4 Million Nokia N8’s sold says Bloomberg: Symbian^3 on track for 50 million?

December 29, 2010 28 comments

The 12MP Symbian Flagship, has apparently reached 4 million sales. I don’t know how accurate these figures are. The last time Nokia numbers were publicised, they were wrong (N900 selling only 100,000 when that was the figure in a few weeks – a geek “niche” device for tinkering, not for the masses which Nokia claims the N9 should be).

Anyway, from BloomBerg:

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — Nokia Oyj, the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, may have delivered as many as 4 million of its N8 smartphones this quarter, Helsinki-based equity research company Inderes Oy said on its website today.

Inderes cited guidance given by chip makers, N8 search volumes on Internet search engines, additional recruitment at Nokia’s Finnish factory in Salo and media attention to the phone.

. What do you think of 4 million? I think that’s pretty decent response about a new Symbian handset.

Although we’ve heard about the N8 since early Jan of this year and officially late April, the N8 has only really been on sale from Mid October Read more…

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Update released for Skype: Still no video calling

December 29, 2010 7 comments

A new 1.5 version of Skype for Symbian has been released. There are no massive changes to be seen, including the continued omission of video calling which to me is indicative of the fact that the 2.0 version is likely to be the announcement Skype is supposedly holding off until CES. Hopefully newer versions of skype intergrate video calling in addition to doing some major pretty-ing up the interface. As is, it’s not nearly as fun to use of a client as the iOS or Android versions.

Download link after the break.

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Nokia N97 and N97 mini not forgotten. New Firmware PR3.0 and 2.0 in the works!

December 29, 2010 10 comments

NokiaSaga reports that some major firmware updates are coming for both N97 and N97 mini. Remember them?

Well relatively major. N97 and N97 mini maybe receiving integrated Yahoo! powered Ovi Chat as part of the PR3 and PR2 update.

Hurray, they have not been totally forgotten! Though with the big brother, some (like the team working on it!) might have prefered it to be a distant memory. I’d also like to see some major performance updates. I don’t know how much UI could be improved given the anorexic internals – it struggles as it is with it’s dry, bland navigation.

Qt integration as mentioned?

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Nokia’s Ovi servers down?

December 29, 2010 18 comments

I’m hoping that this is an isolated incident based on my current location, but I’ve been experiencing a bit of difficulty accessing the applications available at the Beta Labs website due to issues with my Ovi Login. I’ve also attempted to download a number of apps in the Ovi Store and have been met with stalled/ unstarted downloads in every one of them.

Is it just my experience or are a few of you suffering similar problems?

Sound off below.

Update: Under maintenance. Wonder what the problem was?

Update 2: Improved Ovi landing page, definitely worth a look. The web designers who did this deserve a pat on the back.  Now to improve the looks and usability of ALL of Nokia’s pages.

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Site changes in the new year.

December 28, 2010 15 comments


The new year is fast approaching and with the monumental growth this website has seen in the past 12 months, in no small part due to Jay’s very hard work , plans have been made to overhaul and improve the site so as to better the experience for our readers. Just to give an idea of the growth that this blog has experienced in the past year refer to the following:

  • 4.44 Million page-views since the inception of this blog in September of 2007 with 3.62 Million page-views in 2010 alone!
  • Current pageviews at 505,000 for the month of December at an average of 18,000 a day


  • The following graph is a trend of blog growth for the period June 2008- December 2010, pretty crazy huh! 🙂


We enjoy doing this for you guys and we aim to make the entire experience a better, more informative and fun one. As such we’re considering a voluntary survey for our readers where you guys can leave your input on how we can make the experience better for you all.

If any of you wish to maintain more up-to-date contact and/or share tips, opinions or pitch ideas with us you can do so via my twitter or Jay’s.


From Jay and the rest of the Mynokiablog crew, thanks for the support, hope you guys have a wonderful new year.


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160 Million unit selling Nokia 3210 back on sale!

December 28, 2010 11 comments

The super popular Nokia 3210 from 1999 has been reissued by lekki and it is now on sale again for 85 Euros+9 P+P (source says 75eur, maybe there’s an offer?). For your texting, and basic gaming it’s a really wonderful phone and totally ahead of its time in features and design back in pre 2k era. It comes in Green, yellow, black or you can make your own.

Alternatively there are millions of fascia covers for the 3210 which easily changes the look of it, not just in terms of monoblock colour, but whole different prints and button designs.

Just how popular was the 3210? Well 160 Million units, that’s how popular. That’s more than the megastar 3310 which sold 126 Million (though it did have identical looking variants which also sonicboomed off the shelves).

If you’re over 18 and hadn’t seen a 3210 in person, your bed is obviously under a rock. Suffice to say, new youngins (ha) will probably never see monochrome screens in person unless in a museum or visiting an attic. The 3210 was almost my first phone had Argos (uk shop) had it in stock (see how popular it was? :p).


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My Dream Nokia #9: Nokia N7 WP7 Concept Nokia-Windows phone

December 28, 2010 16 comments

My Dream Nokia on cloud #9 is a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia smartphone. It’s a very Nokia design at the back is quite 6300 like no?

It features a flush screen (no obstruting bezel) with capactive buttons. I don’t know if the image has been warped, but the display appears 16:9, though a second picture included shows off the 16:10 480×800 screen.

Nothing else other than it’s supposedly magnesium alloy with 8MP camera and Dual LED flash.

There’s no name, other than being a Windows Phone 7 concept phone, and since there may not be a 7 in Nseries (due to 8 being the minimum) I’m just labelling it Nokia N7. Window Phone 7 aside, I like the design of the glossy front. I prefer capacitive buttons to ones you have to physically push but that’s just me.

I think it’s designed by the folks at http://www.mindsailors.com/ though I can’t find if they’ve put this concept phone up there.

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