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Site maintenance going on soon. Email subscribers may have to resubscribe

December 30, 2010 18 comments

Hello all! I am currently undertaking the task of installing wordpress, installing a theme and importing posts from to

Nothing YET is going on since I haven’t got a clue what the hell I’m doing. I think I’ve performed a one click installation yet I’m just being redirected to a panel to which I’m told “the page does not exist”.

If the move goes as planned, folks who have subscribed to’s post will have resubscribe. Very sorry, but that’s what wordpress says.

Fingers crossed I don’t accidentally delete this blog.

Also worth noting: wordpress has said this blog is too big to manually export the blog. This means I will have to ask wordpress to give me the export file. Any new posts/comments appearing during this transition period won’t be carried over. bleh.

You can follow my frustrations at my twitter @jaymontano :p

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Nokia unlikely to ship Windows Phone 7 powered device… because they are too controlling ???

December 30, 2010 7 comments

An ex Nokia employee has given his voice to Eldar’s and BGR’s ridiculous comments regarding Nokia using Windows Phone 7 in future Nokia phone’s. According to him its not possible and he has written a blog post about it and makes claims that are usually not associated with Nokia, he also says that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t offer any advantages compared to MeeGo or Symbian….

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Video: Nokia N8 One Man Acapella for N8Producers Competition

December 30, 2010 1 comment

One man Barbershop vocal group daniscool99 has entered the N8Producers competition (To win a zero gravity flight experience!) with his own arrangement of “I’ll be seeing you”. Filmed four separate times with four separate singing parts, it all combines into a quartet Acapella.

The video certainly looks great, one of the clearest Dan has uploaded. I’m not sure what he used to record the audio though since there’s a big ass microphone there. Although it is possible to hook up microphones to the N8. Would have been nice just to demonstrate the stellar audio recording capabilities of the N8.

I wish more YouTube vlogger folk got an N8 and were made aware of this competition.

Check out the other entries and submit your own too!

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Samsung plans to oust Nokia from number 1 spot in 3 years time

December 30, 2010 20 comments

According to Korea Times via Unwiredview – Samsung is planning to oust Nokia from their 13 year reign as number one mobile/smartphone manufacturer in just three years time.

The parent company is a behemoth, allowing Samsung to produce their own displays, processors and memory at their own pace.

Apparently, the next 12 months is crucial. I don’t know if these figures are correct but Korea Times says Samsung plans on selling 11 Million smartphones in 2011 over their 2.5 million in 2010? I’m sure Samsung has sold more than that?

The next 12 months is possibly more important to Nokia than ever with the launch of its long awaited MeeGo powered handset and new Symbian UI. For quite a long time Nokia has given its competitors such an EASY ride with quite half hearted products (hello N97). Hardware wise, they could have produced something more than the bare minimum Symbian requires. 2011 is no such year for compromises, Nokia. Will we still see you as Number One come 2014? Maybe the world has already ended in 2012.

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Patiently Waiting to be Excited

December 30, 2010 13 comments

After a few months off the grid, I thought it best to offer a short post to show Jay, Andre and the rest of the MNB gang that I’m still around…

With my next upgrade coming up in the first few months of 2011, I’ve been pondering my options for my next handset. I’m keen to stick with a Nokia handset, and was hoping that by the time 18 months had passed after buying my N900 that something that truly excites me would come along. I’ll share some of my thinking with you…

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Video: Mobile Documents beta for Symbian^3 – Cloud boosted push email at Nokia Beta Labs!

December 30, 2010 3 comments

Mobile documents is a great app that lets you see heavy email attachments with ease; large emails and large documents are no longer a mobile-web waiting issue.

  • Mobile picture viewer handling 71MP images on the fly
  • PDF viewer that supports pinch and zoom, FULL SCREEN view (why the one installed on N8 can’t go full screen, what a fail), and also text flow – with just the text in a single column.
  • Share attachments from email without prior downloadand reupload. It is an instant send.

Get it from Nokia Beta Labs!

Note, you must sign in first with your Nokia account to try betalabs stuff.

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Videos: Assassins Creed HD demoed on Nokia N8 (available at Ovi Store – 168MB!)

December 30, 2010 6 comments

Here are some blurry video demoes of assassins creed demoed on the Nokia N8 by chavero115, cyberdri and Camb078.

The first two are very, very blurry but the third by Camb078 from is a little clearer.

You can get this from gameloft OR the easier route from Ovi Store. My bills have increased as it’s just too easy to purchase stuff from there :p. You WILL need to download this via WiFi as it is HUUGE! 168MB, much bigger than Avatar.

It’s priced at 3GBP or som how 3EUR. Apparently some of you are seeing these priced at 2.5CAD. Hmm…I’d like some price unity.

It supports multitouch controls and is in full 3D.

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