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Video: Poodle Loop with the New Nokia Music Loop App (Must have app! So much fun – get from the Ovi Store today)

December 9, 2010 17 comments

On Monday there was supposed to be an all day event in London for the Nokia Loop App. That’s been postponed to January due to travelling difficulties.

On the upside, we still get a chance to see the Loop app in action! And you can download and give it a go yourself!

Record your voice. Record the dog. Record your friends on the bus. With Loop, you can turn anything into music. Pre-programmed with 9 baselines to get you started, recording your own music couldn ’t be easier. Available free to Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 owners.

This video shows the app in action! It’s from the official nokia YouTube channel goes live to the public tomorrow and won’t be listed for public viewing till then.

Have you ever seen beatboxers or other musicians on their own, live on stage create a whole band? Some form of looping is used. Here you can give that experience a go!

I’ve just had a go and it’s so fun! hahaha. And so easy to use 😀

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Nokia Releases Push API for Qt Environment

December 9, 2010 16 comments

Juha Turunen emailed us to share info on the new Push Notifications API released by Nokia which is supported by the Qt Environment (For Symbian AND MeeGo).

This means that from now on apps can receive notifications from the network eventhough they’re not running. This above other things saves on system resources and battery life, since the app isn’t in the background and it isn’t trying to pull data (something somewhat Nokia Messaging does).

Notifications can also be shown on the device homescreen and will be useful for tons of applications not just for email. e.g. real time twitter/facebook notifications without background apps like gravity or the trill having to reload.

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Nokia’s MeeGo to have new UI Paradigm, break away from traditional like WP7; MeeGo will ship only when it is ready and AMAZING!

December 9, 2010 20 comments

Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia SVP design speaks at Le Web conference about the new Nokia MeeGo UI. There’s also a Q&A and a little post interview video. In the Q&A when asked about when, and if better than iPhone, Marko says 2011, only when MeeGo and this supposed new paradigm or “pattern” in the UI is AMAZING! I’m so happy to hear that. I’ve maintained that unless MeeGo is remarkable/awesome it is fail. It can’t just be a catch up (which Marko talks about). Bring something new and innovate.

There’s a little bit of a transcript for the first video and a lot more for the second video which tells us a lot more about what’s coming in MeeGo and the general mobile environment, discussing WP7, iPhone and the Cupertino Distortion Field and Android. There’s the usual Nokia Android question which is not bluntly denied, opening the question (to me anyway) about WP7 on Nokia. We’ve already got a Nokia powered windows machine with Booklet 3G.

This is quite a long post but there’s quite a few nuggets of MeeGo info to digest. Read more…

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Incredible! Nokia N8 and USB bar code reader!

December 9, 2010 22 comments

When I received this email about the Nokia N8 and barcodes I thought, “interesting – a new barcode reader app? I did just install one the other day, I wonder if it’s the same…is my pizza burning?” when the pictures loaded…

Holy crap it’s an actual checkout style barcode scanner! How awesome is that?!

According to Janne (thanks for the heads up to

Bog standard software, nothing extra installed. USB barcode readers work like USB keyboards. N8 powered the device fine too.

The barcode reader is a Marson MT6015.

What things have you attached to the USB? More pictures in the gallery below!

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Nokia E7 on for 679 USD

December 9, 2010 9 comments

Sanders emailed us at to share that the Nokia E7 has been listed on

Unfortunately it is “Temporarily out of stock” i.e. not available for sale yet but should be within this month according to Nokia.

It’s listed at a somewhat steep 679USD though hopefully that won’t be the actual price on sale.

Three UK have announced they’re picking up the E7 (more networks and outlets to come mind!) and will deliver it early 2011.

Check it out

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Video: Nokia Ovi Store Ad/demo from Nokia Israel

December 9, 2010 2 comments

Here’s an advert/video demo for Nokia’s Ovi Store from Nokia Israel.

It’s in Hebrew which I don’t understand but the translation of the description is as follows:

Let’s see how you download applications from Ovi Store to your Nokia device.
Ovi Store.

Ovi Store is Nokia’s apps store offering you thousands of applications, content and games to your Nokia device.

Video explanation before you will explain to you how to download applications for your Nokia easily.

Interesting that they choose a Nokia N86.

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Video: Nokia E5-00 advert from Nokia India

December 9, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a TV Advert from Nokia India for the Nokia E5.

It’s about being connected where-ever, no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

I hope we don’t see the last of these portrait QWERTY candybar phones. I’d love something like the E5x MeeGo concept.

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