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Video: Stay in the Loop – with the Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-5

December 3, 2010 1 comment

I love this video from Nokia Conversations. It shows Nokia’s commitment and passion to connect all people.

In recognition of the annual United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities we have this lovely video about a Nokia Accessory called Wireless Loopset (LPS 5) for people with hearing difficulties.

It helps those in particular with hearing aids and cochlear implants to use mobile phones.

NokiaUser’s very own Micky Fin has noted that he’s started wearing a hearing aid and a similar solution he’s found at the hospital is at least twice as much in price as the LPS-5. (112GBP).

The LPS-5 has an additional feature in vibrating to signal where your phone is as well as filtering out background noise.

In the video below you’ll meet Katya Vis who has been using the Loopset for about a year.

She notes that the loopset has improved her self-confidence.  Being able to phone has made her life so much better and easier as she doesn’t need to travel to that person to explain herself properly.

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720p Video Samples: Nokia N8 vs Nokia C6-01 vs HTC Trophy 7, HTC HD 7, LG Optimus E900, Samsung Wave 8500, 8530, Galaxy S and SE X10

December 3, 2010 6 comments

gsmarena07 have upload a bunch of short 720p video samples from the Nokia N8, C6-01, HTC Trophy 7, HTC HD 7, LG Optimus E900, Samsung Wave 8500, Samsung Wave 8530 and Sony Ericsson Experia X10

Make sure you click on 720p. The videos are initially in good lighting and then that main lighting is switched off.

The C6-01 does surprisingly well. The likes of the Optimus E900 and offerings from HTC were rather pathetic.

N8 where I’ve chosen to focus the crops on is a touch blurry, possibly the subject is too close?

Check out the marked differences when one of the lighting is turned off.

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Video: Nokia N8 Viral – Inception Sketching and Remote Control Cars (with C7 filming) Nokia China

December 3, 2010 9 comments

Here’s a couple of great videos to start your Friday Feeling! It’s the Nokia N8 controlling remote control cars.

There are two of them in a race around the office that’s been transformed into an incredible custom build racetrack!

One of the N8’s even has a Nokia C7 attached filming the action!

The second is a Viral related to the film Inception.

As you can see there’s a Nokia N8 and a guy sketching on it (presumably with a capacitive stylus) and projecting his drawing over a projector.

I want that app and Capacitive Stylus! I miss being able to draw like on the N900

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Intel Atom MeeGo Phone (and Tablet) Spotted! (Also N9 to come in keyboard and keyboardless variants? N9-00 and N9-01?)

December 3, 2010 10 comments

Check it out! It’s a MeeGo phone – an Intel Atom powered MeeGo phone spotted in Russia from unknown “Hi/Lo Vibrant”.

This is the second(?) Intel MeeGo phone that’s graced my eyes, the first being from Aava Mobile with Moorsetown. The early N9 leaked proto photos as far as we know are ARM based though it is known that Nokia will make Intel based MeeGo devices too.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Nokia N9 apparently there is more than one Nokia MeeGo phone (Cheers Adnan for the heads up!). Over at Mobile Review Forum:

dsmobile, a reliable source mentions: I have seen 1 more phone with Meego. Damn I sure love that design may be even so much that I need to skip HW qwerty

When asked by Cod3rror :So they are preparing another device Meego with qwerty physics beyond N9?

dsmobile replies: hardware qwerty slider models never sell as good as candybar touch phones. Nokia needs to bring both models running with Meego if they want sell Meego OS. I am pretty sure both models will come on stores about same time.

Keyboard and keyboardless N9? A bit like the N8 and E7. Will keyboardless N9 get a super camera? At least xenon? Or just be slim to attract masses? For goodness sake please let us NOT have EDoF ever in Nseries.

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Maps Update (3.06) via Nokia Beta Labs

December 3, 2010 16 comments

The latest update from the people over at Nokia Beta Labs is a new version of Ovi Maps with some exciting new features including pinch to zoom like we had seen in one of those N8 demo’s before the phone came out, and improved maps. A full list is below and it’s some exciting stuff, don’t forget you don’t pay a penny for all this so enjoy.

Note: This is still in beta so don’t expect it to be perfect, it may have a couple of bugs, but if you find one, help the people over at beta labs and let them know so they can be resolved!

More info and download:

What’s different from the previous release (v3.04)?

We have made a few major improvements to Ovi Maps in this release. These include: Read more…

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