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Event: Final Day MeeGo Conference Day 3 (BoF stuff)

November 17, 2010 1 comment

The Final Day of the first ever MeeGo conference is upon us.

Nothing is happening today on the live stream front. It’s more BoF (Birds of a Feather) thing.

“where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.”


See Programme Schedule or screencap below:

To end it all, there’s a game of footy at the Aviva! Ireland vs Norway


Day 3: November 17th 2010

8:00-9:00: Continental Breakfast
9:00-12:00: Unconference sessions, lightning talks, and BOFs
12:45-13:45: Lunch Provided
13:45-15:30: Unconference sessions and BOFs
Evening: Football (Soccer) game at Aviva!)

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Official Nokia World 2010 recap video

September 26, 2010 6 comments

Now here’s something nice to start your Sunday morning with – a Nokia World 2010 recap video from the official Nokia YouTube channel. What’s so amazing about it is that it wraps up the huge event that was held in London in just under 3 minutes! Quite a feat I must admit, but I also wonder how long did the editing take… Some of the things that were briefly touched upon: the Ovi evening event, keynote speeches, Nokia Push projects,  Q&A sessions with Nokia E7 and C7 product managers and the grand finale of  ‘make my app’ contest. Of course there’s also a bit of camera time with the group of bloggers who attended the event, and that includes a few short interviews. Someone reported seeing me in the video as well, but I can neither confirm nor deny such rumors 😛

And rest assured, the things that didn’t make it in the video weren’t as exciting, like me wasting time looking for food at the event or breaking my nails doing this bit

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Up close and personal with ‘Evening with Ovi’

September 20, 2010 3 comments

Here’s something you guys might be interested to see (if you haven’t done so already) –  a recording of a small event held on the final evening before Nokia World 2010 had kicked off. There, many familiar Ovi services were discussed and explained by people working at Nokia/ Ovi like Jan Bonnevier aka ‘App man’, or Pino from Nokia’s Ovi blog, and all that, in a relaxing, dimly lit environment with free drinks – the perfect warm up for the Nokia World craze that was looming ahead of us the very next day.

Not incidentally, the new Nokia baby, the N8 was mentioned and praised in more than a few occasions mainly for it’s superior media capabilities. Speaking of which, there was also a solid chance for all attendees to win a spanking new Nokia N8, and if my memory serves correctly, @mikemacias and @S60inside won the lottery, both of whom will probably receive their N8’s in the following weeks.

Anyway, you’ll get an idea of what the evening was like while watching the video, and perhaps even spot a few familiar faces in there… Since  the recording proved to be rather lengthy for the likes of YouTube, I’ve split it in two parts. Enjoy!

Photos by Roman Schweigler

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Events: Pre #NokiaWorld Meet Today at @1000Heads / @WOMWorldNokia HQ –

September 13, 2010 7 comments

Beginning this afternoon, from 3pm to 7pm, the 1000 Heads Office, at 41-44 Great Windmill Street London W1D 7NB (Right at Piccadilly Circus) will be host to the BIGGEST GATHERING of Nokia geeks EVER for the Pre Nokia World meet up. There has NEVER been such a collection of online Nokia personalities in one place. We wished and tweeted about it online; Nokia and WOMWorldNokia has made it happen.

If you’re free and still undecided, make your way there today! Then tomorrow (TOMORROW :O) Nokia World 2010 begins!

I’ll be tweeting from @jaymontano during NokiaWorld. Blog posting live is difficult during event speeches (bad internet connection, plus so much stuff being said) so most likely I’ll be posting some time after the event BUT I will try to do it on the spot.

I’m pretty much ready – I just have to repack all the electronic stuff I’ve put out to charge and perhaps find/buy a new SIM card to let me get some internet as my main one is running out and my parents are borrowing my spare.

According to MickyFin this is the final Register of those coming just to the Meet Up alone. Real sad some folk got cut due to VISA problems. Here’s to NokiaWorld2011 or other major Nokia events. (Not sure how up to date this is, being posted 10 days ago. I’ve added one person, any one else not yet there just message). There are 74 people on this list. Not including WOMWorld staff.

1. Micky Aldridge @Mickyfin
2. Richard Dorman @Sheridan01
3. Dan Carter @Worldofnokia
5. Nirave Gondhia @Nirave (Mobile Users)
6. James Whatley @Whatleydude
7. Michael Hell @Michaelxhell thoughtsfromhell & fonearena
8. Ian Wallace @the_accidental
9. Julien Fourgeaud @jfourgeaud
10. Rafe Blandford @AAS
11. Paul Grayburn @MrGrayburn
12. Robert Hall @RobertHall
13. Steven Smith @Stevensmith1990
14. Saara Bergström @OvibyNokia
15. Carl Silvers @carlsilvers
16. Craig Richards @GeekComputers
17. Abul Hussain @adonisdemon
18. David Gilson @davidgilson
19. Stephen Wing @Stephenwing
20. Ilicco Elia @ilicco
21. Ryan @Mechanical_Mind
22. Lee Deeble @leedeeble
23. Amir B @Benjezzy
24. Jon Choo @jonchoo
25. Gareth @Politicspenguin
26. Sergejs Cuhrajs @_Nexus
27. Surya Snair @suryasnair Ovi Maps Demo leader Nokia
28. Staska @UVStaska (
29. Gerry Moth @gerrymoth
30. Helen Keegan @technokitten
31. George NU Member 93tid
32. Matt @NokiaPush
33. Vikki Chowney @vikkichowney
34. Chris Davis from SlashGear @Slashgear
35. Felipe Andrade @felipeandrade (from Brazil)
36. Brett Butterfield (CEO Pixelpipe)
37. Ben Smith @bensmithuk (The Really Mobile Project)
38. Jay Montano @jaymontano
39. Philip Berne @philipberne (From Dallas TX)
40. Jouni Miettunen @jomtwi (Finland)
41. MOHAMED SHAZLY @Mack005 (Sri Lanka)
42. Devin Balentina (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, nr Mexico) @Blue13x
43. Albert @Nokia_Fan | Maemo | MeeGo | Symbian | Android | WebOS | Windows Mobile | iOS (Germany)
44. Ibrahim Jogee @TheNokiaReview
45. Anssi Makela @anssimakela Nokia
46. Vaibhav Sharma @v4ibhav The Handheld Blog
47. Mark Guim @markguim The Nokia Blog
48. Jan Ole Suhr @janole – home of fine mobile applications (Creator & Sole Developer of Gravity)
49. Roman Schweigler @S60inside (Austria)
50. Sapiens Bryan @sapiensbryan Latest Hi Tech News
51. Aditya Singhvi @adityasinghvi World of Phones | Formerly known as Aditya Singhvi’s Phones (pending Visa)
52. Dani Alleinad @dani2xll +friend
53. Mike Macias @mikemacias (USA) Nokia E71 Blog For Fanatics + others
54. Simon @simonLR
55. Pat Phelan @patphelan Pat Phelan: Bits, bytes and telecoms
56. Stefanos Kofopoulos @titanas blog – ???????? blogging ??? ???????? ???
57. Stephanie @sturbi Nokia Austria
58. Ernie Hartley @ernmander
59. Jim Hughes @jimh
60. Heather Taylor @heatherAtaylor
61. Nii-Teiko @IamNii-Teiko
62. Dvir Reznik @DvirReznik
63. Alessandro Pace @biskero
64. Vuk Vulovic @highdiver
65. Nikola Balov @nixanbal
66. Dhruv Bhutani @DhruvBhutani
67. Dan Thornton @Badgergravling
68. Jussi Pekka @Jussipekka Nokia
69. Davis Fields @DavisatNokia Nokia
70. Adrian @My_E72 (Australia via WOMWorld)
71. Mike Evans @mobmental
72. John Garner @jgbreezer
73. Ewan Spence @ewan

74. Patton @Patton

Near-final N8 firmware run through

August 27, 2010 55 comments

With rumors circling the internet that the final, release version of the N8 firmware is scheduled to be finished by next week (crosses fingers) The latest video that I found on the site, should hopefully give a pretty clear insight into the sort of performance and applications (read: games) we can expect to see when the N8 is FINALLY released. From the little available here, there should be few doubts in anyone’s mind as to whether this device will be sluggish, unperforming and underwhelming at release.

Give it a look and tell me what you think!

Youtube link to the 1st video! Thanks NeNoRmAl!

Update: Another video was taken on the 25th of August, just 2 days ago. The video demonstrates a few of the normal features available with the OS.

Give it a look.


Cool Nokia C6 unboxing

The Nokia C6 has been harshly treated in opinion for being called boring or N97 mini clone even though its getting some good reviews in from people that have used the device. You can read Sergejs Cuhrajs excellent review of the C6 here

Well on the 18th August there was this event called the #NokiaBox well known Nokia bloggers around the world where invited to take part in an event organised by the awesome people at WOMWorld/Nokia thay deffinitly know how to organise creative and fun events, some blogs started rumblings on what the event could be about, some said the N8 officially going for sale, some said the N9 launching (REALLY!!!) but in the end it wasn’t it was all about the C6.


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Eldar Murtazin interviewed by TechCrunch

The clueless people at Techcrunch Interviewed the famous russian “Samsung Research Consultant” Eldar Murtazin on the case involving him and the supposed stolen N8 prototype. Of course as America see the world as themselves or nothing they made some of the frankly most arrogant and clueless statements of Nokia during the interview.

Read more…

Nokia C3 is here!!!!

pic via Gizmodo

Now you might be thinking oh god another humungous line for the iPad right. WRONG!!!!!!! these people are actually queuing up for the Nokia C3 yeah thats right the C3 not this, the Citroen C3

picture via

But this little baby here:

It of course the new Nokia C3 is actually a cute little phone I considered buying one when Nokia announced it but decided against it and choose the Nokia E72 instead but considering the amount of buzz Nokia can still generate (as evident in Indonesia ).

Wouldn’t it be cool if they released actual phones closer to when they are announced? I mean the N8 is generating some good hype but its still 3 MONTHS AWAY !!!

AARRGGGHH the agony, anyway Nokia can still create buzz which is sort of important with even Gizmodo having a post about them (They have been much more Pro Nokia since their iPhone 4 incident. Whereas before they were pretty much the nonofficial Apple Blog-  Check out their newer posts(via Gawker) such as “How Apple Tricks You“)

Anyway to find out more about the C3 head to the Nokia Product page here :

In the UK, The C3 will be available from 18th June.

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Event: Open Mobile Summit 2010, London 26th and 27th May.

May 25, 2010 2 comments

“The Open Mobile Summit is the place where, once a year, the leaders of the converging mobile, Internet and media industries gather to explore how we can build and monetize the open mobile Internet.”

This evening, thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia, I’ll (@jaymontano) be travelling down to London for Open Mobile Summit 2010.

Other attendees include Sergejs aka @_Nexus (also of Symbian-Freak, Phonespot and MyNokiaBlog) as well as the crazy talented Iain Wallace aka @the_accidental (also from doitdifferent and Nokia Users). From WOM, we’ll be looked after by an awesome duo of Riccardo Webb and THE Donna Suffling! Also there’ll apparently be some other faces from the WOM team joining in the evening dinner ^_^

As for the event itself, there’s gonna be a lot of important leaders there of mobile, internet and media industries (Nokia, Qualcomm, Acer, Sony, HTC, O2, Vodafone, France Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Real Networks, Yahoo, Admob, Reuters, ESPN, Sky, Universal Music Group International and MTV.)

Click this link to check out the full list of speakers during the Open Mobile Summit


Speaking for Nokia is Executive Vice President, MeeGo computers, Alberto Torres:

Alberto Torres is Nokia’s Executive Vice President, MeeGo Computers, responsible for developing computer-grade solutions and products based on the MeeGo platform. In his previous role, Mr. Torres was Senior Vice President, Devices Category Management, responsible for the Devices portfolio and product management at Nokia. Before joining Nokia in 2004, he spent 10 years with McKinsey in France and the United States, working with high-tech and industry leaders in mobile devices, consumer technologies, software, and Internet services.

Alberto Torres’ talk on 27th May 9:30am is titled “Transforming Nokia”.

This is followed by a Keynote Panel, “Open Where: Platform Vs Networks” with Torres; Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation President; Jon von Tetzchner, Opera CEO; Jeet Kaul, Oracle and Håkan Dahlström of TelioSonera.

To see the OMS Agenda, click here.

I’ve just received my tickets and the itinerary (see below). I’ll be updating from twitter @jaymontano. I hear we’ll be getting to use a Booklet 3G and have some Nseries to take snaps of which I’ll be uploading on MyNokiaBlog


Day 1 Tuesday 25th June

Jay & Iain to arrive PM

Day 2 Wednesday 26th June

Sergejs to arrive AM

8.00 Registration

8.45 Chairman’s introduction

9:00 Keynotes begin

10.30 Coffee break & time on conference floor

11.10 Keynote panel

12.40 Lunch & time online

14.00 Keynotes

15.30 Coffee break & time on conference floor

16.00 Panel sessions

18.00 Networking reception

19.30 Dinner with WWN crew

Day 3 Thursday 27th June

8.45 Chairman’s introduction

9:00 Keynotes begin

10.00 Coffee break & time on conference floor

10.30 Keynote panel

12.30 Lunch & time online

13.40 Keynotes

15.45 Coffee break & time on conference floor

16.10 Panel sessions

17.10 Conference close & everyone departs

Event: Something Big Happening With Nokia Tomorrow? New Nokia Messaging Solutions. Virtual Event Invite Inside.

April 12, 2010 6 comments

You might have seen the news that on Tuesday 13th April (tomo) Nokia will be unveiling some new messaging solution.

Here’s an e-invite from the PDF file I got sent. The link is and the virtual event starts at 9am GMT.

And on the second page there was this messaging/conversation icons

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