are accessible via touch

It’s advisable to set flash quality to “low” for increased frame rate on the games and then set to full screen (open keyboard up in N97)

1. Stopwatch

The online stopwatch is my favourite stopwatch app. It’s simple and has a countdown with alarm too.

Input: Touch



MNBx000161MNBx0001622. Pacman

The classic game – complete with iconic sound effects such as the timeless “wakka wakka wakka” 🙂

Input: D-Pad



3. Kitty Cannon

[Kitten Cannon] Aim the cannon and launch the cat. Try to get the furthest distance by hitting bombs, explosives and trampolines. Avoid sharp spikes and cat-eating-plants. Good animation and good sound effects.

Warning: Contains cartoon violence to cats.

Input: D-Pad (or virtual D-Pad) – Spacebar to fire/continue




4. Touch Type

You will need a keyboard for this. You can either create your own text or select a pre-generated text from 15 different lesson sets. Type as fast and as accurately as you can. Get a key wrong and you won’t progress until you’ve pressed the correct one a hand appears suggesting what digit you should use but of course, not applicable on thumbboards.

Input: Keyboard





5. Helicopter Game

Another classic game. Navigate the helicopter by holding down on controls – has the chopper sounds.

Input: Touch.



6. Spank the Monkey

Drag the hand around and flick from right to left, making sure you let go of the hand to Spank the Monkey. The faster the better. Surprisingly fluid, with sound effects/music. Go beyond 200MPH and you get a little song to celebrate.

Input: Touch





7. The Hardest Game in the world.

A series of puzzles where you must move the red ball from one location to predefined positions.

Input: D-Pad or on screen D-Pad