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Mega Gallery: Happy Halloween with the Nokia N8! Incredible Extreme Low Light performance for Nights Out!

October 31, 2010 19 comments

Happy Halloween folks! If you’re out and about tonight, perhaps in costume, you’ll certainly be wanting to save those memories. A phone won’t do right – you’ll have to bring your camera too.


One of the reasons the Nokia N82 has triumphed for so long is it’s undisputed performance in EXTREME low light – which is absolutely perfect for nights out. The last thing you want to worry about when you’ve had a few is your phone AND a camera (as well as your wallet/keys/cards/cash). Having one less thing to worry about is essential.

How does the new blood fare?Well whether in a pub, club (or in a London Film Premiere :p) the N8 does a bang up job and takes up the N82’s challenge successfully.


The Awesome:

  • Passes extreme low light tests with flying colours. Literally. Amply lights up people in the dark with the xenon flash without washing them out (too much). Colours do look better on N8 vs N82. Less washed out (w’ell, we’ll upload the comparisons we did a while back

  • Freezes any action. Your LED enabled camera phone may be able to light up a scene half as good as xenon, but it will inevitably suffer from movement blur. That’s not good because people – they are prone to moving. What also really helps is the very fast autofocus and very fast shutter upon pressing the camera shutter button. This is often taken for granted but my Samsung WB600 would wait a second after pressing. It doesn’t matter that the flash can freeze if the action is already over.

Pillow Fight. Frozenby N8

Pillow in the Air and Nokia N8 captures it.

Moving Foreground freeze with nice background blur.

Falling on the Na'Vi

  • Great for night portraits: Note- a lot of folk are wearing facepaint, and most of the girls in general not in face paint are wearing make up/foundation which shows up a little differently under flash than bare skin – e.g. check out arm/neck. (Hence why the faces of the guys look more natural)

  • Awesome for group shots

Same 9MP 16:9 in 12MP 4:3

  • The N8 was NOT fully charged yet managed to take well over 300 photos ALL WITH FLASH, 8 mins of video, 20 mins calls, 30 mins text and somehow report only 1 bar missing from 8pm to 3am. This maybe incorrect battery life reporting, but if so the N8 would not have lasted until 7pm the next day. (It got to about 4 bars by 9am – killing all background processes severely helped – and the N8 didn’t die. Once on 1 bar it went back on charge)
  • Note: N8 was on full brightness in normal mode. You could possibly extend the N8 battery life by pressing power button once and selecting “Activate power saving”. This will push your N8 to 2G, reduce screen brightness amongst other things..
  • The 3.5″ AMOLED screen makes a perfect view finder. Excellent viewing angle means you can still see your subject even if you place the cam at awkward angles.
  • Simple enough operation for other people to use. Other folk just assume it’s a camera.
  • not N8 specific feature – but the camera strap hole/strap is positioned at the right place for right handed folk – (not so with N900). Makes it easy to protect your N8 from dropping.

The not so good.

  • In Auto mode, suffers from MAJOR red eye. Helps on Halloween but possibly not any other night. There’s red eye reduction function but seriously – due to the annoying camera UI every time you restart the camera it forgets you set it on red eye. On the upside – I’d rather have red eye than shitty, blurry, dark LED lit photos. NOTE: In a pub (or elsewhere where it’s not virtually pitch black) red eye is less of a problem.

  • The uncovered camera glass means it will suffer greatly from smudging which will make focusing difficult if there’s crap on the camera glass. It also affects flash photos. You can just wipe it, but remembering is a task. Especially if someone else is taking your photos and aren’t aware of that problem.

I think this one was combined initial focus error and camera smudge. But I kinda like the effect.

Smudge and focus problem. Focus problem due to intoxication but smudge assists in not being able to autofocus as well as it could.

Focusing again - a little better but there's still smudgey stuff on the camera which I forgot to clean for this pic

All in all STELLAR job by the Nokia N8. Fantastic low light performance that surely would make N82 users proud. Full sized pics available in the gallery


Photos: New 12MP samples from the Nokia N8 (4000×3000)

July 19, 2010 23 comments

Looks like ricardore uploaded some new pictures. Here’s some samples below. Some are out of focus unfortunately. The rest of the pictures are on his Nokia N8 set. Remember this is taken with a Nokia N8 prototype.

via: Taken and uploaded on flickr by ricardore

More 12MP samples from the Nokia N8

July 12, 2010 8 comments

A few more Nokia N8 sample pics, found again by Marc aka mrbean (thanks for the heads up :D), taken and uploaded by ricardore.

Click here to see Ricardo Rodriguez’s N8 set. (Crop below). When in focus, the shots are really good – fantastic in fact Focus is made difficult when shooting through glass (with all cameras) unless you set focus to infinity, e.g. “landscape” scene. There are some out of focus blurry shots not included (see ricardore link for all photos) which I reckon if in focus would look amazing.

Incredible Gallery of Official Nokia N8 Sample Photos, 12MP, 4000×3000, untouched and loaded with AWESOME.

July 9, 2010 13 comments

Nokia Conversations has published a huge gallery of Nokia N8 Sample Photos – all untouched, with preproduction hardware/software. Note some photos are (if exif is right) taken as far back as April and May.

They look amazing! The symbolic essence of what N8 is trying to achieve was shown yesterday with the butterfly pic; uncompromising quality

And just in case anyone doubts whether users can achieve the same quality, well we’ve already seen some stunning shots by N8 (some arguably better than official pics!), now it seems the only limiting factor to a good picture is you. One of the bamboo shots is now my desktop wallpaper.

The gallery consists of some 12MP and 9MP images, with the usual auto-rotate for photos (some digital cameras don’t have this and it’s annoying).

[Thanks for the heads up mrbean!]

Picking up cobwebs


Nokia Conversations via Mark (mrbean)

Story of the Nokia N8’s incredible camera (Superb Butterfly shot :o so much detail!!)

July 8, 2010 13 comments

Detailed crop, N8 on the right. Natural, colours, much more detail than the competition - LOOK AT THOSE STONES!

Since the 7650 I’ve been hooked on mobile phone photography. I remember at the time my Dad said, that’s just a gimmick. My mum said it wouldn’t catch on. From the 7610, to Nseries and the Carl Zeiss partnership, Nokia has been pushing imaging to not just being a camera phone but a phone equipped with a fantastic camera, which with the N8 kills the compact camera alternative. You saw this yesterday with those stunning 9MP samples.

This article on Nokia Conversations by Damien Dinning, Imaging Legend at Nokia, exudes Nokia’s passion for perfection on mobile imaging, pushing to the highest quality, NATURAL looking photos. Nokia wants the N8 to produce images that are almost as real as your eye saw them, WITHOUT those ARTIFICIAL enhancements digital cameras implement to FOOL you into thinking images are better than what the camera is capable of.

Click here for part 1.

Now check out this photo below. Full 12mp, 4000×3000, ISO 100, Exposure 1/397.

This picture looks incredible. And it was taken over a month ago still with preproduction firmware/hardware!

Cropping it – look at all that detail! It’s overwhelming! And it’s from a PHONE! (note, converted, will look even better on the original!)

Crop again:

This is real 12mp, each pixel is usable. Whilst some may not make huge prints, Steve Jobs would say the ability to maintain the detail when cropping and getting closer to your image is PHENOMENAL.

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Video: Interview (Grilling) with Nokia Imaging Legend, Damien Dinning (@PhoneDaz)

June 15, 2010 3 comments

With the summery barbecue weather, Steve Litchfield grills the legend of Nokia and Nseries imaging, Damien Dinning (@PhoneDaz) who’s been instrumental in refining Nokia’s imaging handsets such as, N73, N95, N82, N86 and of course N8!

Very interesting points:

  • AMOLED vs TFT – this one apparently better in day light than traditional AMOLED – usable in sunlight, of course fantastic viewing angles, richer colours, better contrast than TFT
  • 3.5 vs 3.7″ screen – not due to price, but balance of capabilities and design (i.e. size, consumption of battery with larger screen)
  • Tempered Glass – It’s Gorilla Glass, highly scratch resistant
  • Why N8 taking so long to market – optimizing N8, still tweaking to get it absolutely right (so Steve can’t complain!)
  • How does pixel density of sensor compare to iPhone 4 – Biggest sensor on mobile devices and some digicams. Same pixel size as iPhone 4 but at 12 Megapixels and not 5. Thats more than double iPhone in effective megapixels (not wasteful pixels seen in other devices)
  • How does digital microphone work? – 2 digital microphones, one optimized for recording in front, the other for ambient audio. Pretty incredible to deal with subtleties of birdsong but pick up clear speech. Also 128k 48Kbs aac stereo, top dollar audio.
  • Digital microphone – can cope with the slightest quiet sounds or LOUD live bands.
  • Which camera flagship most proud of? This is the one. Followed by N82, N86. This takes it to a whole new level, producing incredibly natural images (not relying on making image better than it is)


No post yet, but I’m sure it’ll appear on AllAboutSymbian soon with commentary from either Steve himself or Rafe.

Nokia N8 hands on (P)Review with lots of live photos!

April 29, 2010 14 comments

Look at this photo at the back - another N8 has been disassembled.

Meant to post this when I first saw it but had to finish up some other non-nokia projects first. posts some photos and a hands on preview of the NEW Nokia N8.

Note, this is a PROTO as it still says C0 on the phone.

There may still be much changes to the software that will overall improve the user experience when it becomes consumer grade.

  • tapered design to make the phone look thinner; some find it ugly, others find it beautiful. A colleague compared it to a futuristic spaceship [THAT’S exactly what I thought the first time I saw one. It looked odd, something very scifi/futuristic about it]
  • theoretically the most powerful camera phone on the market. Nokia takes even better pictures that the N8 is’ than most compact cameras.[On paper there are too many good things, 12MP, Huge sensor bigger than even compact digicams and 300EUR pocket cams, 28mm wide angle. 720P HD video is also stunning and even promises some amazing Stereo audio recording!] and the photo samples speak for themselves already.
  • The scrolling through photos now runs effortlessly and gallery shows thumbnails seamlessly side by side.
  • Unecessary connection notifications [the ones that keep asking you to connect] are now gone
  • Menu all single click – [no stupid 1 click/2click confusion]
  • menus are also provided with graphical effects such as a smooth bounce effect at the end of a list.
  • Browser is same as N97 – refreshed but no major changes
  • Pinch zoom works well

Rumours: Ultimate Nokia Cameraphone, 12MP and Optical zoom coming early 2010

July 1, 2009 4 comments

nzAccording to, 2010 will be the year Nokia will “surprise the market with its offerings”. It bloody better be! 🙂

First on the device list maybe wielding a 12mp with optical zoom. Whilst 12MP is not anything new, with the Satio from Sony Ericsson coming in October and from Samsung, the M8920 and Pixon 12, the Nokia and Carl Zeiss relationship should ensure that consumers aren’t being fooled by numbers, and are actually getting effective use of each and every pixel, e.g. the slow entrant N86, has been shown to be a great performer in all but the lowest lighting conditions.

Some basic things this supposed 12MP shooter needs:

  • Xenon Flash! I need not start on why.
  • dedicated camera/video SWITCH. A physical switch is better than a button, as you can set the camera to how you want it to start, rather than having to starting on the wrong format and being forced to switch to the other.
  • Media button. Quick gallery access from anywhere in  your smartphone. No wading through menus.
  • Improved camera interface. If this 12MP phone is going to have touch screen, it needs to revamp the Imaging UI to take advantage of “buttons” capable of being anywhere, so image settings can be changed with minimal screen tapping.

On the wish list, but not essential:

  • Large screen, 3.5″ minimum, optimally, touch.
  • 16:9 photos (with the whole screen as view finder, and camera settings laid on top)
  • Optical zooming during video
  • HD video
  • Tap-autofocus (if touch screen)
  • Automatic macro
  • Dual LED for video. Though I’ve found it much more useful as a torch – and they make for really good torches.
  • Smoother video zooming.
  • Faster sequence “burst” modes.
  • Slim body. Nothing too anorexic, but nothing fat like the N93.
  • Autofocus during video
  • Macro mode during Video
  • DLNA

HD video

As Meraj Chhaya notes, it’s possibly that we may hear official announcements later this year, or early 2010.

Is it going to be a separate imaging flagship again (i.e. N86), leaving a space for an alternative successor to the current Nokia flagship, the N97, or will we finally see Nokia returning to their convergence ideals and bring us the ultimate in mobile phone hardware with a handset really deserving of the flagship title?

Will it still be Symbian? Will it even still be part of Nseries?

phonereport via MobileBurn

6 Page Preview of the Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou)

June 6, 2009 5 comments

When the N97 was launched, the 3.5″ 16:9 touchscreen, with S60 5th Edition were two features that I thought would remain unique to Nokia for a little while. I was certain it would be my next phone.

But so soon, we saw the Omnia HD (now i8910) from Samsung packing a bigger 3.7″ 16:9 AMOLED touchscreen, S60 5th edition with 720p HD video recording.

To make decision making worse, Sony Ericsson then informed us of the Idou (now Satio) with 3.5″ 16:9 TFT touchscreen, with Symbian Foundation (basically S60 5th edition) and 12MP with XENON flash.


Here’s GSM Arena’s preview of the Sony Ericsson Satio – (some key points below)

  • Made entirely of plastic, but very high quality
  • Screen has stunning picture quality and contrast (for a TFT)
  • NO 3.5mm jack
  • 1000mAh battery
  • S60 5th Edtition UI with Sony Ericsson Tweaks
  • Under the “stylish” lens cover are 12MP goodness with Xenon flash for stills and LED for video – Camera is nothing short of impressive


  • You can capture photos in 16:9 (at 9MP)
  • “Better” than the Samsung INNOV8 (though marginally) – there’s only two pairs of comparison shots though to judge it myself.
  • VGA video is “Splendid” even though their test version could not handle the 30FPS frame rate. Not sure if it reords in 16:9 though.
  • Improved browser in comparison to the 5800
Availability is around October 09.
Via GSM Arena

For me, my only two options would really be down to the Satio or N97.

  • Satio purely for the Xenon – it meets my low light photography needs – the only phone out of the three that could force my N82 into retirement – also the additional 7megapixels don’t hurt – definitely more useful when copying out chapters of a text book for Uni  (quicker than scanning – cheaper than photocopying)
  • N97 for the form factor – I love the “flick” sliding screen that reveals that QWERTY keyboard, which for me, is preferable when entering text. There’s also that 32GB in built memory so it can immediately hold a  significant proportion of my music library with space for several movies to spare – and it’s further expandable with memory card. Finally the “homescreen” experience – I didn’t think much of this the first time I saw it, but now I see it has a lot of potential and usability.