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Doubting how good the camera on the N8 is?

December 20, 2010 51 comments


Following on from Jay’s post on the N8 being used to shoot the cover of Pix magazine’s Dec-Jan issue, Steve Litchfield shared a video made by a normal user like us using the N8’s camera. My initial impression was wow, followed immediately by a feeling of being duped, then amazement when I realized that this might actually be real.


Watch in HD on Vimeo for best quality, you’d being doing yourself a disservice otherwise.

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Video: Nokia N8 Replaces DSLR for Pix Magazine Dec-Jan Front Cover shoot

December 20, 2010 21 comments

So here’s the Nokia N8 again taking on some professional work: Replacing a DSLR for a magazine shoot!

There’s a 9 minute video accompanying this post that shows the entire process:

  • Initial worries about the N8 << but they go on to say it’s not the equipment, it’s the technique. But it still has to be good.
  • How to attach a screw-less Nokia N8 to a tripod?
  • Right lighting is key for ANY camera – some tips for N8 users we’ve received from the Nokia N8 Camera school
  • Helps to have a really fit model. It’s hard to take a bad photo this way 😛

Result – fear over – “they look fantastic!”amazed at the details on the lashes, “It’s a cellphone!!!!”

“The camera pulled it off”…”camera?” …”the phone pulled it off!”

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Nokia and Microsoft discussing WP7 on Nokia says Eldar

December 20, 2010 62 comments

UnwiredView reports that according to Eldar, Nokia are working on a Windows Phone 7 phone!

Nokia has always been adamant that there will only be, S40, Symbian and MeeGo. Android was not the answer. That was, as they say, “peeing in their pants to stay warm”. Temporary measure with poor long term outcome. Before I get onto Eldar…

I’ve referenced this video a few times but remember the MeeGo interview with Marko Ahtisaari. Though Android on Nokia was refused, WP7 was not so blatantly denied. WP7 was supposedly different, though too early to tell, offered an interesting pattern.

On talking about Android:

We’re interest in using platforms where we can add value and if that were the case – then. But it isn’t right now”

Android apparently doesn’t answer this. Symbian and Android apparently has the same pattern. WP7 is a different one

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Video: TracyandMatt’s unboxing and “demo” of the Nokia C7

December 20, 2010 6 comments

If anything is to be unboxed, you can rely on to do it. And here they are – well it’s neither Tracy or Matt, it’s James – unboxing the Nokia C7.

So this is more of a “mainstream” unboxing, by mainstream I mean non-Nokia specific.

As you can read from the comments, it’s gloom and doom for you according to those highly acclaimed mobile analysts lurking the YouTube comments. But the video may be a large part to play in it.

Although it’s interesting to have a newbie playing about with a phone you’re demoing, when they get lost it makes it a million times worse (as opposed to someone who’s familiar teaching you how to work it).

e.g. Taking a Macro Photo with EDoF camera = FAIL. Trying to “TOUCH FOCUS” when there’s a shutter button and a shutter touch button = FAIL. It makes it look unresponsive and poorer in performance when you’re testing for features it does not have. e.g. I’d like to do some low light LED flash tests on the iPhone 3GS.

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