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Future of Ovi Maps with PixelActive’s 3D expertise?

November 20, 2010 7 comments

A couple of days ago, NAVTEQ (subsidiary of Nokia) bought PixelActive who specialize in the creation of 3D buildings, roads, highways and cities. They have a city builder tool that you can use to create your own city (or recreate a real one).

Alex68 (cheers for the heads up) says that the PixelActive video has been removed. I don’t know what the content was but there are similar videos of other folk who have created some neat cities with PixelActive.

How cool would Ovi Maps look with this type of 3D mapping? We know NAVTEQ’s already working on their own BETTER version of Google’s Street View. Would they still have the option to work offline?

Click 720p please to see the video more clearly.



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Plasma UI for tablets on the Lenovo Ideapad

November 20, 2010 5 comments

Want to get any idea of the cool ideas that devs are coming up with for MeeGo tablet UI’s? Look no further. has posted a video of some of their running on the Lenovo Ideapad. Looks pretty cool no.

Looks to me like we can expect some big things from MeeGo in the coming months!

Thanks Jim!

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Video: Nokia C6-01 Unboxing and Hands on

November 20, 2010 6 comments

Here’s an unboxing and hands on video with the CBD Nokia C6-01. All the usual stuff with the box contents. Ear phones are just that – the standard Nokia ones (not the slightly nicer in-ear ones – though that’s a personal preference).

Seems that despite those remarkably long nails the C6 is still quite easy to use.


Video: Hands on with MeeGo Music Tablet Indamixx 2 Beta from Indamixx (2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 3 USB and an ethernet port!)

November 20, 2010 1 comment

Remember the netbook like professional music tablet from Indamixx?


  • Capacitive multitouch display
  • Intel Atom (N450) 1.66GHz
  • 769USD and 999USD versions (160GB and 250GB)

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Video: MeeGo Touch Hybrid netbook Lenovo IdeaPad hands on

November 20, 2010 2 comments

At the MeeGo conference this week (15-17th November) a winner was selected to get the MeeGo powered touch netbook hybrid – Lenovo’s IdeaPad. The name?


Yeah that’s right, everyone got one of these bad boys. Touch netbook with meego? Very, very nice. *So jealous!* Fold it up and you’ve got a tablet 🙂 Open it up and you’ve got a very functional netbook.

Below is a hands on demo with the IdeaPad by laurence101100.

It’s very, very quick. Laurence days he must admits – he likes it.

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Video: Air Hockey Game demoed on Nokia N8 for S^3 and 5th Ed Free at Ovi Store

November 20, 2010 2 comments

Air Hockey. You versus the phone as you try and score a goal with the virtual air lifted puck. First to 5 wins and each round goes to a higher level with slightly harder opponents.

It’s really enjoyable (I love Air Hockey at arcades!) and great for those short distractions. It’s well worth a download.

The only things I’d like to see is the option for 2 player mode with multitouch support of course (though that would rule out S60 5th users).

Oh it’s meant to be played in portrait but was recorded in landscape.

You’ve got two price points with Air Hockey. An Advert-supported FREE game or £3.00 (variable by country) ad-free.

Above was the ad-supported version and you’ll note the presence of adverts (which you can skip or click to open an advert page). You’ll also need to have an internet connection. You don’t have to view the ads, just press skip.


BTW for comparison here’s a paid version demoed on 5530 by TheBossAkib.

Note that you get cheers or awws depending on scoring or letting a goal in. It also looks a little faster here but part of that was due to my bad cam and video conversion (E.G. look at the image trail of my finger)


Video: V3’s Nokia C7 review

November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The folks at V3 review the Nokia C7

  • Quite a nice build, curvy edges
  • Very nice 3.5″ AMOLED – Provides quite a good viewing experience for viewing websites and videos
  • Menu – Quite simple to navigate. Everything nice and neatly loaded
  • Homescreen is quite cluttered – widgets and apps to sign in to
  • Email synced up – widget shows just top 2 – quite small although you can click into it.
  • 8MP camera – picture s quite decent.
  • Particularly impressed with HD video recording. Took it at concert – really clear, sharp even though zoomed in to maximum (x3). Crystal clear and easy to record
  • Disappointing things – Symbian Interface
  • Alphanumeric keypad  – folks transitioning to smartphone may like this style  as it’s very familiar
  • Landscape QWERTY not the most intuitive.
  • Over 3G – browser quite fast.
  • Text not formatting within browser window (needing horizontal scrolling)
  • Ooh I didn’t want to watch the rest of this browser bit. It annoys so much that they could let something as fundamental as the browser (which has been less than desirable since N97) pass through like this despite on the close corner having the BEST browser in MicroB for N900.
  • To be fair, browser isn’t completely bad. It gets most things done, but it just isn’t up to expectations amongst what is delivered amongst its peers.
  • This is going to be a phone for Nokia fans – or looking for a smartphone step up. Not a bad effort from Nokia. A bit pricey at £300. If you want to spend that, you might want to look at some other Android alternatives. The only device higher than this is the N8 with HDMI and N8 but this one does hold its own though a bit pricey.

V3 / V3.CO.UK

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