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Video: Nokia Pocket Dance

November 23, 2010 4 comments

Remember the time when your phone is ringing and your frantically searching your pocket for it? Well Nokia does now and they have made a video with a fun twist to it about that problem. I have got to admit Nokia do a lot of these cool promos which never hit the television which to be honest I don’t get, and it seem to be a good time too with christmas and stuff, for instance  the N8 ads on television have dried up but there is nothing else to replace them which is odd, this could be a good one I reckon.

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How To: Changing Fonts in Symbian^3 (very easy, done in a minute) Nokia N8, C6-01, C7

November 23, 2010 32 comments

UPDATE 2: Major apologies for those trying this and finding errors. As noted, try at own risk. This already mucks up Ovi Store and prevents it from starting. Also I’ve had problems with Nokia Panorama but that’s been buggy since this morning.

Back in June we asked should Nokia change their icons and fonts. From 496 votes as it stands, 71.98% agreed on both, with 8.47%% only wanting icon change, 7.86 just font change and 11.69% were happy with fonts and icons the way they are (not exactly encouraging).

Well icons change variably with themes and are mostly up to the theme designer (check out screenshots at end of post to see different icon styles). Fonts on the other hand is soo easy to change yourself thanks to this tip from gadgetbuff to! That’s great because the Nokia font has been heavily criticized as one of the factors making Nokia phones look a little old. We were exstatic when we saw a different font in Symbian^4 leaked screenshots only to find out they were modified.

“A font says a lot, though quite subtly, and so often overlooked.

The narrow Nokia font made sense in older phones when trying to conserve on pixel usage. But now we’ve got high res screens and can afford wider fonts, narrow, sharp fonts look much less appealing than their plumper, rounder counterparts.

The curviness of “Century Gothic” [Very similar to “Prelude”, used in Palm Pre I think] is often found in children’s books because of the emphasis on classic alphabet shapes and thus readability. Prelude is probably the best font at the moment being used on phones. The letters are very curved, a little more readable than Century Gothic (E.G. letter r), but less wasteful on character spacing.”

So how can you change your font too?

Click to read the rest of this article to change your icon fonts!

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Damien Dinning Dispels the myth and misconceptions behind Full Focus cameras #C7 #E7

November 23, 2010 6 comments

[See C7 gallery]

Nokia’s Damien Dinning, Imaging wizard, has written a comprehensive post about Nokia’s Full Focus camera to educate and dispel about the myths and misconceptions about cameras without autofocus (as seen in slim E7 and C7  – C6-01 too though slimness debatable).

Full focus – low tech – v – simple? “it could be easily argued that Full Focus cameras are in fact more complex than autofocus cameras”

Benefits of Full Focus Camera?

  1. With a Nokia Full Focus camera you can simply grab moments without the fear of images or videos ever being out of focus for subjects from around 50cm through to infinity, regardless of lighting conditions or subject position in the frame etc.
  2. No shooting lag waiting for autofocus. Despite the Nokia N8 featuring the fastest autofocus of any mobile at just 350ms (average), it’s still a delay.
  3. Everything from approximately 50cm to infinity in the same picture/video appears in focus. Hence the name ‘Full Focus’ cameras. Conventional cameras have Read more…
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Video: Phone Arena’s Nokia C6-01 720p Video Sample and Video review

November 23, 2010 1 comment

PhoneArena‘s got their hands on the C6-01 and have got some video samples and a video review.  The C6-01 is the cheapest of the Symbian^3 offerings but it doesn’t skimp out too much and is very good value for money.

  • Build quality wise PhoneArena were more impressed with the C7.
  • They seem to have a hang up over the screen size and the general thickness of the C6-01, and say the CBD whilst looking good with deep black and good colours, the technology is wasted on the C6-01.
  • BTW the considered slim X6 was 13.8mm, the C6-01 is 13.9. The Nokia 5800 is 15.5mm. The C6-01’s shorter stature makes it look more plump.
  • Camera on C6-01 they say appears to be the same seen on C7. Above average noise handling, good detail at 8MP and LED lights up well without bleaching.

Software wise, it’s Symbian^3 which will be pretty much the same experience on N8 and C7 (except for that issue with the smaller display). S^3 is praised for the combined GPU that allows smooth 720p video playback

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Video: Momentous Angry Birds Peace Treaty Skit. End of the feud?

November 23, 2010 2 comments

The UN has intervened between the Angry Birds and the Pigs. In return for the eggs, the pigs will be protected from aerial attacks. This is a momentous occasion for Birds and Pigs everywhere. Or is it?

This comes from Israel’s most popular comedy show, “Eretz Nehederet” and the sketch is of course based on the popular cross platform game by Rovio (and forever championed by Nokia and Ovi), Angry Birds which you can download from the Ovi Store

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Gallery: Early Nokia E7-00 Low Light Camera Samples appear on Flickr

November 23, 2010 1 comment

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog has found a bunch of Nokia E7-00 sample photos on Flickr. Mostly low light and mostly titled “Slutty” something or other, e.g. Slutty Chicken, Slutty Zombie and Slutty Lady Bug :o.

Low light and people moving…hmm..possibly not the best combination to show any camera potential. The images are from pre production E7-00, in low light and NOT full sized.  It’s not camera centric like the N8. No auto-focus, No Carl Zeiss, No dual LED as opposed to XENON… I think it would be better with autofocus but that was omitted to keep the E7-00 slim. For real low light (or heck any light) prowess, you should check out the Nokia N8. See these samples from Halloween. Fingers crossed it does better when lighting is more favourable.

Flickr Gallery is available here or click below to see the Gallery in case as Mark says, the flickr one is removed.
Click to see the gallery below as well as E7-00 proto 720p video which is actually quite good.

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Video: Installing MeeGo on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t in less than 9 minutes

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

At the MeeGo Conference, we saw MeeGo boot up from several different devices via USB stick. Here we see Julien Fourgeaud’s shiny new IdeaPad booting up for the first time, getting rid of Windows 7 and unleashing MeeGo from the USB stick.

Though it’s simple enough, I hope end users will not have to do this to their netbooks and will get MeeGo as a choice for a good selection of netbooks.

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Video: Unboxing of the MeeGo Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t

November 23, 2010 3 comments

Julien Fourgeaud, Former Nokia Senior Design Engineer, Road Map and Propositions at Symbian Foundation and now director of his own company,  LeCatalyst,  unboxes the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t which as one of the attendees at last week’s MeeGo Conference got absolutely FREE. It comes standard with Windows 7 but was immediately set up later for MeeGo (which Julien says took less than 9 minutes). The IdeaPad is a touch/netbook hybrid with a swivel multitouch LED screen. This particular model doesn’t appear to be one of the three models available from Lenovo as they all should have 2GB RAM but Julien says this only has 1GB. Moreover, despite the 1GB RAM, this is supplied with the 8 cell battery (reserved for the highest end S10). Processor should be the N470 then at 1.83GHz. This 8 cell battery is why it sticks out. It would be flush other wise with the 4-cell, though you do get 7-8h supposedly with the 8-cell.

Click on to see the box contents and the rest of this post (#Roger ;P)

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Video: Multiplayer Antix Games on MeeGo Tablet and set top box: Raging Thunder and Toon Warz demoed

November 23, 2010 1 comment

stevechippy demoes some Antix Games running on the MeeGo platform. Antix is a gaming engine that allows games to run on any device that has the Antix Game Player installed.  As you can see we have Polarbit’s Raging Thunder on the WeTab MeeGo tablet and a MeeGo set top box which are both racing multiplayer style over WiFi. Other games installed at the time include Move it, Drift Away and Zoo Cube but the only other game in the video seen this time is first person shooter,  Polarbit’sToon Warz.

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