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Nokia Hires ex Verizon Senior VP Marketing Jerri DeVard as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

November 24, 2010 20 comments

Famous Friends. Can DeVard charm the US Market towards Nokia?

Image by Hello Magazine

Lookie here. Here’s another new North American member high profile staff. Nokia has hired Ms Jerri DeVard as Executive Vice President and Chief Markeeting Officer (CMO

Back in 2007, Ms Jerri DeVard (Right in picture above with Diddy and Vivica Fox) resigned from her post at Verizon as senior VP-brand management and marketing communications at Verizon Communications. This was to pause and collect, decide what she wanted to do next. At the time she was one of the highest profile African American Women  in marketing.

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Video and screenshots: Trill on the Nokia N8 – Excellent Twitter App for S60 and Symbian^3 – Available for FREE at Ovi Store

November 24, 2010 5 comments

Twitter user? Yes? Then here’s another great alternative to the almighty Gravity. This folks is “Trill”. It’s FREE at the Ovi Store and offers quite a lot of functionality and looks great too. (yup FREE. Load on as many handsets as you like at no charge)

  • Fast start up. Loads all previous tweets.
  • Very fast at fetching tweets, even on slow connection. 3G not needed (as was the case with being entirely browser based)
  • Swipe left/right to navigate between timeline, replies, DMs etc
  • Big finger friendly buttons when tapping tweets
  • Search within app
  • Tag links/search
  • Cute little bird animations during search load (and initial twitter connection)
  • Profile viewer
  • Trending topics viewer

It’s available to download for FREE for S60 and Symbian^3 from the Ovi Store.

Click to see demo video and features/screenshots not seen in the video

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Videos: Nokia N8 India Adverts – Maps, Camera and Ovi Store

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s three new Nokia India adverts, showing Maps, Camera and Ovi Store as part of the “What would you do with it” campaign.


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Video: Bluetooth RC Mini cooper via Nokia N8

November 24, 2010 4 comments

BeeWi recently released an app on the ovi store that allows you to use your Nokia (compatible with Symbian^3 & S60 3rd & 5th editions) to control and drive a BeeWi bluetooth Car. Of course like in every RC toy u can control left,right,up,down, but now with this you can also use the motion sensor to drive your bluetooth car.

Here’s the link to the free application BeeWi Control Pad and click here for more specifications and details about the RC Mini Cooper. Obviously, you will also need to buy the RC car, you can buy it here. The retailers are mainly in Europe and the price is 59.99EUR which is a little bit expensive but for those of you who like to have fun, the price don’t matter

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