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Freakishly Awesome Gallery: Human Cloning with the Nokia N8 – Witchcraft? Well this is certainly magical :p

With the holiday season being so hectic, we feel more than ever that we need to be in two places at once!

Well harness the power of your Nokia N8 and create your own clone/twin!  What’s this? What’s this?

Human cloning and N8 – It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it, no? Don’t worry about ethical considerations with N8. There won’t be any Nightmares Before Christmas here, as of course this is done by the very fantastic Application called “Nokia Panorama” which is free at Ovi Store!

Not only is the panoramic software fantastic at creating practically seamless panoramas, they’re full of detail. I hope this comes out and T-Mobile has not compressed them during upload.

There’s tons more photos of twinning and some scenic pano shots below.

You don’t have to clone just one person, you can have groups! Nokia Panorama has a very effective “blurring” and “blending” system whereby it doesn’t simply stitch photos together. It adjusts brightness, exposures and blends two images together making it appear as a single, super wide shot.

Also, because unlike sweeping panoramas, you have plenty of time for your subject(s) to move around.

Note, none of my photos actually have twins in them.

You can try put your clones in creative positions. Playing foosball with each other or say guitar hero. You’ll want to avoid blurring by placing your subjects too close together or having a dirty camera lens as the flash will exaggerate blurs.

Also, try to avoid anyone coming too close to the foreground as they will act as a blending point. This would work better if your subject is greater distance from each other.

Now you can stitch as many photos as you have patience to take.  Two will do, though you have to make sure your subject is not too close to their previous position.

Another tip is to make sure the N8 is parallel to the ground as possible to minimise errors. The blending is so good that sometimes it can warp backgrounds and it’s not that noticeable.

Sometimes though it can go “wrong” and you’ll have half blurred humans. This is again, because the subjects was too close to previous positions.

But if done correctly, you can make phantom ghosts!

Now the panorama is not intended for this purpose, and as such you’ll definitely need very patient subjects as you may get errors and your panorama will not form/save. It may be related due to another problem and may not be as widespread.

With Nokia panorama, you can create views you would NEVER be able to see with the human eye. Like looking down both ends of the London Underground tube at the same time!

The more photos you stitch together, the narrower the image (to compensate the crops during realignment) but they’re still pretty large images. This is 752 pixels high (5730wide).

The blogpost has somewhat shrunk them so I advise checking the full sized pics over at the main gallery view.

Some things were meant to be taken in Pano. What – I like that swooping random ribbon :p. If you do experience more errors than usual, restart the phone.

If you’re an estate agent, this is a wonderful application as you can make tiny box rooms – or any room for that matter look HUGE! Note, indoors this app forcibly turns on flash with each pano shot (well, whenever it’s dark enough) which is not so good when you’re trying to be subtle. I guess this is to make sure exposure is much more even (given similar lighting conditions between shots).


The App is very easy to use. Apologies, I couldn’t get a screenshot of the app itself in action and cannot upload a demo video due to tmob internet.

  1. Compose your image and decide whether you’ll be moving left/right.
  2. The initial shot you need to remain steady. Press the shutter to start and wait for it to tell you you can move.
  3. As you move either left or right, you’ll see the previous image which is translucent to line up with the next shot. But that’s not what you have to worry about. All you have to do is make sure the box is green and it will tell you whether you need to move up/down/left/right. Sometimes this can get annoying as your box remains red WHATEVER you do. Hopefully this app gets some more attention and development to iron out bugs.
  4. Press the shutter again when you’re done and wait for processing. Don’t do anything else whilst this is happening. The more shots you take, the longer the processing. (Around a minute perhaps).
  5. Try to keep the camera parallel to the ground. I have not yet been able to do vertical panos (i.e. tall building pano)
  6. When taking photos of people, keep each subject within a large enough distance from next shot to avoid semi-blurred people.

Whatever your subject, the shots come out great with seamless stitching. It makes an interesting few seconds trying to find out where on earth two images join. Whether it’s a simple photo or it’s full of contrasting colours and detail.

  1. Sam
    December 23, 2010 at 11:31 am

    That is so cool! I’m gonna try that on my N8 😀

    btw…isnt that the Arndale/Manchester/University of Manchester? I’m studying there!

    • December 23, 2010 at 6:35 pm

      Yup! Tis Manchester Uni! Cool, what you studying?

  2. Dave
    December 23, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    I’ve always done things like this with Panoramas, the kids always seem to love seeing themselves in pictures, even more so when you manage to get them in the “same” picture several times!

    • December 23, 2010 at 6:40 pm

      One of my teachers from a while ago said they did this (back when they HAD to do panos to fit in the school pics). He was at one end and then at the other (he said he was one of the pupils, lol).

      It’s a really neat trick, though requires a lot of patience with this app as it can sometimes get buggy and be slow to start/take/crash prior saving. Though I’ve worked out all I need is to restart before hand. (Needs some tweaking I say).

      My friends think it’s cool because it’s straight from a phone, no photoshop and the joins are practically invisible – plus the blending of exposures makes it look like a single shot image (as opposed to other apps that might have dark/light spots dotted around).

      I love the bit where you can see the processing as it happens and somehow 3 different pics merge into one (with objects/people somehow knowingly and correctly erased from the picture).

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