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Black Friday deal for the Nokia N8

November 27, 2010 7 comments

This Friday marks, for many people living in the US, the beginning of the holiday shopping season. As is customary, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday known as Black Friday is a day when stores around the US offer huge deals on most of the products in their stores and Nokia USA is no exception. From Friday through til Monday, Nokia is offering reduced prices on all of their devices and even greater savings on accessories.   Read on for the highlight of this weekend’s sale. Read more…

1000Heads wins prestigious WOMMY award for #NokiaNav – Congrats @WOMWorldNokia

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Some of the 1000heads/WOM crew: Katie, Simon, Frank and Joel - these guys are awesome! You know you just need to be awesome to work at 1000heads right? It's part of the skills requirements and job description!

1000heads – the guys and gals behind WOMWorld/Nokia have won a prestigious WOMMY award for their #NokiaNav Campaign. Since 2006, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has recognized the people, agencies, and brands behind the most remarkable word of mouth marketing campaigns.

“The WOMMYs are the most prestigious and rigorous awards in the word of mouth industry, and we are delighted that we’ve been acknowledged for “Best strategic thinking to measure the impact/success of WOM”. With #NokiaNav,we focused on understanding, measuring and shifting the sentiment of conversation around Nokia’s accessories and navigation tools. We believe that this approach, which moves beyond reach to the context and meaning of word of mouth, is essential in creating truly effective campaigns.”

Congrats WOMWorld and 1000heads! They are the reason I started blogging (because of their support I spoke too much about Nokia stuff and needed my own place to go Nokia crazy – hence – They’ve been behind nearly all of the memorable Nokia events as well as supporting bloggers (and other online folk) around the world with Nokia trial devices.

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Symbian Foundation Websites shutting down on 17th December as Symbian Becomes Closed Source

November 27, 2010 15 comments

With Symbian coming back under the full control of Nokia, the following Symbian websites are expected to shut down from 17th December 2010.

Everything is still available (see so if you have to download platform source codes they are available now. Afterwards, Symbian says, “We are working hard to make sure that most of the content accessible through web services” though they will NOT be hosting this source.

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Video: Nokia Situations from BetaLabs – intuitive time, location and network based profile/theme (and more) changer (Demoed on Nokia N8)

November 27, 2010 12 comments

Nokia Situations is a new applications from betalabs that allows your device to act in different situations (based on time, location and connectivity)

I have wanted this application since I tried something similar on my 7610 where based on locations, it could per say change profile. The 7610 for those who remember did NOT have GPS, it used cell towers to guess your locations. This is just the beginning.

Imagine something that would know you’re at work: Your profile would change perhaps to silent, themes would change to something more professional looking, network might switch to 2G permanently to save battery, your homescreen will be the “work” homescreen for email/messages and other homescreen widgets.

What’s cool is that this app can already set you to power saver mode, and also can change your Wallpaper and themes as well as open up a bookmark or app at a particular time. Only setting a default homescreen by situation is needed.

Now remember the Nokia Bots application that learns how you use your phone, changes profiles and homescreen shortcuts as you use them? Picture this with social context and the potential of a very intuitive phone that doesn’t require YOU to switch profiles or swipe to a particular homescreen. It knows pretty much what you’ll be thinking, what you’d need. Like a psychic P.A. – the 6th Sense phone (no not seeing dead people) with growing intelligence and intuition.

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Rogers Canada Nokia N8 HD Campaign – What’s the point of watching if it’s not in HD?

November 27, 2010 4 comments

Canadian mobile carrier, Rogers has a new campaign to push their HD smartphone line up. “This Holiday, it’s gotta be HD or NOTHING!” and that “everything looks better on HD devices”. Hmm…what is their criteria for HD?

Check out the Nokia N8 that a while ago now was leaked to be coming to Rogers. Later we had confirmation that it was available on order though we had problems clicking to the order page. This one thankfully seems to work. (See screenshots).

You’ve got the introductory HD pages which one particular phone is chosen. N8 is given the “HD Viewing experience” watch and create your own movies – understandably with HDMI and actual movies having been made with the N8’s camera. Then you’ve got individual pages for each smartphone’s details.

Also worth checking is that TRON branding that runs throughout this Rogers advert for the N8. According to Alex68 Nokia’s made an exclusive deal with Tron (Disney) and there’s a lot of content coming to Ovi Store. See that all the other phones don’t show tron but YouTube or Game play (Even on their dedicated pages).

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