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1000Heads wins prestigious WOMMY award for #NokiaNav – Congrats @WOMWorldNokia

Some of the 1000heads/WOM crew: Katie, Simon, Frank and Joel - these guys are awesome! You know you just need to be awesome to work at 1000heads right? It's part of the skills requirements and job description!

1000heads – the guys and gals behind WOMWorld/Nokia have won a prestigious WOMMY award for their #NokiaNav Campaign. Since 2006, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has recognized the people, agencies, and brands behind the most remarkable word of mouth marketing campaigns.

“The WOMMYs are the most prestigious and rigorous awards in the word of mouth industry, and we are delighted that we’ve been acknowledged for “Best strategic thinking to measure the impact/success of WOM”. With #NokiaNav,we focused on understanding, measuring and shifting the sentiment of conversation around Nokia’s accessories and navigation tools. We believe that this approach, which moves beyond reach to the context and meaning of word of mouth, is essential in creating truly effective campaigns.”

Congrats WOMWorld and 1000heads! They are the reason I started blogging (because of their support I spoke too much about Nokia stuff and needed my own place to go Nokia crazy – hence – mynokiablog.com). They’ve been behind nearly all of the memorable Nokia events as well as supporting bloggers (and other online folk) around the world with Nokia trial devices.

The #NokiaNav Campaign:

Showcasing the CK-200 car kit and Ovi Maps Navigation with sports cars. Oh yeah!

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