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Dual Core Symbian Phones with revamped UI and “True Zoom” for 2011 (and Nokia E7 release )

Engadget reports that Nokia will be shipping Dual Core Symbian Devices next year with a revamped UI.

Well, Symbian has always been open about its roadmap. Back in February this year they mentioned this in exact detail (when they were still Symbian Foundation and Symbian^N was still the norm). Now Nokia has taken Symbian development back and Symbian will no longer have ^N nomenclature, just Symbian as we have confirmations that Symbian^3 devices will be getting the much awaited new enhancements meant for Symbian^4.

Today however in a presentation in Beijing, Gunther Kottzieper from Nokia gave some slides incidating Nokia Symbian 2011 focus areas including

  • Q1 Symbian update will include over 50 features << new browser, new keyboard, draggable homescreen and more. Preview video of which was taken down by Nokia due to “copyright infringement”. boo.
  • New look and feel UI in 2nd and 3rd quarter. Aka July and October 2011.
  • updateable HTML5 browser (<< this better be as good as MicroB, dammit!)
  • Easier software update experience
  • 1GHz devices with more graphics memory in 2nd/3rd quarter
  • Dual core phones
  • True Zoom camera (is this a fancy term for their awesome digital zoom or optical zoom?)

What I’m sure we’d all love from 2011 Nokia announcement side is NO BLOODY LATE DELIVERY. Announce, deliver. Delay should never be something associated with Nokia product line ups for 2011!

Source: Engadget

Cheers Adnan. BTW, Nokia E7 is also apparently delayed for “early” 2011. So it seems Three wasn’t just delivering E7 late then and that there will be no other channels bringing it early.

Damn you Nokia. In what world does December 2010 mean Early 2011?

“To ensure best possible user experience on the Nokia E7, we have decided to begin shipping it in early 2011”

What a piss poor delay. I’m sorry, but N8 has been delayed for so long. Symbian^3 experience should be identical for E7 bar the keyboard. Are they trying to tie in the new firmware release for N8 with the E7? Bah. That’s still annoying. Which is why I repeat my rant statement that in 2011 there should be no damn delays from Nokia! Come on Mr Elop, whip their asses into shape! Take a leaf out of Apple’s book and release devices soon after announcement – if not, twist words around so instead of

“Nokia E7 delayed”

we have

“Nokia E7 has brand new release date!”.:p

Whilst we’re here, please don’t feck up MeeGo. I think 2011 is the last and final straw otherwise I’ll be getting an iPhone in 2012 :p Ha the world will have to end first.

  1. Joker
    December 15, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    @Alex68, The N9 will harmattan or has been deleted and will have the real Meego?

  2. Syd
    December 15, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    cartoony UI, maybe like this?

    • Hary
      December 15, 2010 at 9:12 pm

      This is already present in current S^3 phones.

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