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Video: Nokia N8 with iPhone OS – China Clone

We’ve seen the Android Nokia N8 China clone. Now check out iOS Nokia N8. Of course that’s neither iOS or the Nokia N8 but rip off versions. Oddly, the face of the N8 has TWO buttons which was seen in an extremely early proto N8 version.

What’s left? Just WebOS and WP7. No one cares about Bada and no one really knows what MeeGo phone final is going to look like.


  1. Rant
    November 22, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Somewhat hilarious that in some (mind you, very little) moments the UI of a KIRF actually looks better than the original.
    Eventhough many have high hopes for the jan/feb update, I don’t. Nokia dropped the ball so many times lately that all faith is gone in them actually delivering what they promise.
    However, I’m still contemplating to buy an N8. The camera is the best asset of the S3 line-up. C6 and 7 are nice but nowhere near competetive when looking at the competition. The E7 however has far more to offer. C6 will be sold on price point alone, C7 won’t be a complete FAIL, but it won’t sell in truckloads.

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