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Nokia C7 leaked again

The Nokia C7 has been leaked again in an what looks like a genuine feature in a Hong Kong IT magazine called “Hi-Tech Weekly” issue 615:

Looks like the Nokia C7 is very close to launch since they are already making ads for it. As you can see it runs Symbian 3 it has a 3.3 inch multitouch display.

Key features:

  • Symbian 3 OS
  • 3.3 inch multitouch display
  • Resolution of 640 x 360
  • 3.5mm head jack
  • microUSB
  • 8 Megapixel autofocus camera with HD video recording
  • Wi-Fi and GPS will probably be included

According to Fonearena it already has been handled by people and they say the device is easy to use and quite fast which is nice to hear.

My opinion on this is if this is so close to release which it is considering that they are already making ads for, that means the N8 should be available in August now thats just my speculation.

My personal opinion on this phone is that there are a ton of features that would make most high end smartphones cringe and considering this is a mid range smartphone is should be solid device for the average consumer

What do you think are you looking forward to this phone, let us know in the comments

Thanks to Amanda for the heads up


via Fonearena

Nokia N8 GPU compared, again

June 30, 2010 26 comments

The OpenGL ES Benchmark is a benchmarking application written to test the abilities of a mobile device’s2D and 3D graphics rendering capabilites as it relates to speed/efficiency of use OpenGL ES API’s.

Open GL API’s are used in a large number of consumer electronics including but not limited to mobile phones & consumer gaming systems. Due to their use in a number of mobile operating systems as the official graphics rendering API’s it allows a significantly higher degree of cross-platform/device comparisons to be made in lieu of  OS-to-OS differences.

Through my regular forum hopping, I chanced upon an image showing a comparison between a number of currently available devices and other devices still awaiting release. The image clearly shows that the N8 is definitely among the top contender with regards to graphics capabilities. However, just looking at the GL benchmark homepage and top 5 available, one would be inclined to believe that the N8 is eclipsed only by the Samsung I9000.

Fortunately, drilling deeper into the results data as shown in the image below shows rather clearly the N8 leading and handily beating the I9000 in a number of different tests comprising the overall benchmark. One may argue that this is due to differences in resolution, but given that the resolution difference between the two is equivalent to a factor of  5/3 or 1.66667 times more pixels that the I9000 has to push compared to th N8, some of these tests indicate almost a doubling of performance with the N8. Given that the I9000 running a 1GHz “Hummingbird” applications processor and a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU widely accepted as top of the current class, it must be said that signs look promising with regards to rendering capabilities of the newest Nokia imaging king.

Of course, benchmarks alone don’t determine the speed at which the UI will run or even what the user’s experience with the device will be. This sort of performance of the  GPU though would play handily into Symbian’s favor with its GPU accelerated UI, something which  Android seemingly lacks. Hopefully Nokia and developers can both capitalise on this promising piece of HW.

Another thing to note would be that the GPU has been confirmed yet to be a broadcom GPU most likely the same BCM2727 being bandied about the internet as evidenced by the following screens. Note the line GL_renderer which mentions “VideoCore III HW” the same core found in the BCM2727.

More information on the Broadcom GPU/VPU can be found here.


Thanks Ahmed360


The Iphone4 has been added to the GL Benchmark site as of today iPhone 4&D2=Nokia N8

The iPhone is better at textures by a noticeable margin than the N8 but seems worse at skinning and lighting.

Caveat: There are quite a few Extensions and optimisations for the Iphone 4 when compared to the N8

Results page and large images

Just announced: Nokia 7705 brings a light ring and a new twist to messaging.

September 10, 2009 2 comments

It’s existance has been rumoured since April. It had been cloned before being officially announced.

Yesterday we saw some actual photos .

Today, Nokia has officially announced their latest messaging centric device.

The Nokia 7705 Twist

Nokia 7705 twist 2

It’s mid tier, and normally doesn’t get my attention – but has got a quirky design and this new “light ring” feature. Supposedly that circle at the bottom right lights up so that it

“can be customized to identify a message or a call from those listed in the contact directory.”

The design is unconventional like the Nokia Surge, but it actually looks kinda nice, albeit having something rather feminine about it. (It’s petiteness, the swivelling, and that mirror….and the purple back – though I think it comes in black too.)


  • 3MP autofocus camera with flash and dedicated camera button [Is the flash AROUND the camera? If so that’s pretty cool, although may be detrimental to low light photos]
  • 2.4″ QVGA
  • Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • 2.71″ x 2.71″ x 0.59″ (68.8 mm x 68.8 mm x 14.9mm)
  • 3.44 ounces or 97.5 grams.
  • Built in Mirror << definitely for the ladies.
  • 2.5mm jack
  • 3G
  • S40?
  • Short cut buttons for messaging, camera, web, voice cammans, speaker phone options and  V CAST Music with Rhapsody®

It’ll be coming to Verizon from September 13 for  99.99 USD with a new 2 year contract. Note this 99.99USD is after a mail-in rebate.

Also worth mentioning is the Nokia 7705 Twist’s charity connections.

From Oct. 6 through Oct. 29, while supplies last, customers who purchase the Nokia Twist online at will receive a free picture frame phone lanyard to raise awareness of HopeLine® and support domestic violence prevention.


Via Nokia Press Release


7705 purple

Image via Nokia Conversations and mobileburn

Nokia X6 Technical Specifications (and live photos). Comes with…Capacitive!

September 2, 2009 2 comments

This morning at NW09 Nokia announced several devices, two of which were new unknown handsets of a new Xseries line up. The X3 and the X6. (Not to be confused with X1/X2/X3 Xperia range from Sony Ericsson)

The more interesting of the two, the Nokia X6, is now the Music Flasgship (if there is one) and Nokia’s first phone to have a capacitive display.

It is a Comes With Music ONLY handset to make sure you take advantage of Nokia’s unlimited free download music service. What else?

  • 32GB in built memory (no expansion)
  • 3.2″ 16:9 640×360 capacitive display (under glass, not plastic)
  • 433.9MHz Arm 11 processor
  • 128MB RAM (Undisclosed how much is free to the user)
  • S60 5th Edition
  • 5MP camera with Dual LED Flash
  • VGA video at 30FPS
  • TV-OUT
  • A-GPS
  • the 5800 media bar “button”
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
  • 3.5mm jack

…and it’s 3.5G.  It also comes with 3 free N-gage games that are actually pretty good – Spore , D Mix Tour and Asphalt 4. There’s no USB charging by the looks of the AC-8 standard pin charger.

All that for 459EUR/402GBP/654USD unsubsidised although Nokia were quick to point out that the price will be FREE on selected plans – Perhaps around £35 range considering it is Comes with Music – coming Q4 2009.

Will all this be enough to follow in the 5800’s success?

The X6 is available in a white-blue or a black-red theme.  Read on below for the technical specifications and live Photos from Eldar/Stuff TV.

x6 both

…from this angle the X6 sort of resembles this…

[IMAGE from a post that talked about new slim touch screens and an N810 successor.]

Back to the X6…

x6 back side

Here’s a demo video of the X6. Take note how lightly it’s being tapped. NW09 attendants confirm capacitive at last! Though no mention of this in the official tech-specs or any hype from Nokia even though this is a really big deal. Most likely that making a fuss of capacitive is gonna be a downer on why they’ve been using capacitive (and why the N900 has it too).

I know it should really be more on the responsiveness of the display rather than a resistive vs capacitive debate but for me, capacitive has always felt better (Hero/magic/g1/i8910/iPhone). Yes you can be more accurate with resistive, but to achieve that accuracy you need a stylus. Handwriting recognition? Except for asian markets, what’s the performance advantage over QWERTY? And the whole glove/fingernail thing. Erm. Take off your gloves or cut your nails. It’s a touch screen – just a feather light touch. Not a press-screen. One less thing for Engadget guys to knock, eh?

X6 looks somewhat thicker than it actually is – and in some angles, there’s something oddly very N95 classic about it.


Nokia X6 Dimensions

* Form: Classic with finger-operated touch screen user interface
* Dimensions: 111.0 x 51.0 x 13.8 mm (For comparison, iPhone is 115.5×62.1×12.3mm. Smaller than the iPhone and just 1.5mm thicker)
* Weight: 122 g (iPhone 3GS at 135g)


  • * Size: 3.2″
  • * Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels (nHD) * Up to 16.7 million colours
  • * 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio


  • * 32 GB internal memory (not expandable, no micro SD slot)


  • * BL-5J 1320 mAh Li-Ion standard battery
  • Talk time (maximum):
    – GSM 8 h 30 min
    – WCDMA 6 h
  • Standby time (maximum):
    – GSM 401 h
    – WCDMA 420 h
  • Video playback time (maximum): H51nHD 25 fps up to 3 h 36 min
  • Video recording time (maximum): 3 h 30 min
  • Video call time (maximum): 3 h
  • Music playback time (maximum): 35 h

Colours and covers

  • * Available in-box colours:
    – White/Blue
    – Black/Red


  • * Micro USB connector for USB 2.0 High Speed to PC
  • * 3.5 mm Nokia AV connector for audio and TV-out
  • * Small DC jack

Local connectivity and synchronisation

  • * Bluetooth version 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate
  • * MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol) support
  • * TV out (PAL)
  • * Support for PC synchronisation with Nokia Ovi Suite

GPS and navigation

  • * Integrated A-GPS
  • * Ovi Maps 3.0


  • * 5.0 megapixel AF camera (2592 x 1944 pixels)
  • * Image formats: JPEG/EXIF * Carl Zeiss optics
  • * 4x digital zoom
  • * Autofocus
  • * Dual LED flash
  • * Dedicated camera key


Main camera

  • Video recording at up to 640 x 480 pixels and up to 30 fps (TV quality), up to 640 x 352 pixels and up to 30 fps (widescreen quality), up to 320 x 240 pixels and up to 30 fps/15 fps (email high/normal quality), up to 176 x 144 and up to 15 fps (sharing quality)
  • – Up to 4x digital video zoom

Front camera

  • -Video recording at up to 176 x 144 pixels, smooth up to 15 fps
  • Video recording file formats: MP4, 3GP
  • Audio recording formats: WAV (normal), AMR (MMS), AAC/MP4 (high quality)


  • * Music playback file formats: mp3, SPMidi, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA
  • * Dedicated volume keys and immediate access to the Music Player from the Media Bar
  • * Stereo FM radio
  • * 3.5 mm Nokia AV connector

Box Contents

  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia Battery (BL-5J)
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-8)
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable (CA-101)
  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-500)
  • User Guide
  • Mini DVD
  • Comes With Music leaflet


  • Included games:
  • – Spore
  • – D Mix Tour
  • – Asphalt4


X6 Gallery with live photos by Eldar and (Note, no designation here. Just 0000).

There’s also a much cheaper non-touch sleek slider S40 version, the X3 -fantastic for 115EUR/100GBP/163USD. Details here

Nokia N900 Technical Specifications

August 27, 2009 2 comments

Some beastly specifications coming from the N900,  for around  500EUR/440GBP/712USD unsubsidized.There’ll definitely be some good UK contract deals if it starts unsubsidized 440GBP.

My only complaints right now is the battery (1320mAh, not 1500mAh) and of course, no Xenon. But apart from that, what a power house! 1GB RAM (256 physical, 768 Virtual) OMAP 3430 ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0  – Extreme multitasking of even the most resource intensive of apps?

Some neat little features too with DLNA, Digital Stereo Audio RECORDING, Full Screen viewfinder for both 5MP camera and video – which is at 848 × 480 pixels (WVGA) videos at 25FPS – I’m guessing lower VGA res at 30FPS. No mention of the gesture areas/shortcut buttons seen in the hands on video.


Nokia N900 Technical Specifications


  • 3.5 inch touch-sensitive widescreen display
  • 800 × 480 pixel resolution

Processor and 3D accelerator

  • TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz
  • PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support


  • Up to 1GB of application memory (256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory)


  • 3.5mm AV connector
  • TV out (PAL/NTSC) with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable
  • Micro-USB connector, High-Speed USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth v2.1 including support for stereo headsets
  • Integrated FM transmitter
  • Integrated GPS with A-GPS

Mass Memory

  • 32 GB internal storage
  • Store up to 7000 MP3 songs or 40 hours of high-quality video
  • Up to 16 GB of additional storage with an external microSD card

Keys and Input

  • Full QWERTY tactile keyboard
  • Full QWERTY onscreen keyboard


  • 5 megapixel camera (2584 × 1938 pixels)
  • Image formats: JPEG
  • CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens
  • 3 × digital zoom
  • Autofocus with assist light and two-stage capture key
  • Dual LED flash
  • Full-screen viewfinder
  • Photo editor on device
  • TV out (PAL/NTSC) with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (CA-75U, included in box) or WLAN/UPnP
  • Landscape (horizontal) orientation
  • Capture modes: Automatic, portrait, video, macro, landscape, action


  • Wide aspect ratio 16:9 (WVGA)
  • Video recording file format: .mp4; codec: MPEG-4
  • Video recording at up to 848 × 480 pixels (WVGA) and up to 25fps
  • Video playback file formats: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp; codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263

Music and Audio Playback

  • Maemo media player
  • Music playback file formats: .wav, .mp3, .AAC, .eAAC, .wma, .m4a
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • Ring tones: .wav, .mp3, .AAC, .eAAC, .wma, .m4a
  • Digital stereo microphone
  • DLNA

Size and Weight

  • Volume: Approx 113cc
  • Dimensions: 110.9 × 59.8 × 18 (19.55 at thickest part) mm
  • Weight: Approx 181g

Box Contents

  • Nokia N900
  • Nokia Battery (BL-5J)
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-10)
  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-205)
  • Video out cable (CA-75U)
  • Nokia charger adaptor (CA-146C)
  • Cleaning cloth

Email and Messaging

  • Supported protocols: Mail for Exchange, IMAP, POP3, SMTP
  • Support for email attachments
  • Support for rich HTML
  • SMS and Instant Messages as conversations
  • Support for Nokia Messaging service
  • Instant messaging and presence enhanced contacts
  • Multiple number, email and Instant Messaging details per contact, contacts with images
  • Support for assigning images to contacts

Web Browsing

  • Maemo browser powered by Mozilla technology
  • Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support
  • Full screen browsing

Operating Frequency

  • Quad-band GSM EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • WCDMA 900/1700/2100 MHz

Data Network

  • GPRS class A, multislot class 32, maximum speed 107/64.2 kbps (DL/UL) EDGE class A, multislot class 32, maximum speed 296/177.6 kbps (DL/UL) WCDMA 900/1700/2100.
  • Maximum speed PS 384/384 kbps (DL/UL) HSPA 900/1700/2100. Maximum speed PS 10/2 Mbps (DL/UL) WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g

GPS and Navigation

  • Integrated GPS, Assisted-GPS, and Cell-based receivers
  • Pre-loaded Ovi Maps application
  • Automatic geotagging


  • Background pictures
  • Widgets on your desktops
  • Intelligent contact shortcuts
  • Shortcuts to your favourite websites
  • Shortcuts to applications
  • Themes


  • BL-5J 1320mAh


  • Black

Box Contents

  • Nokia N900
  • Nokia Battery (BL-5J)
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-10)
  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-205)
  • Video out cable (CA-75U)
  • Nokia charger adaptor (CA-146C)
  • Cleaning cloth


Video: New Nokia Booklet 3G!

August 24, 2009 Leave a comment

The most powerful Nokia device….

…is a netbook. Or a Mini-laptop as Nokia wants us to call it.

And it’s running on Windows. Not Linux. Not Symbian. Not Maemo. Not Android.

The new Nokia Booklet 3G


Specifications subject to change?



Technical Specification.Nokia-Booklet-3G-camera-300x300

  • 10.1 inch screen, Glass Front, HD ready (1366 x 768)
  • 12 hours battery life. (Could be enough for a working day without needing ever to plug it in.)
  • 185 x 264 x 19.9mm
  • 1.25kG
  • Intel Atom processor (1.6Ghz?)
  • Windows 7 (I like!)
  • 120GB HDD
  • RAM (1GB?)
  • 3G/HSDPA/WiFi/Bluetooth
  • HDMI For HD output
  • GPS (A-GPS)
  • Single front facing camera
  • Stereo Speakers
  • SD card reader
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • 3.5mm jack?

Looks quite nice, pretty decent specifications – now what about the price? (Will it be netbook price? Or something a little outrageous like the Sony P-series? – Something around £300 is a sweet spot.

[According to MR’s Eldar, it’s going to be priced at around 399EUR (347GBP/572USD) unsubsidized, coming December 09. AAS’ Ewan Spence suggests possibly 30GBP/month on contract, even 10GBP if you also get a Nokia phone with it.]

I’m even more jealous now at the people going to Nokia World. Some pretty exciting Nokia devices for NW09..


Nokia Press Release

Via Nokia Conversations

Accessories: Nokia BH-905 – The ultimate headset?

June 3, 2009 11 comments

The BH-905 makes a pretty good partner for the N97 which has been said to have stellar voice quality, trumped only by the N91.

When you thing of a good headphone manufacturer, one of the last you may come up with is Nokia. But they maybe creating a new reputation for themselves amongst audiophiles with the upcoming Nokia BH905- which Nokia claim to be the ultimate headset.


As a headset (and not just headphone) in addition to music, you can also take phone calls – and if it’s anything like previous Nokia headsets, will transition seamlessly from voice call to your songs, and all easily manageable with the host of dedicated controls on this device.

nokia-bh-905-airplane-plugThe first thing I really liked about the BH-905 is in addition to being able to connect to your music via stereo bluetooth, you’ve also got the option to go wired with the provided cable. This means that not only can you hook it up to pretty much anything, particularly since it’s supplied with several adaptors but that with the option to go wired, you can extend usage time (up to 40 hours)- useful on a long haul flight – connect to the airline’s audio system whilst active noise cancelling drowns out the noise of the engines..and/or crying babies.

What’s even better, and came unexpected, is the BH-905’s focus on noise cancelling and audio quality. Check out the video below by Nokia Conversations:

The BH-905 has active noise cancelling, containing 10 microphones of which 8 are used for extreme noise reduction.

The more common method of noise cancelling is passive, requiring a vacuum tight insulation to prevent sound. (In utmost basic terms) with active noise cancelling, as ambient sound is received through a microphone, a signal is generated to create interference which “cancels” out the ambient noise. Nokia’s previous headsets have had one speaker to do this – the BH-905 has 8 to further reduce the noise.

The other two microphones are for voice calls – which in addition to other 8 microphones for noise cancelling means that the receiver of your call should experience a crystal clear call with a lot of the ambient noise cut out. No more screaming down the phone because the environment around you is too loud.

Styling wise, it’s like the old BH-604 but not as overtly plastic. The black/chrome/brushed silver combination is always welcome, looking pretty much like much of the Bose headphone line up.

Availability and Price

The BH-905 will be available in August 09. As for price – now here’s where you have to be a serious audiophile  (or just loaded): 285 Euros! Whilst that’s probably just an entry level price for the real elite audiophiles, it’s one of (if not the) most expensive Nokia accessory to date.

Via Nokia Conversations


Technical Specifications:

Physical Features


  • 180 mm x 155 mm x 59 mm


  • 175 g

Operating keys

  • Multifunction key for power on/off, answer/end, voice dial, and redial
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Play/pause
  • Next track
  • Previous track
  • Active noise cancelling on/off


  • 3.5 mm Nokia AV connector
  • Supporting adapters for:
    – 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
    – Standard 3.5 mm jack
    – Standard 6.3 mm jack
    – Standard airplane jack

Operating temperature

  • -15°C to +55°C


Operating range (maximum)
  • 10 m (Bluetooth use)
Power supply

  • Rechargeable 600 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery

Operating time (maximum)

  • Talk (Bluetooth): 24 h
  • Music (Bluetooth): 25 h
  • Talk (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 15 h
  • Music (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 16 h
  • Music (Wired, with active noise cancellation): 40 h
  • Hands-free phone calls and music listening (without active noise cancellation) possible even with empty battery (wired connection)

Standby time (maximum)

  • With Bluetooth: 600 h

Charging time (maximum)

  • 2 h

Sound and Media

Frequency response

  • From 15 Hz to 20 kHz

Additional sound and media information

  • Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
  • Speaker drivers: 32 mm high performance drivers
  • Number of noise cancelling microphones: 8
  • 2 microphones capturing speech and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) for clear communication
  • Active noise cancellation technology: Reduces up to 99% background noise


Nokia E51 Technical Specifications

September 18, 2007 1 comment

Key features

  • Thin design loaded with features to help balance your business and leisure time
  • Access your email while on the go with support for most leading personal and business email applications
  • Browse the web and email with high speed 3G, HSDPA, or WLAN connection
  • Make lower cost voice calls over the internet with the built-in WLAN
  • Stay connected to the people and information you need with a long battery life and large internal memory
  • Take pictures and capture video with the 2 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom
  • Listen to the latest hits with FM Visual Radio or play your favorite tunes on the MP3 music player


  • Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications
  • Nokia Office Tools 2.0 including Nokia Team Suite, In-device Search, Quickoffice, Macromedia PDF reader, Zip manager, File manager, and Active Notes:
    • Nokia Team Suite provides easy to use UI for organizing and facilitating group conference calls, email messages, or text messages
    • In-device Search enables user to easily find data in device. For example, messages, email calendar data, and contacts can be searched easily via this application
    • Quickoffice provides viewers for Microsoft Excel®, Word®, and PowerPoint® documents
    • Macromedia PDF reader enables user to view PDF documents
    • Zip manager provides means for managing ZIP files received – for example, as an email attachment
    • File manager for accessing data on user disk or memory card
    • Active Notes enable users to create notes containing rich text and multimedia items (e.g. pictures, voice clips, video clips). Notes can be synchronized to PC and browsed there via any XHTML compatible web browser
  • Download! Tool for easy application downloads straight to your device
  • Voice solutions: support for Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco, Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Alcatel (all sold separately)
  • Nokia Maps application integrated into device
  • Support for Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite with email, file synchronization, voice, and device management
  • Support for Symantec, F-Secure, McAfee, and Trend Micro antivirus software. Applications are available via Download! Tool
  • Support for Pointsec encryption security application. Application is available via Download! Tool
  • Worldmate: an application with weather, world clocks, and a currency converter to assist you while traveling. Application is available via Download! Tool
  • Supports Windows Live providing mobile access to Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Search, Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Hotmail. Application is available via Download! Tool
  • Yahoo! Go: get your email, news, maps, and more all from the same customized webpage. Application is available via Download! Tool


  • (x)HTML web browser

Camera and video

  • 2 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom for high quality still imaging and video capture
  • Video streaming and playback with H.264 (MPEG-4), 3gpp, and Real codecs
  • Video recording in H.263 (3gpp) and MPEG-4
  • Video calling


  • Integrated WLAN (IEEE 802.11g) with WLAN wizard: searches for available WLAN networks
  • Bluetooth 2.0 specification with enhanced data rate (EDR)
  • Mini USB connector, USB 2.0 full-speed
  • 2.5 mm Nokia A/V connector
  • IrDA (115 kbps)

Data transfer

  • GPRS/EGPRS (Class A, multi-slot class 32)
  • Dual mode transfer multi-slot class 11 for simultaneous voice calls and browsing
  • HSDPA (high-speed downlink protocol access) up to 3.6 Mbit/s (3G)
  • Local data synchronization with Nokia PC Suite

Device management support

  • Nokia Intellisync Device Management (sold separately)
  • OMA (Open Mobile Appliance) Device Management 1.1.2
  • OMA Client Provisioning 1.1
  • OMA Data synchronization 1.2 (no email)
  • Over the internet (OTI) firmware update


  • 2″ (240 x 320 pixels), active-matrix color display supports up to 16 million colors

Memory functions

  • Up to 130 MB of user data memory
  • Expandable up to 4 GB with hot swappable microSD card

Messaging and email

  • Email with support for POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP protocols, attachment viewers, dedicated email key, and LED indicator for new email messages
  • Email support for a wide variety of third-party solutions including: Mail for Exchange, Visto Mobile, and Seven Always-on
  • Option to select desired email account to read/write messages from
  • Instant messaging (supports Yahoo, AOL, OMA 1.2, MSN)
  • SMS text messages
  • MMS for sending messages with pictures, video clips, and audio clips attached


  • MP3 music player
  • Compatible with Bluetooth stereo headsets
  • FM Visual Radio: lets you see information about songs or artists, and read up on celebrity news

Operating frequency

  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/2100

Personal information management (PIM)

  • Contacts, calendar and to-do list: supports PC synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes via Nokia PC Suite

Nokia (Tech Specs)