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Leak: Nokia X7 Leak – The Nokia Orion concept come true?

November 26, 2010 53 comments

Back in February, Nokia Conversations covered a post about a concept phone that folks wished Nokia Made.

It was called the Nokia Orion and resembled a gameboy advance esque (now N8 esque) tapered edges. It’s a little more streamlined than the orion with totally flat seamless front unlike the N8 and E7 with bezels and plastic tips for reception. (This bodes well for the very sleak Community concept, Nokia U, no? :D)

Well behold what is supposedly the leaked Nokia X7. It’s Symbian^3 based candy bar touch screen. Check it out above playing NFS shift, as well as screens and a video below showing X7 with S^3 (but with 4 homescreens. This would be nice especially with the upcoming draggable homescreen)

We’ll update as soon as we find out on tech specs. Most likely it should have the same innards (CPU/GPU/RAM) as the other S^3 handsets.

Alex68 says:

This likely the ATT phone for the USA market.

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Video: The very light (93g) Nokia C5-03 touch hands on review

November 26, 2010 18 comments

Here’s a hands on video review of the New Symbian^1 (YEAH that’s right. S60 5th) touch phone, the Nokia C5-03. This is the newer touch version (3.2″), NOT the candy bar keypad version.  It’s very, very light at 93g. Check out full specs here.

The review is in Romanian, but even if you don’t speak the language, you can take a look at the hands on side of it. There’s a second video from Nokia Conversations included to give a general overview of features if you haven’t seen it already.

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Videos: MeeGo Adverts at Aviva Stadium Ireland vs Norway match

November 26, 2010 1 comment

This year’s first ever MeeGo Conference was held at Aviva Stadium. At the end of the conference, everyone was invited to watch the Ireland Vs Norway football match. During the game, MeeGo adverts was shown – possibly the first time ever to be seen by such a great number of the public.

Adverts were seen around the pitch and on the big screen. “MeeGo – Software for Mobile Devices”

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