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Videos: Qt-based homescreen on Symbian

November 25, 2010 16 comments

Now we’ve seen 5800 “hacks” where Symbian has been modified to have different UI, e.g. HTC Sense, Windows XP, Maemo 5 etc (using GDesk). Here are some Qt based UI modifications that Jim has come across. You may have seen them before (they are dated Feb/March of this year) but they’re still pretty cool.

There are three videos. A couple show a similar S.E. Android Rachel UI and the third is a touch-wiz esque.

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Encom Taking Over Nokia – Can you fix it?

November 25, 2010 20 comments

Encom has taken over Nokia…well the Nseries Blog at least.

A new exclusive Tron trailer is being whispered through the corridors of the grid, and the only clue we’ve got is this. What does it mean?


< End of line>

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Video: Cool Custom “Bubble” UI for MeeGo on NoteBook/Tablet Lenovo IdeaPad and Nokia N900

November 25, 2010 14 comments

This is a wonderful UI paradigm by Digia and quite innovative. In this underwater theme, you have these set of 3D bubbles that we’d otherwise associate with icons. And hey – the circle icon surround actually works in this concept (as opposed to the now over used squircle). These icons populate the screen with yet more contextual bubbles when touched, e.g. hit contact bubble and get more contacts. These bubbles live on a 3D panoramic seabed. Though you are swiping left to right, it seems as though you’re not simply moving horizontally but rotating about a fixed point (which is a nice change). These Bubbles can also then be moved behind (looking smaller) or towards the foreground.

This cool custom UI is demonstrated on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Netbook/Tablet hybrid and the Nokia N900. It’s great seeing this work on the big screen as well as the smaller mobile display. The N900 looks less responsive to touch though that might be due to to the IdeaPads feather touch capacitive and the pressure touch resistive on N900 (as often seen, resistive screens are also responsive it’s just that folk apply the same pressure as capacitive and thus such input is not registered).

What’s cooler still is that Digia claim it took one developer just one month to create this and shows the fast software development cycle and ease of use that attracted them to MeeGo.

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