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Bluetooth 3.0 coming April 21st

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

bluetooth_rings_lgYour phone most likely has Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, capable of achieving 3Mbit/s speeds within about a 10 metre range.

Bluetooth 3.0 is expected to have up to 480Mbit/s transfer rates and with Generic Alternate MAC/PHY (AMP) may allow for WiFi over Bluetooth.

I transfer all my phone media to my computer via Bluetooth. Just select my laptop and send. Only ever waiting a few minutes, at times it does get annoying when I have to wait a while when I’ve got large video files.

But the whole no wires and minimal clicks to send is just so appealing.

How much more convenient when we have such huge transfer speeds? Not just for sending files to computers but sending files to other BT 3.0 phones.

But would I have to be more weary about always leaving my BT on? There’s been scares before with people trying to hack/send viruses or steal information via bluetooth. How much more worrying is it that someone could just swipe GBS of personal information and media in seconds!

How the durabiliy of Nokia phones are tested!

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Nokia has been well known for a selection of fortuitously rugged phones. I bet many of you still have a working 3300 despite the many times you have dropped it. Or what about that 1600 that was found in the belly of a fish but still worked? My N82 lives even after swimming in a Pint of Guinness. It took a couple of hours rest but its still chugging along.

Here’s a little preview of the upcoming Click report on the BBC News Channel, “Testing times for mobile phones“.


Nokia has opened its test centre doors to TV cameras so we can catch a glimpse at how they test out their devices before sending it out to us.

I’m curious to see exactly what tests they do perform. The video clip from the BBC shows:

  1. Charger in and out tests – some blokes thrusting the nokia charger in and out of the nokia phone
  2. The Trouser test – the nokia phone is placed into what seems to be a sown hammok and swivelled about a centre axis. I don’t ever recall that ever happening in my trousers. They should do a test to see how it feels – if it causing any unsightly bulging. I hope they put keys and coins and other scratchy things with the phone.
  3. Twist test – this is absolutely horrible. The phone is clamped at both poles and twisted. 😥
  4. twist

  5. Smash test – can’t really tell if it’s being hit or just dropped very quickly
  6. Squeeze test – with the phone horizontal and supported only at the top and bottom, force is applied to the centre  (notice the light turn on, it looks like this N79 is signalling its pain!)
  7. stress

  8. Scratch test – the phones are dunk in churning green and yellow pellets.
  9. Weather test – the phones seem to be tested in extreme temperatures and against water.
  10. Tumble test – the phone is placed in what appears to be a mini fairground ride as it is spun about.

Watch the full report tomorrow on the BBC’s programme Click: 11.30BST, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 April, BBC News Channel

The most reliable testing of all is unfortunately undertaken by the general consumer, by which time it’s too late for them, but not future consumers who end up with the “i” version or a black “music” version or both.

This brings me onto the subject of:

Nseries Build Rant

We know from the Vertu line up/8800 and co/recent E-series, that Nokia can produce handsets with remarkable build quality and design. So it is bewildering when we see less than desirable, ill-fitting, squeaky plastics take front seats on the material list for what’s meant to be the uberly precious N-series.

It has been particularly laughable at times, remember the N93’s amazing rubber doors for pop-port/memory card? (By heck loads of things were wrong with that phone design wise – as much as I love it)

Or what about the dire chrome peeling that happened to the N76? (Ironically survived being ridden over by a stretch Hummer but not the evil that is the sweat of your hand).

Not forgetting the slide issues with the N95 (experienced by a few, not me though) or it’s awful battery cover that just broke if you looked at it.

Nseries has been getting better, design and build quality wise. Much more refined than before but I do wish they’d consider using real metal/glass.  (instead of plastic brushed metal effects or fake chrome).  This way the N range of multimedia computers will look and feel as expensive as their actual price tags :p.

Sony Ericsson Idou: Coming Soon 2009?

March 31, 2009 1 comment

Carphonewarehouse (CPW) has Sony Ericsson’s Idou on their coming soon page for 2009. Whatever the Idou (I do? I do you? ee dow wu?) will actually be named, it puts it back into contention for possible phone purchases for 2009 (previously outwritten as it was expected for 2010). Like all of CPW’s coming soon line up, all their dates are subject to change; and with a rather vague 2009 instead of specific months, there’ll be a rather swift slap on ones face if one had waited so long only for it to turn up next year.

With that said, June is looming. June means prepare for a sudden £700 deficit in your bank balace as June means N97! With a price so steep  (at least as quoted early March on the possible price of the N97), it’s good to know alternatives and the “Idou” is definitely one of the three I’m considering (along with N97 and Omnia HD).

With most of the features beloved in the N97 demonstrated too in the Idou (Screen size, screen resolution, OS maybe) I’ve got to start nit-picking at what else is brought to the table. The Idou brings 12.1 MP with XENON flash.

If only the N97 had maintained the XENON flash that the N82 had, I would have no hesitation as to which of the three or in fact any other phone to choose. As a student, most of my pictures are taken in the vampiric hours in clubs and pubs and appreciate that all I ever need to bring is my phone if I ever felt the need to capture the alcohol inspired antics of my friends to share on facebook. Dual led flash exhibited by the N85 has proven a little adequate in this situation but literally pales in comparison to the N82. I don’t know yet how the N97 will fare as it has been shown that not all dual LED flashes are created equal (N85>N96). Hopefully much brighter than previous offerings, to not only make still photos more acceptable in low lighting, but provide sufficient intensity as to make the video light more useful than capturing video footage of things 5cm away.

But that’s just my personal opinion and speculations – 2mp with no flash or autofocus although feable is more than enough it seems for the iPhone crowd in flickr.

As it stands the N97 offers the fact that: it has a qwerty keyboard, huge on board memory, subjectively better aesthetics, and that it is indeed coming soon!

So roll on June! End of exams! Class trip to Alton Towers! Moving house(term-time one)! Summer Ball! And of course, the NOKIA N97!!

I’m in Singapore!

January 26, 2008 2 comments

This is the second time I have to write this post.
Hey guys, I arrived in Singapore at 7pm. Flight was great, I slept through most of it and what I was awake for was extremely pleasant. Video on Demand plus one quite brilliant steward, Nixon, who not only paid extra attention to my group of seats ut took the time to ask us how we’d like to be addressed and for the duration of the flight did so.

The taxi ride to the hotel surprised me as the fair kept creeping up 15..20…36..150SGD crickey! 55 pounds! Fortunately I had justmissed that decimal point.rp
Over at the Elizabeth where Devin and I will soon meet, the receptionist upgraded me to the executive suite…sweet! Just charging up my devices and when I post this, I’ll be down to meet Devin.

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Join us in the official Nokia World 07 Pub Quiz!

December 5, 2007 Leave a comment


Me and Jay will be participating in the offical WOM world Nokia Pub Quiz hosted by none other than Stepfan from and Darla from It sees 3 teams pitted against each other in a winner takes all battle to the death! Well, not quite that extreme, but nearly! Me and Jay will be representing MobileBurn, and we will be pitted against the freaks themselves, the guys from Symbian-freak, and also All About Symbian team.

It’s going to be one tough challenge, but it should be fun and I think we will be in with a good chance. You can catch all the action LIVE, YES LIVE from The quiz kicks off at 8PM Amsterdam Time, which is 7PM UK time. If you miss it you can watch a recording of the live event at anytime on the WOM world website. Come support me and Jay (or whichever team you would like to win).   

Yeah – we’re late cos we’re posting this up. See ya soon!

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