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Video: Nokia N8 cameo in TRON: Legacy – Win exclusive tickets to Première in London and Hollywood!

What is this thing attached to the HDMI port of N8 and where can I get one? Portable projector :p (hey Pico folks, where's the projector you said you were sending?)


As you know, Nokia have been promoting the heck out of TRON since the days of preproduction Nokia N8’s and video playback/HDMI demoes. What trailers did we see? Well the big, much anticipated, Hollywood Holiday blockbuster – TRON: Legacy –  the SEQUEL by Disney of the original TRON in 1982. Release date: 17th December 2010.  Just yesterday we also saw this strong TRON branding and association in Canadian Rogers’ HD campaign for the Nokia N8.

This trailer appeared after you guys managed to fix Encom’s attack and take over of Nokia Nseries Blog this Thursday :p . Well check out what technological marvel appears in this film.It’s the Nokia N8! You can watch it in the trailer included in this post.

Click to see the rest of the post to get Tron content from Ovi Store as well as how to win a pair of exlusive tickets for you and a friend to the TRON:Legacy Première in London AND Hollywood!

Trailer in 1080p. Watch out for the N8 😀

Great product placement! I loved it when the 5800 became the Batman/Bruce Wayne phone.

Get TRON Content from Ovi Store: CLICK

Hopefully there’s a TRON game there soon like the one seen in N900.

Win tickets to the elusive London and Hollywood Premiere of TRON: Legacy.

Fancy winning? Well, pay attention, ‘cos here’s how. At the bottom of this post there’s an image, and we’ve hidden three more images, randomly, in some of our stories from the past week, all you need to do is find them. In the right order, these four images spell out a word that you need to piece together. Once you’ve found all four, email Conversations@Nokia.com with the completed word, along with the URL where each image came from. Don’t forget to tell us your preference of premiere, LA or London. The two winners will be the first ones to email the correct answer. Happy hunting and good luck.”

Nokia Conversations

Nseries Blog via TheNokiaBlog

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  1. ThisGuy
    November 28, 2010 at 10:19 am

    ok, does anyone know how I can get the Tron trailer back on my N8 after doing a hard reset? I lost a bunch of widgets and wallpapers because of the hard reset. I have managed to get some of the stuff back by going through all the forums, but Im still missing E! entertainment widget, Paramount Pictures widget, and most of all The Tron Trailer….if anyone knows how to get these items back on the N8, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

  1. November 28, 2010 at 10:01 am

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