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Gallery: Own Voice Available for Nokia N8’s Ovi Maps voice nagivation on Ovi Store (and neat web version for own voice)

@OviByNokia tweeted that Own Voice service is available for the Nokia N8. (Is it available for other S^3 handsets too?)

This allows you to record your own or friends/loved one’s voices for use in Sat Nav Ovi Maps navigation.

There’s an app version that you can download from Ovi Store or you can try the Web version which I had no idea about until today.

You can also download voices from other users who have submitted their own voice online (and you can do the same!).

Note – even though the recording is from a phone, Nokia’s expertise with audio recording means crystal clear playback. Can’t say the same if you use the web version and a pc microphone.

If you’ve got the older version, you might want to check out the new Own Voice as there are some great improvements.

“In the updated version of Own Voice for Ovi Maps– with even better voice handling, Web recording, co-creation on Facebook and advanced sharing features, it is even more fun to create your own drive guidance instructions and invite your friends and family to join in! NOTE: This app needs the latest version of Ovi Maps, activated in online mode.”

Own Voice Phone Version (on Nokia N8)

http://store.ovi.com/content/58042 << download link.

At the start screen you can choose to make a new voice pack or browse the community’s voice packs to download one.

Initially you’ll be asked to record in Miles or Kilometres (so it’ll know whether to use Imperial or Metric phrases)

And then just record away

Alternatively you can browse

You can play back a preview. Sometimes people recording in an accent oddly record in their normal voice so you can’t really tell what the pack will sound like. Most of the time though the previews are correct.

If you find a voice pack that you like click the download.It would help if you have WiFi/3G

Once downloaded go to Ovi Maps. Choose Settings>Navigation>Drive.

Find “Own Voice” in the list and download.


Own Voice Web Version:

Pretty cool. You’ll need to sign up for an own voice account (ovi/nokia accounts strangely don’t work).


Unfortunately it won’t work for me

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