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Video: Nokia N8 running new OVI Maps 3.06 (pinch to zoom, public transit line layer, better search and more!)

December 5, 2010 11 comments

On Friday, Llaadd gave us an overview of the new changes in Ovi Maps 3.06.

Here TheRacerex has a video demonstrating the major changes on the Nokia N8

  • Pinch to zoom (in map and 3d mode) for S^3
  • Layer maps for public transit lines
  • Smart search – gives you a “did you mean” suggestion if you mistype a place name
  • Search as you type
  • Not shown in video but a great addition of new Ovi Maps is you can download all maps directly from your phone without the need for the PC. Find some WiFi, easy peasy.

There’s many more improvements and you can read that in llaadd’s post.

Download from

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Video: TRON: Legacy Nokia N8 Ad projection on Nokia Theatre

December 5, 2010 2 comments

As Nokia adverts go, this has to be one of my favourites. This was projected outside the Nokia Theatre (often accused of NOT doing enough to promote Nokia things of televised events that happen inside this theatre).

It’s a Nokia N8 TRON:Legacy advert. What I like is that there’s a screen but then the projection extends around like it’s somehow come alive and out of the screen (not sure if that was intended or just fortuitous). The advert itself is really quite something, making the N8 look awesome.

Now if only Nokia could realise things like this at the time of N95. Ads that aren’t obscure or arty-farty but point out the OBVIOUS. Ilari Numari, (Nokia Eseries VP) told me this is something they’ve been made aware of and are looking into it.

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Video: Qt Quick/QML MultiLayer Parallax Desktop UI on MeeGo

December 5, 2010 7 comments

Remember the “bubbles” UI on MeeGo where (amongst many things) items on the desktop can be moved in foreground or to the background?

Here’s something that goes a little further in that it adds layers of desktops on the panoramic desktop. All are visible on top of each other. Apparently this was all done in a couple of weeks. Cheers Jim for the heads up!

Check out the video to see the app launcher and task switcher

We have started to new demo concept called Multilayer Parallax Desktop. In this video you can see the first version which our developers have built less than in two weeks with Qt Quick/QML.

The idea is to have several layers on top of desktop and you can navigate between layers.

Each layer can contain desktop widgets so for example you can use layers to categorize similar kind of widgets to the same layer, if you want.

Parallax Layer Desktop also provides Read more…

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