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Video: Nokia’s Niklas Savander talks openly about Nokia N8 Quality issues and boot up problem.

November 18, 2010 65 comments

Experienced a defective Nokia N8? Apparently this is a small number compared to what has been shipped but that’s not what’s important. The fact is some customers have ended up with a N8 that could be defective. And Niklas points that out, “For the individuals experiencing it – it is a significant issue”, and later, “Any dissatisfaction of an individual consumer with a Nokia product is always a source of concern”.

This concerns with a “power down or not power up” issue, i.e. your N8 dies and won’t boot up again. Ever. I think Iain Wallace had something like that (with his N8 from Nokia World – early batch). He’s received a replacement btw.

The problem has been traced to how the “engines” were assembled and this has now been sorted on the production line.

IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS PROBLEM, CONTACT NOKIA CARE CENTRE. No further details have been given on what’s going to be done – handset sent away for repair or swap, former being quite inconvenient. My N97 had the camera lens problem and I never swapped it because I could not just do away with it. That and the laziness.

“We have been getting excellent feedback from consumers on the capabilities of the Nokia N8, but in the last couple of days you may have seen stories in the media about a very small number of users reporting that their Nokia N8 is not switching on as it should. Product quality is a top priority for Nokia, so we’d like to take this chance to offer you some clarification on the topic.

Watch a video where Nokia’s Excecutive Vice President Niklas Savander talks about the Nokia N8 quality and what we are doing to make sure people can get the best possible experience with their device. As always, normal Nokia warranty rules apply here, so if you encounter any problems with your device, we advise you to contact your local Nokia Care.”


Although it’s unfortunate, it’s great to see Nokia’s honesty and openness about such an issue and that, well, they give a damn to address it. Some may make comparisons with Anssi Vanjoki’s admissions on N97 fault but that was on the entire basis of poor decisions and compromises taken with N97. Here, N8’s are fine and just a small batch are experiencing such problems of defect.

Video: Nokia N900 Connecting via Ethernet cable and USB-RJ45 adapter

November 18, 2010 11 comments

Not connected to WiFi or over mobile data

Got no WiFi? Got no phone signal? That’s two things I haven’t got in my room this year :(. Could be happening to you if you’re in some random poor WiFi hotel room.

Well that’s not going to stop the Nokia N900. Here it is connecting to the internet via an Ethernet Cable.  Yeah, that wired thing my laptop is currently chained to due to prohibition of WiFi here (So no making the LAN into WLAN). USB-RJ45 and USB A/F-A/F are also used.

Web pages load fine and pretty quickly.


Ovi Store hits over 1 Billion/year download rate with 3 Million downloads a day!

November 18, 2010 45 comments

Ovi Store grows again! It’s not a surprise since content AND handsets are ramping up. Ovi Store downloads are now at 3 million a day or 1.065 Billion per year were Ovi Store NOT to grow for 365 days.

  • Over 165 million Ovi Users, across more than 190 countries
  • 250,000 new users every day
  • 90% of visits lead to app download
  • On average, each registered visitor downloads 2.6 apps (per what?)
  • 92 developers have reached the 1-million+ download milestone each for their apps
  • 1.5 million downloads of the Qt SDK in 2010
  • 400,000 new developers have signed up with Forum Nokia over the last year

Nokia Conversations / Nokia / Mobile-ent


Thanks to Yoel Gvirtz, Alex Kerr and GadgetBuff for the heads up




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Video: Nokia N8 Snow Fall at night – Low Light and Night Mode in very low light

November 18, 2010 2 comments

topolino70 shows normal mode versus night mode on the Nokia N8. In video mode the N8 has normal, low light and night mode.

Low light gathers more light without visible frame drops (not tested how much if any). In night mode there’s significant light increase when in low light but the video will appear choppy.

To make these changes slightly more noticeable, below is a quick demo of the N8 in very low light in normal, low light and night mode. It’s not as pretty as topolino70s and I have got a problem again with screen smudge before filming (noticed after).

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Video: Ovi Games – Sonic Jump, Tropical Towers and Zuma’s Revenge demoed on the Nokia N8

November 18, 2010 5 comments

I think these games are S60 5th Edition unless they’ve been updated for Symbian^3 – either way both users will be able to download these apps from the Ovi Store.

Sonic Jump

Can’t seem to find it on Ovi Store but it was there.


Tropical Towers

Save the monkeys! Only you can help them in this revolutionary new puzzle game! Travel between five tropical islands, leading your tribe of monkeys to safety by building bamboo structures of all shapes and sizes. The structures react to the basic laws of physics, which means tough times for the monkeys if they break! Winner of “Best Casual Game” – 5th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards!

Download from Ovi Store

Zuma’s Revenge

Conquer over 60 ribbeting levels by firing stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls. Slide and hop for smarter shots; hit targets for exotic bonuses; detonate power-up balls; battle six imposing tiki bosses and guide your agile amphibian to victory! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls of two game modes, or can you tame the jungle in this PopCap ball-blasting challenge?

Download from Ovi Store

Demo by FableSon

Video: Very Smooth N900/Maemo 5 CPS2 Emulator – Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha 3, X-Men vs Street Fighter and more

November 18, 2010 1 comment

Check this out. This is a CPS2 Emulator to play some of those vintage Capcom Play System II games on the Nokia N900.

No overclocking needed this is a very efficient emulator that runs perfectly at the stock 600MHz (some other emulators – e.g. – needed N900 to be overclocked)

And due to the keyboard you can play this game without obstructing the screen or hacking for touch controls. Of course you can also hook up SIXAXIS controllers to the N900. You’re pretty much not limited on Maemo 5.

Games in order of appearance:
Alien vs. Predator
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel vs. Capcom
Street Fighter Alpha 3
X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Recorded using the video-out port into Composite RCA (which is why quality isn’t the best)



Video: Nokia C6-01 user interface demo and Review

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

The cheaper cousin (very reasonably priced) of the Nokia N8 and C7, the rightful 5800 successor that is the C6-01 gets a software hands on demo from GSM Arena.

This shouldn’t come as anything new as what you see in the N8 you’ll see also with the C7 and similarly with the C6-01.

Pretty much same experience over different price points. No HDMI, smaller 3.2″ screen (though CBD!), and none of that glorious N8 camera capabilities. But other than that, everything inside is the same (CPU/GPU/RAM apparently – so no software issues from N8/C7/E7/C6-01). You also get (like the C7) Call and End buttons.


Whilst you’re there you might want to check out the GSM Arena Nokia C6-01 Review!

I’m off to bed, so I’ll read this some time tomorrow 😀


Accessories: Wireless Charging with the Powermat for Nokia N97 (and powercube for Nokia N8) – First impressions

November 18, 2010 3 comments

This is a gallery of the new PowerMat wireless charger and the powercube and some first impressions. I received this on Monday thanks to Sam who’s working with

Now there were some details asked in an email but I got an out of office reply for sending it before 9am. :p

  • What is the RRP of this package and all included contents? (Possibly image of the retail packaging) The bigger 3 charger office one is 69.99GBP – RRP [46GBP on Amazon]
  • What is the precise model number (This doesn’t appear on the powermat site as it’s a new product)
  • The powercube (29.99GBP RRP) is very useful with the various included tips. But does it have the 2mm pin?


2 x Mat and powercube (product code PMM-2PA) – £59.99

N97 bundle which would come with receiver and 1X mat – £49.99

The N97 only comes in white at the moment although Powermat are always looking to update their product range

will get back to you on the 2mm pin thing

Anyway Read more…