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Cooler touch screen than the iPad or iPhone? Nokia Research Lab and the world’s first Ice Touch Screen

November 19, 2010 6 comments

So we’ve seen how Nokia can turn any screen into a touch screen. What about something that’s not even a screen to begin with – what about a block of ice? That’s exactly what’s been occurring in Tampere, Finland at Nokia’s Research Lab.

Check it out in the video from New Scientist (cheers dsmobile for the heads up!)

“This was a playful experiment, but one that we think showed interactive computing interfaces can now be built anywhere,”  Jyri Huopaniemi, Nokia.

How does it work?

Like Microsoft surface, this uses a technique called rear-diffused illumination. Infra-red light (or pretty much) is beamed behind the ice screen and placing a hand in front of the ice reflects that light back towards a camera which in turn helps a computer to calculate the hand position and thus direct a projected image near the hand.

New Scientist via Kotaku

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Friday Awesomeness Video: Attack on Pearl Harbor Remade with the Nokia N8 and Miniature Models! (And behind the scenes with underwater shots) MUST WATCH

November 19, 2010 6 comments

I don’t know the original source and don’t have the 720p HD version but you MUST watch this anyway.

Miniature models, creative students and a Nokia N8 equals a brilliant remake of the attack on Pearl Harbor (possibly not from the Affleck-Hartnet-Beckinsale movie or is it?). At the second half of the video you can see exactly how they made this video with the Nokia N8.

Oh you might want to watch the making of section on the second video because it has English subtitles.


This “Behind The Scenes” Making Of section has subtitles at 3:10. There are screenshots afterwards of the N8 in action. The ingenuity and dedication is incredible. Check out the poor guy who had to swim in the cold pool for the under water shots and the cool methods they used to film with the N8 – Ziplock under water, string rigs for over head shots. Hopefully it’ll inspire some more budding film makers out there to see what you can do with the Nokia N8.

Want more N8 mini movies? Check out: The Commuter ,   N8 Spy Ladies(what is the title?)

Video: What is MeeGo? MeeGo 1.1 Intro Movie (MeeGo netbook)

November 19, 2010 3 comments

What is MeeGo? Here’s a video to answer (well at least for the netbook vanilla version).


Video cuts off where it’s supposed to say, “MeeGo, where you run the show”.

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Video: The Free Nokia N8 moment at Nokia World 2010 by @WOMWorldNokia’s @riccwebb (filmed by Nokia N8)

November 19, 2010 5 comments

At Nokia World 2010, Pretty much EVERYONE except Jon Choo and I had a  Nokia N8 (I exaggerate, but still, the numbers given away was incredible! Not just staff N8 or tester N8 but the iconic blue N8 boxes too).

I wanted to get as much coverage of the devices after the main talks on Day 1 during lunch and so missed an early afternoon Developer session. Ricardo from WOMWorld and a few of the bloggers went to this session. Ric wanted to leave early but was stopped by a lady saying “Sir, you can’t leave”. They were pretty strict at who and when you could enter but preventing you from leaving a talk! Oh noes! They’re forcing folks to finish what they started?

Well not quite. But rick really didn’t want to be “part of their fire drill” so insisted on leaving (being part of the WOM team he had attendees to check on and look after). The lady said,”I really suggest you stay *wink* *wink*”.

…then this happened…awesome! Ric caught the give away with the santa boxes deeeeeep full of Nokia N8s to be handed out. Oh the jealous-face when I watched it! Remember it was September 14 and there were NO Nokia N8s in shops yet. This was prime time to check out these bad boys. Note this was FILMED by a Nokia N8 (see told you they were every where :p) but that’s just because Ric was testing one out.

Watch as Ric approaches and is quite sceptical and curious as to why he’s being given a Nokia N8 to which he’s told, “It’s a present from Nokia” to which Mr Burns here replied, “Eeexcellent”. :p

Oh the number of developer sessions Jon Choo and I attended – dragging along even @dani2xll and a few others in the hope of a N8 to test out haha. We reasoned that unlike the WOM Attendees, Jon and I had press badges so would not have been allowed Free N8s anyways.