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Video: Nokia N8 and TRON:Legacy Trivia Game Preview (available at Ovi Store!)

November 30, 2010 11 comments

Very new and hot off the Ovi Store shelves is the TRON: Legacy Trivia Game. Get it now as it’s FREE, FREE, FREE!

It’s a really well made game – slick interface that includes a host of media including a TRON trailer, videos, ringtones and really neat screensavers.

The game is a trivia puzzle based game which requires some knowledge of the film itself.

I’ve included a few screenshots and a preview video. Apologies for the state of the video, I’ve only realised after recording that the N8’s AMOLED was too bright for the camera and hence colours were off. After moving it to half colours were fine but could not record as the main screen for the game had changed irriversably (after unlocking – you’ll see). Sorry also for the harsh audio.

Anyways…preview video and screenshots!

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Video: Nokia E7 and HDMI-out to 110 inch screen

November 30, 2010 19 comments

Like the Nokia N8, the Nokia E7 has a HDMI out. Connect up your E7 and you can show whatever is on the E7’s screen on the bigger TV or projector screen. Oddly not all phones can do this. Some can just show media if any. Nokia’s TV out gives you a portable PC like experience of hooking up to a “monitor”, whether it be the browser, the menu, music player, photos or video player.

Watching movies is particularly great since you’ve got 720p playback with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. With the USB to Go feature, you can connect a hard drive full of media to be played back via the E7.

Here in this video you can see the E7 playing nicely with a 1080p projector over HDMI out. The projector screen here is 110 inches! That’s massive! Not as big as the record breaking N8 movie screen but more than enough for a home theatre. Dang 42″ is good enough, no? :p The video is in 1080p which better shows off the clarity of HDMI out.

Lastly, don’t forget that if your screen doesn’t have HDMI connection you have the 3.5mm TV-out. As seen in the C7, even though it lacks HDMI out, near HD quality can still be output (very high quality analogue signal).

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