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MeeGo Handset user experience on Meego 1.1

November 16, 2010 6 comments

During the Meego conference in Dublin some aspects of the Handset user experience for MeeGo 1.1 was shown off. To be exact the home screen, the application launcher and multitasking, now of course this is still early stage but  I can definitely see some signs of an OS that can challenge with the others. Finally some smooth transitions, portrait support ect. The OS has also got a unique look in terms of the colours used. Now this is the stock version and Nokia will definitely be using their own UI framework I suspect, but I do hope they ditch their font for example and go for this one in the stock version. There are definitely things Nokia can take from the stock version and implement it into the N9 without wasting time doing stuff the awkward way. My only problem is time scale it is evident that Meego is still some time off, but with continued support from partners and also new ones like AMD MeeGo I am sure will have a great future.

via Meego News

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N8 saves the day, formats Josh Topolsky’s “fried” memory card.

November 16, 2010 35 comments

As I’m sure we’ve all heard in tech news lately, Windows Phone 7 devices have a nasty nack for screwing up the memory cards of any individual adventurous enough to ignore the warning Microsoft gave when they said DO NOT USE with regards to third-party memory cards. Unfortunately for users of the Samsung Focus, including a certain Engadget editor, this device once used in the device is nigh-on useless when removed and tried in others. Imagine buying a 32Gb card and not being able to use it anywhere else (I’d be outraged). While it’s clearly not Microsoft or Samsung’s fault for users being disobedient, it’s still a sucky predicament to be in, especially if important or irreplaceable files are on this memory card.

See more information on the problem here.


Seems that one of our readers sent a slight tip to Mr. Topolsky via twitter on how to correct his unfortunate problem. Funnily enough no other methods worked and this includes attempting to format it using a Linux PC.

Here’s the transcript Antonio provided us.

Full story: Engadget chief editor Joshua Topolsky was doing some tests with his MicroSD on a brand new Samsung Focus with WP7. The Focus formatted the SD and (I don’t know for sure, but I think) it worked on the phone, but then he could not remove and still use the MicroSD later. As Topolsky mentioned, the Focus “fried” his SD card.

He mentioned on twitter he had tried putting the microSD card (to format it) in some cameras. None worked. He also tried on his Windows PC with several programs to format SD cards suggested by other people on twitter. None of the programs worked, the SD card wasn’t even recognized and would not format. Then people told him Ubuntu was the solution and it would definitely fix the SD card with success, and gave him some advanced SD formatting tools. None worked.

It was just when I read his tweet asking for help that I knew I had the definitive solution to his problem: I told him to put the SD card into the Nokia N8 and I told him it would work, and the phone would fix his microSD card successfully. And that’s exactly what happened.”


Obviously Josh ignored him (for good reason he’d have thought)


“He didn’t seem to have noticed, so I insisted. I didn’t know whether it was a SD or MicroSD card because he was just saying SD card on his twitter, so I gave him a solution that would also work for SD cards (using a SD card reader on the N8; please notice this is not necessary for microSD cards because the N8 already has a microSD slot).”


Josh’s replies are below.


Guess the phone doesn’t suck so bad after all huh 😛 🙂

Thanks Antonio!

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Symbian OS and Nokia’s CPU choice sidenote

November 16, 2010 31 comments

Not a long blog post but more of a notification for all the Symbian and N8 users out there.

Symbian as an OS does something that few if any mobile OS’s out there do. It allows the networking (cellular) stack and applications to run on the same CPU. Ever wondered why your phone lags HARD when downloading emails (if set to headers only) and opening applications? This is it.

Worse still is the fact that current Symbian^3 devices still use ARM11 processors, we have the issues of a rather short processor pipeline and an in-order, single issue execution method. Meaning that the CPU can only handle a very few number of inputs per unit time in addition to the fact that it MUST complete each instruction before moving on to any instruction behind it, does not allow other instructions leap-frog it in the execution pipeline regardless of how long the instruction takes AND is only able to process one set of instructions at a time.

In layman’s terms, your email has to finish downloading before it can render AND you can’t interact with the OS before this happens either. Although S^1 didn’t support ARMv7 architecture well (Cortex A8 etc), S^3 does. Makes you wonder if Nokia made the decision to stick the ARM11 in there and why if they did that, they didn’t go for a dual core approach using an applications core and a networking core a la OMAP or a simply better CPU with a dual issue pipeline like a Cortex A8.

Ah well, if you make your bed, you gotta sleep in it.

Sidenote: Anandtech has a pretty awesome crash course in CPU architecture to help us not so smart people understand the differences between ARM11 and Cortex A8 in addition to CPU architecture and design.

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Minimum Spec for MeeGo 1.2+ devices confirmed

November 16, 2010 31 comments


If there were any fears that Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo devices would have specs in keeping with current S^3 devices, we can all breathe  a somewhat collective sigh of relief.
Recent tweets and announcements from the MeeGo conference follow on twitter here minimum specs have been confirmed to be a minimum of 512MB RAM, 600MHz+ Arm V7 or x86 processors (Snapdragon, A4, OMAP,ST  U8500 all fall into this category) 512 Mb internal ROM and GSM/HSPA. Unfortunately for those living in certain regions, CDMA is looking unlikely to be supported until version 1.3. In addition, the official releases for 1.1 and 1.2 DO NOT include support for LTE (bummer 😦 ).

Update: MeeGo 1.3 is looking at an October 2011 release, soooooooooooooooo far away

I’ll try to keep you all posted on anything coming out of the conference.

Update 2

MeeGo 1.2 is expected to be released in April 2011 in keeping with the 6 month cadence between release versions. Should be noted yet again that these releases are not directed towards the end-user.

Action items for MeeGo 1.2 include increased QML use in applications, an integrated backup-restore mechanism, Office document viewers integrated with OS, better package managers and security features.

NB, Office viewers are currently being done by separate developers, see KOffice for MeeGo tablet.

Update 3

Twitter is reporting that screen res requirements haven’t been decided upon. Of big importance this bit. Aspect ratios matter a lot when writing apps (at least for beginners 🙂 ) careful consideration should be given to the available chipsets, display technology and touchscreen controllers. The latter being very very important for running touch-controlled interfaces. Terrible idea to match 720p or XGA screens with sub XGA controllers. VERY VERY bad.

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Video: Nokia N8 Playing flash Megavideo

November 16, 2010 6 comments

 Check it out – Megavideo on the N8 running quite smoothly (dunno if it’s the bad uni pcs that’s stuttering (or the person’s connection) but I am noticing some frame drop). It’s within the flash enabled browser.


Thanks to fahoum  for the heads up.

K – should be out till evening now 😦

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Video: Nokia N8 vs Nokia N97 indoor video and zooming. Check out how much N8 has progressed.

November 16, 2010 3 comments

I didn’t mean to do this comparison (Sorry for the mess on the wall) but on the early hours of the morning I was just checking video on N97 to run out its battery(to test out the Powermat wireless charger for review) and noticed that the N97 digital zoom and general video quality was sooo bad in comparison to the Nokia N8 (indoor).

  • Greater depth of field on the N8 (N97 – ridiculously close though not as bad as 5800). Notice how much more of the “scene” is visible.
  • No autofocus on N97 but this active-hyperfocal focusing of N8 means pretty much everything is in focus except the closer macro ranges (I think about 50-60CM is blurry on N97, not that good for self-held vlogs).
  • N8 much better with this low-ish indoor lighting.
  • Check out the usable digital zoom with the N8. On the N97 you can see all it does is ENLARGE the pixels hence blockiness.
  • Zooming is also frighteningly choppy on the N97. I did complain before that we don’t have smooth zooming (as seen in ancient 6630) but compared to N97 N8 zooms like butter.
  • File size of the N8 video is 4x the N97, 40MB vs 10MB. Well there are 4x the pixels. Note, comparable files from say, Samsung Pixon 12 are MUCH larger.

Make sure you click 720p for N8 and 360p for N97.



Note: N900 does shoot at higher resolution than N97, at 848*480

BTW: It’s day 2 of MeeGo Conference. Check out the live streams if you can.

Video: MeeGo Linpus Lite Tablet Edition

November 16, 2010 3 comments

stevechippy / has got a demo video below of the MeeGo Linpus Lite Tablet Edition, showing a widget filled homescreen.

Homepage swipe down goes into app menu to reveal left-right app-page scrolling.

Now in another video below we’re told that apps will open slowly due to unoptimized HARDWARE. (Hence why music player looks unresponsive). Check out that Windows Media Player 11 look and the cover-flow album art (made famous by Apple who were ordered to PAY $625m in damages for infringing such patents by Mirror Worlds).

There’s also the netbook version. Chippy notes that it’s not the complete end user product, something Linpus using to show off to customers.

Longer 6 minute video from minipcpro /

Anyone missing the stock Pre-Alpha MeeGo Tablet UI


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Video: MeeGo In Vehicle Infotainment from ICS

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

MeeGo as you know isn’t just about smartphones and tablets but possibly anything that has a screen.

A really useful application of MeeGo is in In Vehicle Infotainment (already being done by Red Flag in China).

You can see that MeeGo IVI responds to the engine info so  the entire dashboard could just be a MeeGo display (instead of a separate device). All done in Qt Quick or QML, all running pretty quick and smooth.


meetmeego /

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Event: Day 2 of MeeGo Conference – MeeGo Handset UX Roadmap this afternoon

November 16, 2010 2 comments

Day 2 of the first ever MeeGo Conference is already upon us. Like yesterday you can watch most of the main keynotes at

One particular session I wanted to check out was at 4:30pm GMT where user experience (not device) Roadmap will be discussed. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get live stream of the presentation slides – just the presenters.

MeeGo Handset UX Roadmap

The session will give an introduction into the MeeGo Handset UX activities and its current status, the vision and goals, the roadmap and deliverables in particular hardware profiles. It will also address the compliance plans, the participants and co-operation model, and how to get involved.

Attendees on the show floor have a much more varied range of streams and talks to physically attend. You can check the full programme out here.

Notable stufs:

From 9am till 6pm I’ll be pretty much out of the loop as I’m away all day (today’s the reason I couldn’t go to MeeGo Conference). I’ll try to keep up with things over mobile. Who knows what surprises are coming today. More freebies like yesterday’s Lenovo IdeaPad for EVERYONE (Jealous or what, I was totally green with envy. MeeGo touch hybrid notebook) or shocker partnerships such as AMD joining nemesis Intel at MeeGo Project?

Today the attendees finish the day with a Guinness Storehouse event! 😮

Main Streams for Day 2, 16th November 2010

09:00-09:45 – MeeGo Application Developer Ecosystem: the current status and the challenges ahead

09:45 – 10:25 – Community Anti-Patterns

10:45 – 11:25 – MeeGo on N900; The past, present and future

11:30 – 12:10 – Role Reversal: Mobile Device Trends Accelerating Open Platforms

13:00 – 1:40 – Development process for 3rd Party MeeGo Application Developers

13:45 – 14:25 – MeeGo community OBS and repositories

14:45 – 15:25 – MeeGo Community application support end-to-end story

15:30 – 16:10 – MeeGo and OBS: Current state and roadmap

16:30 – 17:10 MeeGo Handset UX Roadmap

17:15 – 17:55 – BoF: Towards the best Qt experience on MeeGo

18:00 – 18:40 – BoF – MeeGo Infrastructure

Day 2 – November 16th, 2010

8:00-9:00: Continental Breakfast
9:00-12:00: Sessions
12:10-13:00: Lunch Provided
13:00-17:10: Sessions
17:15-18:40: BOFs: Birds of a Feather Sessions
Evening: Guinness Storehouse event

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Video: Nokia N8 Launch Party Nairobi Kenya in partnership with Capital FM (says N8 has CBD?)

November 16, 2010 3 comments

Here’s a video showing the Nokia N8 launch party in Kenya. What’s great is that they’re trying to include a cheap internet bundle with the N8. Just this August, Mobile penetration in Kenya rose above 50% (51) from just around 30% at the end of 2007 (Population 40m). In contrast with Britain, there’s over 2 phones per person (population 63M), but that’s not every person btw, as some folk have more than two.

There are currently 6.4M mobile internet users in Kenya out of 19.9M total, with most of the activity apparently coming from younger generations using social networking sites.(2008 UK estimates between 7 to 17M mobile internet users).

Some ODD things mentioned in video when talking about key N8 features:

  1. 12MP Camera, best camera you can find on a mobile device in the world
  2. AMOLED display that comes with CBD meaning in the sun you can see the device (maybe confused with the C6-01? Though N8 does have a highly visible screen outdoors anyway. It’s really fantastic)
  3. HDMI and possibility to watch 720p to the TV

N8 is about entertainment, having entertainment right at the tip of your fingers


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