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Nokia N8 v Samsung Omnia HD multitasking

iPhone owners look away now, here is an interesting look at the Nokia N8 being compared to the Samsung Omnia HD doing PROPER multitasking. I have got to admit the Samsung’s multitasking is pretty funky

thanks to KaiwanGailan for the heads up !!!

via Parttimereviewer on youtube

Video: New video sample from the Nokia N8

July 31, 2010 10 comments

Here is a video sample taken with the Nokia N8. This is another proof of what Nokia phones are capable of. It was uploaded to show how better the quality is compared to the iphone 4 or htc evo. They are good phones but not good enough.

In other news, fonearena spoke to Nokia India and said that the Nokia N8 will take more than 4 weeks to arrive. According to the Italian Nokia website, the N8 is in pre-order for 469 euro(it’s more than what was announced but it will surely change after it’s release) and will start shipping by the end of September.

The Nokia N8 takes a while to be released but hey it’s better than a buggy N8 that people are gonna complain about.

via: MaPee1982‘s youtube channel, Nokia italy, fonearena

Nokia Ovi browser is real !!!

NOKIA ARE MAKING A DESKTOP WEB BROWSER !!! Yeah you heard me right Nokia are making a desktop web browser tied to the various Ovi services revealed by Nokia’s favourite journalist or blogger or whatever you want to call him Eldar Murtazin. Apparently Eldar doesn’t mentions the name “Ovi Browser” due to the possibilities of him being in trouble with the Russinan authrorities for stealing Nokia’s trade secrets. Eldar has already played with the beta and is based on Webkit and is optimised for the various Ovi services as I said before. Obviously Eldar is not impressed then again he is not the person to take advice from when it comes to Nokia due to his “issues” with them. Although it is unusual for someone that lets face it “doesn’t” like Nokia writes and awful lot about them hhhmmm…… strange isn’t it.

Anyway why the hell are Nokia developing a desktop based web browser it makes no sense with the world’s media trashing them everyday for not coming up with an “iPhone killer” this really isn’t the time for them to pull of stunts like that. I know Nokia are huge and probably have a small team dedicated to this but I would much rather have the teams working on improving their smartphones.

Ovi integration does sound interesting as I use few of the services but would like to use more, although I would have preferred them to improve the Ovi experience on the phones.

Anyway what do you think, will you use Ovi Browser if it comes out ?? let us know in the comments


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Nokia can’t compete in the High end -REALLY?!?!?

Tomi Ahonen the respected Mobile industry today posted on Twitter this very interesting graph that tech journalists seem to miss on purpose so they can report frankly diss Nokia or they are not doing their job properly. And just to make sure THIS is the smartphone market share not the supposedly ‘dumphone’ market, note Nokia gained while Apple LOST market share

Now people will probably counter argue and say well Nokia’s margins are low, well let me tell you why, if you have been paying attention to Nokia’s online store for the whole FIRST YEAR they have had A LOT of SALES and I MEAN A LOT of sales you were able to get Nokia N900’s for £400 or a N97 mini for £299 there were some real bargains. Another reason is the boring smartphone line up Nokia has had I mean can you still believe that the N97 is STILL the flagship device for Nokia (yeah yeah I know the N8 is coming)

Nokia have weathered the storm well with some criticisms I have got to admit but they are perfectly placed to show the tech world what they can do in the second half of the year starting with the N8 and Nokia World in september cannot wait 🙂

graph via Reuters

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Nokia supposedly looking for new CEO

You might have noticed that the Wall street Journal is reporting that Nokia are actively searching for a new CEO to rejuvenate their past successes. A lot has been made after the reporting and apparently Nokia already have interviewed two candidates nothing has been confirmed yet but looking at the blogs and new sites today it seems like it is a reality.

Do Nokia really need a new CEO ???

Some Nokia investors have already said that Nokia needs a “Silicon Valley CEO” (complete utter nonsense BTW!!!)

Steal some executive from Apple, Google, Palm (John Rubenstein anyone ???) or Google  (maybe)

Someone from American that understands the American market well  apparently (maybe)

What pisses me off is that Americans think no Finnish person can run Nokia properly (are you eeffin kidding me !!!!) you don’t need an American CEO to be successful they have had tons of Finnish executives and had success in the past and some in the present (5800 is a sales success). Nokia didn’t become the worlds biggest handset manufacturer by luck it happened by hard work.

In my opinion Nokia doesn’t need a new CEO it will only delay plans with their roadmaps and future plans

Nokia need young fresh developers and designers from the outside who have lived the smartphone revolution since the iPhone launched in 2007 (BTW that could include Jay, Andre, Andy, Marc and ME !!!) alright joking aside I do mean it, there are bright people out there that could bring Nokia back to its glory days, they especially need people with software background as its the are they seem to be struggling most

What do you think ??? let us know in the comments

Eseries with Symbian 3 and touchscreen due soon

I was reading Nokia’s official blog today and came across an interesting article with the communications team members Maria Kellokumpu and Dinesh Subramaniam, who both work closely on the Eseries devices . An interesting question came up about the perception that Eseries devices are technologically behind the curve and a very interesting answer came out saying that

“The Nokia Eseries device portfolio is definitely a priority on Nokia’s technology roadmap. Nokia Eseries devices with Symbian^3 and touch screens will be announced in due time”

Could it be this device

possible Eseries device ???

Now I have already said I love this device the form factor is great and I think this as a business device would be quite cool, especially as there a lot executives swapping their Blackberries for iPhones what do you guys think ???

let us know in the comments

Thanks for mja for the heads up 🙂

Should Nokia just concentrate making camera phone’s ?

Tomi Ahonen is a Mobile consultant for handset manufacturers and is a really respected man with a good amount of knowledge  and of course I follow him on Twitter. Today he made some very interesting comments on Nokia and their success in making camera phones.  Its no secret that Nokia are in a sort of trouble regarding their position of the world’s largest with Samsung breathing down their necks a lot of people have been suggesting that Nokia don’t innovate. Well I disagree Nokia does innovate but at a much slower pace and in places that people might find not that important. One area is camera and I have an interesting proposition or an idea or whatever you want to call it.

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Ovi Music Store, Ovi Music Unlimited, & New Nokia N8 Music Phone Features

When I first heard about this video I thought it was just a random Nokia advertisement because I have seen a very similar one to this one with the classic 5800, but Nokia seem to make music a important feature for the N8 with Ovi music Unlimited which “Comes with Music” in other countries. Nokia where asked if this name change was going to happen universally and they said no it is currently called Ovi Unlimited Music in India I believe.

Does anyone actually use Ovi music I don’t at the moment I have got to shamely admit I use an iPod Touch and iTunes for all that stuff, there’s no denying that Apple rule that market and even the Zune is pretty good, but with the cover flow style cover art on the N8 it seem like Nokia is taking music seriously again now if they just make the Ovi Music store DRM free I would be a happy bunny 🙂

Thanks for Marc L for the heads up

Eldar Murtazin interviewed by TechCrunch

The clueless people at Techcrunch Interviewed the famous russian “Samsung Research Consultant” Eldar Murtazin on the case involving him and the supposed stolen N8 prototype. Of course as America see the world as themselves or nothing they made some of the frankly most arrogant and clueless statements of Nokia during the interview.

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If I was any of Nokia’s shareholders right now I would seriously be disgusted to see this.

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