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My Dream Nokia #8: Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone Slider Concept with edge to edge display

December 17, 2010 10 comments

My Dream Nokia Number 8 comes by way of Jim who found these concept MeeGo Phone Photos on the MeeGo forum. They’re designed by a guy called “SuperHero” who is an old user of Linux, the Nokia n900 and a programmer.

It is titled Nokia N9. There are no details other than what can be observed from design.

I think they look pretty slick. There are 9 images in total, one in particular showing the slide out QWERTY which is somewhat curved in action like early Xperias from Sony Ericsson though looking much nicer.

The screen seems huge, with near edge to edge, borderless display.

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Symbian Foundation websites closed

December 17, 2010 6 comments

As mentioned in Jay’s previous post in November, today marks the official close of the Symbian foundation websites. While most of our readers likely never had much experience with or exposure to these websites, they posed a major resource for a lot of curious cats like myself who wanted to keep track of progress on Symbian development as well as contribute ideas for improvements and/or features that we wanted to see in the platform. Nokia has created their own Symbian blog which in due course is expected to be populated with news etc. concerning the platform progress, releases and projects being undertaken that are related to Symbian.

However, all indications point towards a more closed system of development being undertaken.Whether this is done in a similar manner to the Google Android method where code dumps are made regularly and changes made at the whim of the company overseeing development remains to be seen. This, however, is both a positive and negative in that the closed system has somewhat less red tape and bureaucracy standing between ideas/concepts and the realization and productizing of these concepts. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of valuable community feedback and input. Simply looking at the number of great and well supported ideas that were submitted to the Symbian Ideas site (now unavailable of course) is testament to the benefit of using collective intelligence and outside ideas.



Statement by Tim Holbrow, Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation after the break:

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Nokia N8 For 399USD from Nokia US (with coupon!)

December 17, 2010 15 comments

Mark Guim reports on the lowest price Nokia N8 so far, and from Nokia themselves (not 3rd party retailer).

If you use the coupon code”noknow2010″ and you’ll get 50USD off the current 449.99 price knocking it down to $399.00. That’s around 256GBP, 301EUR, 18,138INR and 17,679PHP from direct conversion. Not sure what the price is after taxes though (if there is any?).

And shipping is free since this order is over $99.00.

Check it out yourself at Nokia USA website.  Add the Nokia N8 to your basket, type the coupon code, press apply and treat yourself or someone special to a new Nokia N8 this Christmas 😀 (oh the christmas ad speak is engrained in my memory :p)

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Video: The Sydney Parkour Association shot on the Nokia N8

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Fresh from sunny Sydney is a video from NokiaAustralia and the Sydney Parkour Association who have been filmed in action by the Nokia N8.

Parkour – or free running is when a person basically does ninja like stunts around every day environment, climbing, leaping, swinging, and other movements where any other normal person would most likely injure themselves quite severely.

Not sure what it’s for, maybe again to show case the N8. It should give some more ideas however for the N8 Productions campaign. Angles, editing techniques and subjects. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final 8 entries.

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Angry Birds News! N900 Updates, Angry Birds Seasons for Symbian and Plush Toys!

December 17, 2010 12 comments

These could have been separate posts but since it has taken me so long to get around to posting them let’s do a quick summary:

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Video: Nokia #N8Productions Entry – so slick it was aired on ESPN

December 17, 2010 2 comments

I hope you Nokia N8 users are getting your thinking caps on with your idea and entry for N8 Productions. Your imaginative 3 minute clip could win you and a friend a zero gravity flight!

@NokiaUS tweets about one such particular entry. It’s very slick indeed. So much so that it was apparently aired on ESPN! Nice.

Check it out. Yoyo tricks in the snow starring Chris Allen aka Dr. Yoyo! What other cool things could you film with the Nokia N8’s class leading 720p video recording?

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