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Gallery: Mirror screen for Nokia N8 – mirror screen protector

December 18, 2010 4 comments

I’m not sure why you would want to do this, but mirror screens always appear as 3rd party accessories and I still see people using them on their phones. In addition to being a screen protector and protect from unwanted scratches, you do get the added benefit of having, suddenly, a mirror.

I thought – why not see what it would look like on a Nokia N8. Well here you go. But there maybe some downsides to consider: Visibility, screen responsiveness, outdoor visibility:

  • The screen is still, most importantly, usable in the capacitive sense. It doesn’t really hinder movement as electrons are still conducted through this plastic.
  • Importantly, the plastic is relatively thick which is important i nscreen protectors as it reduces the bubbling on screen.
  • Finally though can you see through it? Well you’ll have to click on and find out.

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Nokia N8, C7 and Fig-Rig stabilizer in behind the scenes of Israel’s Interactive Film! (Shot with Nokia C7, N8)

December 15, 2010 3 comments

The Fig-Rig is a little like your Flowpod or Merlin Steadicam holders – you attach a video camera (or any device capable of recording video) and using its magical powers cuts out all that jerkiness in motion and produces silky smooth professional looking videos.

It’s useful whether you’re using professional grade dedicated video cameras or a mobile phone like the N8. And that’s exactly what they’ve done here with a Fig-Rig. (I think Merlin has the advantage though it is 3x more expensive, going for a minimum of around 600GBP. Yes you got that right. I’ve wanted one for such a long time! ah)

The Fig-Rig, like Merlin and Flowpod is a contraption to which your device is attached. Unlike the half-arch of Merlin, or Pole of Flowpod, the Fig-Rig sports a somewhat steering wheel design.

The video below is actually more about the first ever interactive video show with N8, but I was enamored by the use of the Fig-Rig. There’s also a second video included on how to make your own for the N8.

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Video: Stay in the Loop – with the Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-5

December 3, 2010 1 comment

I love this video from Nokia Conversations. It shows Nokia’s commitment and passion to connect all people.

In recognition of the annual United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities we have this lovely video about a Nokia Accessory called Wireless Loopset (LPS 5) for people with hearing difficulties.

It helps those in particular with hearing aids and cochlear implants to use mobile phones.

NokiaUser’s very own Micky Fin has noted that he’s started wearing a hearing aid and a similar solution he’s found at the hospital is at least twice as much in price as the LPS-5. (112GBP).

The LPS-5 has an additional feature in vibrating to signal where your phone is as well as filtering out background noise.

In the video below you’ll meet Katya Vis who has been using the Loopset for about a year.

She notes that the loopset has improved her self-confidence.  Being able to phone has made her life so much better and easier as she doesn’t need to travel to that person to explain herself properly.

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Black Friday deal for the Nokia N8

November 27, 2010 7 comments

This Friday marks, for many people living in the US, the beginning of the holiday shopping season. As is customary, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday known as Black Friday is a day when stores around the US offer huge deals on most of the products in their stores and Nokia USA is no exception. From Friday through til Monday, Nokia is offering reduced prices on all of their devices and even greater savings on accessories.   Read on for the highlight of this weekend’s sale. Read more…

Accessories: Wireless Charging with the Powermat for Nokia N97 (and powercube for Nokia N8) – First impressions

November 18, 2010 3 comments

This is a gallery of the new PowerMat wireless charger and the powercube and some first impressions. I received this on Monday thanks to Sam who’s working with

Now there were some details asked in an email but I got an out of office reply for sending it before 9am. :p

  • What is the RRP of this package and all included contents? (Possibly image of the retail packaging) The bigger 3 charger office one is 69.99GBP – RRP [46GBP on Amazon]
  • What is the precise model number (This doesn’t appear on the powermat site as it’s a new product)
  • The powercube (29.99GBP RRP) is very useful with the various included tips. But does it have the 2mm pin?


2 x Mat and powercube (product code PMM-2PA) – £59.99

N97 bundle which would come with receiver and 1X mat – £49.99

The N97 only comes in white at the moment although Powermat are always looking to update their product range

will get back to you on the 2mm pin thing

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Video: Unboxing of the Nokia N8 Mobile Holder CR-122 – Stay safe and hands free

November 10, 2010 14 comments

Compliment your N8’s award winning Sat-Nav prowess and position your Ovi Maps machine perfectly in your car with the Nokia N8 Mobile Holder CR-122 (how teleshopping speak was that? :p)

But seriously this is a great accessory for drivers and sat-nav phone users in general. If you haven’t got a phone mount, this is really one to consider.

  • Detachable suction pad with adjustable ring to maintain that vacuum and keep it stuck to your windshield.
  • The grasp mechanism to hold your N8 is pretty cool too just widen to let your N8 in and just squeeze it closed again.
  • If I understand correctly (I don’t speak Russian, just guessing from the video), you get a sticky pad which has a surface that the mobile holder itself can stick to. This means you don’t necessarily need a perfectly flat attachment. Perhaps the dashboard itself, or even the back seat
  • Not just for Sat-Nav. In car enttertainment – sort of.
  • You can connect your N8 over bluetooth if your car system has it or just simply STREAM over the FM Transmitter.

Now this isn’t just useful for SatNav. Stick the N8 to the backseat for your kids and let the N8 playback a movie.  Though it might have helped if the arm was a little longer (not sure if that sticky pad itself can attach to material of the head-rest/back seat).


This retails for around 15GBP UK.


Nokia E72 unboxing and 3 part review

September 6, 2010 7 comments

Hey all,

I haven’t posted here for quite a while now, but a few days ago I  made a post with a Video unboxing, and 3 part review of the Nokia E72 for your viewing and reading pleasure on, head over there to see the posts in full:

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