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Dual Core Symbian Phones with revamped UI and “True Zoom” for 2011 (and Nokia E7 release )

December 14, 2010 74 comments

Engadget reports that Nokia will be shipping Dual Core Symbian Devices next year with a revamped UI.

Well, Symbian has always been open about its roadmap. Back in February this year they mentioned this in exact detail (when they were still Symbian Foundation and Symbian^N was still the norm). Now Nokia has taken Symbian development back and Symbian will no longer have ^N nomenclature, just Symbian as we have confirmations that Symbian^3 devices will be getting the much awaited new enhancements meant for Symbian^4.

Today however in a presentation in Beijing, Gunther Kottzieper from Nokia gave some slides incidating Nokia Symbian 2011 focus areas including

  • Q1 Symbian update will include over 50 features << new browser, new keyboard, draggable homescreen Read more…

Nokia Bots from Beta Labs now available for Symbian^3

December 14, 2010 2 comments
Bot list on N8. You add them as widgets which can then actively “learn” your preferences. Which contacts, short cuts, and general usage stuff like battery/calendar

Nokia Bots – I enjoyed this app on my N97. Now it’s available for Symbian^3 users.

For S60 5th users, it’s also received an update:

  • some performance updates
  • bug corrections

Bots is a little bit like an artificial intelligence app which monitors your usage, so can adapt phone behaviour to anticipate future action. This is a little bit like the “magical” Nokia Situations experimental app, but this one should be more intuitive and automatic. A combination of both providing some sort of sixth sense intuition might become part of the MeeGo experience, as hinted by Marko Ahtisaari.

There are five bots in total. A video is included below to demo them.

Download from Nokia Beta Labs

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Faenil’s custom Nokia N8 Roms, H2O, 288kbps audio with 30FPS 720p video, 5h 256kbps audio recording (and more)

December 14, 2010 15 comments

In the i8910 now N8 custom ROM scene, those aware of HyperX may also be aware of the “rivalry” with equally cool guy known as faenil.

He’s contacted us to share his own custom firmware for the Nokia N8 which as well as bringing

  • 30FPS 720 video also delivers
  • lagless recording
  • Raise in audio quality from 128Kbps to 288kbps
  • Picture quality set to 95 instead of 85 (photos will be bigger in size and more definite)

And this is just in the camera hack alone. In the rest of the firmware, mods include:

  • You can now use the dialer in LANDSCAPE
  • MediaPlayer’s percentage of max volume raised from 40% to 60%
  • Voice Recorder Read more…

Nokia NAVTEQ buys Reach Unlimited, acquires crowdsourcing “TRAPSTER” (and other apps)

December 14, 2010 5 comments

You may have heard the snippet from Reuters about Nokia NAVTEQ acquiring Trapser. Trapster is a cross platform app that enables crowd sourcing, allowing it’s current 9.4 million users to share traffic/speed trap cameras/road hazards data. Currently, over 3.5 Million traps have been reported.

According to Autoblog, five companies were interested in acquiring Trapster, resulting in a bidding war amongst the top three. Well we know how that ended.

If you’re a Trapster user, your service apparently should remain. But for users of NAVTEQ products (e.g. Ovi Maps) expect integration of traffic, road hazard and police data stands to increase.

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Update: Nokia N8 Ovi Store Revival – method 2 – (lost Ovi Store after hard reset)

December 14, 2010 9 comments

Following on from this first post on restoring Ovi Store, if that didn’t work we now have a new technique from XLeoVengences for you to try (at your own risk of course. It would be best to make a trip down to Nokia Care centre – note that a Hard Reset is NOT a user approved action, though we have been using it since forever on Nokia Symbian phones).

This method involves flashing your N8. Video tutorial instructions are included.

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Video: Nokia Wellness Diary Promo video

December 14, 2010 1 comment

Remember wellness diary from Betalabs? It now has a cool promo video from the NokiaConversations channel.

Want to lose weight, eat smart, exercise more or change our habits for better balance? Erm, yes please.

Wellness diary makes it easy to set goals, monitor progress and if you wish share achievements with others.

Improve your health and wellness every day. With Wellness Diary on your phone you’ll be able to change your lifestyle for the better. Self-monitoring is proven to be extremely effective in lifestyle changes. Wellness Diary makes monitoring of your day-to-day wellness almost effortless, helping you to build healthy habits into your daily routine.

Download from Nokia Beta Labs

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Nokia’s Smartphone Strategy in the right direction? – Intellectual exchange between Robert Scoble and Tomi Ahonen

December 14, 2010 25 comments

If you’re not familiar with the name Tomi Ahonen then you should be. Calling Tomi simply one of the best mobile industry analysts would not do him justice and is one of the rare few to see the light at the frequently mentioned “doomed” Nokia tunnel.

In this still major transition stage at Espoo, it is difficult to see for anyone with out heaps of patience for Nokia to see where they’re going. For a company so passionate in connecting people, they are possibly the worst at communicating their strengths and strategies with the public. The latter I can only fathom is Nokia’s over secrecy.

Today, Tomi Ahonen wrote an epic piece of what could deservedly be several chapters in one of his books, which I had planned on summarising. Basically, Tomi reckons Nokia has the best strategy migrating dumbphones to smartphones and why they need to stick with Symbian and MeeGo. He goes on to dispel the misconceptions about Nokia, and the portrayal of this “dying and loosing” behemoth that’s outperforming its adjacent competitors COMBINED.

Everyone loves to see the top guy knocked off their perch. It’s always awesome to read the next “Nokia is doomed article, Nokia should go Android…blah blah blah”. Any time there’s negative news on Nokia it’s a celebration. Some even going as far as to skew poll results (i.e. Android “overtaking” Symbian in Asia where CHINA and INDIA and several other countries are not included. I don’t even want to begin pointing out where that’s just wrong).

Anyway, you can read this for yourself – bear in mind it is quite long and there’s a little more to this story than this first link.

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