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Maemo 5 TwimGo twitter client coming soon to Symbian^3 (Awaiting Ovi Store approval)

December 13, 2010 5 comments

If you’re a Nokia N900 user, you might have downloaded TwimGo – a rare twitter client for Maemo 5.

It’s made it’s way onto Symbian and creator Tommi Laukkanen has submitted it to the Ovi Store.

It’s not yet in Qt Format (N900 version was in Qt Web Run Time) but Tommi Laukkanen says the next major revision will be.

It looks very thumb friendly in portrait. I wonder if it will sport the same double column as seen in the Maemo 5 version when in landscape. I’ll certainly be looking forward to giving it a go. It still only has Trill and mighty Gravity to live up to.

A video of the Alpha 3 Maemo 5 version is included below

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Beta Labs updates Soundtrckr – (Internet Radio similar to Pandora) – now compatible with S60 5th

December 13, 2010 6 comments

At the start of the month, we heard about a new app in Beta Labs called SoundTrckr – an internet radio streaming app with access to over 8million fully licensed songs.

Nokia Beta Labs have released some new updates including:

  • Extended compatibility to S60 5th edition devices running on Java 2.1 beta available on Nokia Beta Labs
  • Enabled persistent connection with Twitter (Users do not need to log-in on twitter each time they exit and re-enter the app)
  • Enabled user profile photo upload from locally stored photos
  • Added exit button on settings page
  • Bug fixes for stability and performance

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Transfer files between Symbian^3 and Mac/Windows/Linux computer over WiFi with Dukto. Free at Ovi Store

December 13, 2010 8 comments

Cheers Duncan for this tip. It’s a nice simple QT app that let’s you transfer files over WiFi between your Symbian^3 handset (Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and future E7 and X7) and a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Price: It’s free from Ovi Store.

In the description it says:

“Dukto is a simple application to send and receive files, folders or text snippets from any Windows, Macintosh and Linux PC or device in your local network thorugh a WiFi connection. Simply start the application and select what to transfer. It doesn’t requires any installation on your PC or any Internet connection. Dukto is distributed free and open source.”

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