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Nokia turning the screw: Adds 13 new patents to suits against Apple

December 16, 2010 13 comments

Well color me shocked (not) but it seems like Nokia has dug up another round of patents to assert against Apple in their ongoing patent litigation suits. Funnily enough these patents cover things that have traditionally been thought to be Apple’s backyard with on-device app stores and touch user interface and gestures being mentioned. It’s pretty obvious that Nokia is getting rather serious with this suit after having added 5 more patents in May.

Truthfully, some of the things being patented today range for silly to obscure/useless but the fact of the matter remains that if you spend time and money developing IP, you’re certainly going to want to be rewarded for doing so. A certain Stefan Constantinescu thinks it’s simply a defense mechanism by Nokia to stifle innovation by companies like Apple and Google because they can’t come up with ideas of their own.  My initial response was “LOL!!!” but for professionalism’s sake I’ll add a bit more to that. Why is it that when Apple sues a company it is protected its ideas and IP and all is well, but when Nokia or Oracle sues over things that are admittedly and rightfully theirs, they are seen as evil. Bias much?

I’ll give you that some of these patents are vague and rather useless in my humble opinion, but others patent equally mundane and silly ideas and are not nearly vilified for it.

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Gallery: Leaked Nokia X7-00 Sample Photos

December 16, 2010 14 comments

Here are some sample photos taken by the unannounced, leaked Nokia X7-00 (according to Exif data)

Now note, these photos have been reduced to 1024×768 and nor do we know if the people taking photos have been using the digital zoom in certain shots.

With that in mind, the photos look hideous (bar some exceptions which are alright). They look like something you’d expect from HTC, not Nokia. And although it’s Xseries, all of Nokia’s range are pretty OK in camera (going to the mighty levels of N8).

On the upside, this is from an unannounced, possibly non final hardware X7. Also worth noting is that when we saw some not so good camera samples from the likes of E7, some better photos are appearing.

More in Gallery

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Rumours: Nokia’s MeeGo Tablet to Launch in Q3 2011

December 16, 2010 16 comments

Nokia N900000. Had Nokia made a Maemo 5 tablet, I would have bought one. Powerful browsing, Qt apps, extreme multitasking - pure win!


Take this with a bucket of salt.

Nokia’s MeeGo tablet will be reaching Nokia fans from late 2011 according to knowyourmobile‘s anonymous source.

There are no further details, other than it’ll run on MeeGo. Their Nokia insider apparently says this information is correct. Could this be the Z500 “ARM based MeeGo Tablet” that Eldar tweeted about back in June, which later leaked itself on the Ovi Store?

Well this is the first “confirmation” of any rough date estimates for any Nokia MeeGo device. The MeeGo phone as far as we know is still pretty much a “2011” story.

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Cross Platform App, TrueCaller, Available for Symbian^3

December 16, 2010 11 comments

TrueCaller is a highly useful caller ID application that’s available on Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone. S60 users have been enjoying for this app for quite a while and now you can get it for Symbian^3 handsets. What is TrueCaller?

TrueCaller is the most used Caller ID application on the market with social media integrations and intelligent call blocking functionality against spam calls.

There are a whole host of innovative features including:

  • Caller ID and Caller ID+: Get the name, number and location of your incoming caller
  • Social Caller ID: << nice. Sometimes people inform of status whereabouts/current moods so you know if they’re available to talk and how to approach them. “e.g. chasing after the dog” might mean they’re out – (or many other better examples)
  • Update Phonebook: Updates your phonebook details that may not be filled in, e.g. address
  • Call Filter: Block Spam callers
  • Tweet Caller
  • SMS Pop Up
  • Number Search
  • Maps and Directions

More on these features below. There’s also supposedly a “Mysterious Feature” that will be unveiled in January 2011 which coincides with the 50+ improvements coming to Symbian.

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The Western blogosphere and their constant negativity concerning Nokia.

December 16, 2010 26 comments

I think all of us here have borne witness to this, major US/UK blogs and their stance towards Nokia, Symbian and anything smartphone related originating outside of the US, the exceptions being HTC and Samsung for reasons obvious to anyone with eyes. The question is why?  Why is it that Nokia get constantly lambasted for doing ANYTHING or mocked for coming to the table too late while the others are constantly praised for doing admittedly mundane things (Facetime anyone?) . This post/rant is intended to look at common criticisms leveled at Nokia and by proxy, Symbian, each of which will be evaluated as best as possible by yours truly. Let’s get started then!

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