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My Dream Nokia #5: Nokia E10 MeeGo Phone-Tablet transformer with Foldable 6.5*4″ screen and solar panels #concept

November 17, 2010 5 comments

This was found at concept-phones by Jim which happily sits in the Dream Nokia/Designs category. This one is pure design (less about tech specs).

Practicalities aside, this concept E10 transforms into a pocket monster (not a pokemon). As in it’s pocketable at first but then becomes this  6.5*4.0 tablet through some folding actions. I don’t think you need major origami skills but it is a touch fiddly.

This shouldn’t be too far into the future given the rate of advancement of flexible screens. But is this something you’d be interested in?

The designer is Chris Wang. These renders and sketches are absolutely beautiful and I’d like to see some more of his work (not sure where to go though).


LIMITED TIME OFFER: Nokia N8 Green for 449USD at (280GBP) N8 black out of stock

November 17, 2010 12 comments

Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog reports that the Nokia N8 green is now available for a shocking 449USD!

Check it out at – Limited time offer. The Silver and Black are still at 549.00USD. Note black N8 is out of stock with silver shipping from 6+ weeks. Only N8 green left (shipping 1-2 weeks). VIA TheNokiaBlog

Out of interest, does anyone here have a Green N8?

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Nokia N8 Saving Engadget Editor’s WP7-killed microSD Story on Engadget

November 17, 2010 7 comments

Yesterday, Andre wrote a post about how a Nokia N8 brought back to life Engadget Editor’s WP7-killed microSD, thanks to Antonio.

Some thought that Engadget wouldn’t dare glorify a Nokia by posting about such a story.

That’s now on Engadget 😀

So how does Nokia come into play here? Well, it turns out that Symbian is one of few platforms that is designed to handle a secured SD card properly — and sure enough, we were amazed to discover that we were able to use an N8 to recover our once-dead microSD card when seemingly nothing else would. Yes, the card was erased, but in this case, that’s seriously all we wanted — we just wanted to bring the card back to life. Very strange… and very good to know. Needless to say, be sure to keep a Nokia-equipped friend close by for as long as you own your WP7 gear

Note: Josh tried every device, even a PC but only the N8 could save the day.

Cheers to Yoel Gvirtz, Alan and Ayroth and of course Antonio for the heads up to

Engadget/ Andre – MyNokiaBlog

Say what you like about Symbian but we get things done 😀

[link fixed]

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Symbian Features Wishlist (and Bugs)

November 17, 2010 25 comments

Send your comments to << CLICK

This will be a new page that will be updated on ~(about) a WEEKLY basis to collate any features or bugs/problems you and I wish Symbian to have. Some features maybe:

  • already in the works for next firmware (or next version of that app),
  • some maybe coming in future firmware (longer wait due to being more complex)
  • some may be features that we’ve had before that are now missing
  • some well might not have been considered before.

But who will view this? Well, we’ll try and get this towards the right Nokia folk. Currently right now Alex68 has asked for easily fixed bugs In this post we’ll try to organize these comments (and our own suggestions) to make them easier to navigate and for you guys to share your opinions whether you think they’re good ideas or whether you feel you can improve on them.

See full post over at

Features Wishlist:




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New Firmware for Nokia N8/Symbian^3 PR1.1 coming in a couple of weeks? New Browser?

November 17, 2010 86 comments

Your N8 may be receiving a firmware update in a couple of weeks time according to resident Nokia guru alex68

That’s the same guy who’s shown us the new browser, dragable homescreen and portrait QWERTY keyboard (as well as other Nokia info). So he’s seated himself quite a reputation.

Currently we’re on firmware 1.0. But look at the comment on Andre’s post yesterday about Engadget Editor In Chief being saved by the Nokia N8 (above screenshot):

Alex68 doesn’t want to spoil all the secrets, but he does mention that the new update will bring:

If you guys don’t believe my “by the year end”, wait and see…

  • Alex says don’t expect anything revolutionary in this update yet.

The Major N8 update might be the one coming next year. (Which Alex adds will bring lots of themes)

So what do you think the other “secrets” maybe? :p

So two weeks. .That’s around early December (1st in fact, from today but around that day because it doesn’t mean EXACTLY a couple of weeks). Alex notes that the E7 will have the new firmware at release (which is also expected to be December 2010, further strengthening the notion of a firmware update before the year’s end).

Whilst you’re here, why not also check out

Freeware: Nokia Battery Monitor – with activity usage estimates! S^3 and S60V5 (+video demo on 5800)

November 17, 2010 4 comments

Right, as battery meters and monitors go – they’re often quite boring, just telling you how much you have left by a visual indicator. If you’re lucky it might give an estimate in time remaining based on current usage.


With the Nokia Battery Monitor, it really does monitor your power usage based on what exactly you’re using on the phone.

It’s available for S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 handsets. Screenshots above were from the Nokia N8 (Which has a tremendous battery life)


There’s a review over at Nokia Conversations by Adam, with a very important end note:

Note that the accuracy of the app might …vary. Mobile phone batteries do not discharge at a predictable rate. For example, if your phone has been on standby all day, then it might believe that it’s got a full day’s use left. If you then receive two hour-long phone calls, it was probably mistaken. Accuracy improves over time, though: it calibrates itself to your typical usage pattern.

Here’s a video demo on the Nokia 5800


Nokia Conversations

Video: Non Techie’s Nokia N8 review (Previous N95 user) “A brilliant, brilliant phone”

November 17, 2010 9 comments

Here’s a Nokia N8 review from a non-techie possibly unknown to you and me. Previously a N95 user, he’s moved up to the Nokia N8 and is very happy with it.

Surprisingly, the only point he seems to have qualms with is the Nokia N8’s camera. The BEST camera on a phone on the market to date. No question. I suspect he’s getting smudges on the camera (that he didn’t get with N95’s lens cover) which easily makes pictures look bad due to obstructing greasy fingerprints. That’s kind of good news since he likes pretty much everything else about the N8.

  • Finding the phone very easy to use
  • Quite happy with the apps – has download lots that he likes/needs
  • Two input method typing (btw, majority of my mates prefer to type on the T9 and have said they did not portrait QWERTY. 😮 well the option would be nice)
  • Enjoying the touch screen (“screen incredibly good”), he didn’t want one but finds this very responsive more so than his wife’s N97
  • Tough Metal body, rock solid metal casing
  • He really, really likes playing with it – which he says is really nice for a phone.
  • No crashes, no download problems (in space of a week and a half)
  • Speakers – he would have preferred two on either side (like his N95)

Nice, alternative review based on the phone’s own merits as opposed to not having an Apple or Android badge.

I hope this is how most Nokia N8 customers will find the N8 (bar the camera bit of course :p)



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Video: Nokia E7 Speaker Test

November 17, 2010 2 comments

Want to know how the speakers sound on the Nokia E7? This was difficult to test in a noisy Conference environment such as Nokia World.

uptodateksa2 has some time alone with the E7 and plays some Natalie Imbruglia and Yonas Bardouh (the latter which he says is not his taste :p).

Check out the new volume rocker on the E7 which was designed to keep the E7 trim apparently.


Event: Final Day MeeGo Conference Day 3 (BoF stuff)

November 17, 2010 1 comment

The Final Day of the first ever MeeGo conference is upon us.

Nothing is happening today on the live stream front. It’s more BoF (Birds of a Feather) thing.

“where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.”


See Programme Schedule or screencap below:

To end it all, there’s a game of footy at the Aviva! Ireland vs Norway


Day 3: November 17th 2010

8:00-9:00: Continental Breakfast
9:00-12:00: Unconference sessions, lightning talks, and BOFs
12:45-13:45: Lunch Provided
13:45-15:30: Unconference sessions and BOFs
Evening: Football (Soccer) game at Aviva!)

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Video: Racing Demo MeeGo Touch on WeTab

November 17, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a demo of a racing game on the WeTab. I believe they wanted accelerometer controls in near future in addition (or instead?) of tap-tap-touch.

IDEA: What if this game (and tablet racing games in general) were to support multitouch and on each side have like a portion of a steering wheel so that if you raised your right thumb up and to the left and your left thumb down you’d turn left (i.e. turning a mini half wheel). Why? For an alternative to accelerometer tilting and something better than tapping.


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