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DEAL OF THE DAY: New Nokia N8 Unlocked for $429 (USD) at Amazon! (275GBP!)

November 28, 2010 37 comments

More Tron Love.

So, following on from the Nokia N8 deals seen in Andre’s post, we have here an unlocked Nokia N8 for $429 (USD). YES, $429. Undercutting the previous awesome Dell offer (449.00) for the green N8.

This comes with free shipping. I’m not sure about taxes but I’m told there isn’t any. But if there was, it would still be cheaper than direct from Nokia.

Black (they say Gray) and Silver N8  Read more…

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Video: Nokia N8 cameo in TRON: Legacy – Win exclusive tickets to Première in London and Hollywood!

November 28, 2010 2 comments

What is this thing attached to the HDMI port of N8 and where can I get one? Portable projector :p (hey Pico folks, where's the projector you said you were sending?)


As you know, Nokia have been promoting the heck out of TRON since the days of preproduction Nokia N8’s and video playback/HDMI demoes. What trailers did we see? Well the big, much anticipated, Hollywood Holiday blockbuster – TRON: Legacy –  the SEQUEL by Disney of the original TRON in 1982. Release date: 17th December 2010.  Just yesterday we also saw this strong TRON branding and association in Canadian Rogers’ HD campaign for the Nokia N8.

This trailer appeared after you guys managed to fix Encom’s attack and take over of Nokia Nseries Blog this Thursday :p . Well check out what technological marvel appears in this film.It’s the Nokia N8! You can watch it in the trailer included in this post.

Click to see the rest of the post to get Tron content from Ovi Store as well as how to win a pair of exlusive tickets for you and a friend to the TRON:Legacy Première in London AND Hollywood!

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Connectivity Analyzer from Nokia Beta Labs!

November 28, 2010 7 comments

Hey all, it’s been a while since i’v properly blogged on “My Nokia Blog” but as I no longer have time to post as much as i’d like to on my own, I thought Jay wouldn’t mind me posting here!

One of the recent creations from the people over at Nokia Beta Labs yet again helps us to solve an issue that I’m sure we have all had at one point or another…”Why won’t my phone connect….AAAGGGHHHH”.

“Connectivity Analyzer” from Nokia Beta Labs does exactly what it says on the tin, it tries to figure out well (or not so well) your phone connects to either a Wireless LAN in your home or somewhere else, or Packet Data connections through the mobile network of your choice.

Here is what the developers have to say about it:

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