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Nokia E7 Hits FCC – Roll on December 2010!

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

E7 - definite head turner

Engadget surprisingly are a little bit excited as the 3G Pentaband Nokia E7 hits FCC (which is music to their ears).

It’s a biiiiiig screened Nokia Tilt Touch screen Eseries with an incredible keyboard.

Fingers crossed for the December 2010 expected release date.

FCC / Engadget

Thanks to יואל גווירץ for the heads up to


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Nokia E7 Manual

November 14, 2010 1 comment

The Nokia E7 Manual is available for you to check out.

Update: Major apologies, we have linked to the wrong file. Should be fixed now.

Download it here.

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Gallery: Nokia E7 Disassembly

November 14, 2010 3 comments

Prepare for the geek-porn. Nokia E7 totally disassembled.

Pretty much everything except the battery.

Cheers to יואל גווירץ

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Nokia N8 in X-Factor winner Shayne Ward’s Music Video – number 12 in this weeks UK chart[@Shanenetward]

November 14, 2010 3 comments

Whilst listening to Radio 1 (great for background noise whilst studying) Regg says he’s talking to Shayne Ward. Who? He’s – former winner of X-factor who then disappeared came back with a Nickelback cover of “Gotta Be Somebody”. But that’s NOT what’s interesting. Look at the phone he uses in the beginning to take a photo!

At first I thought, oh no not iPhone again. They always use iPhone. BUT NO! What’s this? Nokia N8 😀

This is playing right now – Number 12 in the UK chart entry. I’d want it at 1 so more people see the N8 😛


And the Nickelback Chad Kroeger version. Does the pop-cover version work?

Video: Nokia N8 Sequence Mode App in the works by Dr Iain Wallace :p

November 14, 2010 2 comments

Sequence Mode – I’ve been enjoying this feature since my N95 but sadly this disappeared on S60 5th. Sure we had some what of an attempt at burst shot if your definition of burst is not even 1 frame per second. It was really more of an undefinable sequence mode as the original sequence mode on S60 allowed you to choose between “burst”, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes. Features way beyond its time that was VERY useful if you wanted to make some creative stop motions or time lapses.

Different intervals are useful because certain events may take different time to complete, e.g.  7 hours of night to dawn (N85) or 30 minutes of a lump of ice melting (N95)

Similarly with quicker intervals, say 10s you could go about making a stop motion – with 10 seconds space to move your characters/objects around before the next shot.

Whilst I’m not sure exactly what’s coming from Nokia’s end, it seems that at least a SEQUENCE mode feature maybe coming soon by way of Iain Wallace (scratch that, Dr Iain Wallace PhD – grats :P) from the blog. Iain’s the AWESOME crazy Scot who controlled helicopters with N900, used the N900 as a remote flash, made his mac autosync photos with N900 and vice versa and so forth. THESE are the “CRAZY” guys we need for Nokia app development because they can do the things some of us just imagine (and at times not even think about).

Iain tweets that

“it is *very* alpha though. You’ve been warned. Not for public consumption just yet.”

Whatleydude, James Whatley has been testing it out

This is why I said a while back at Nokia World that I was really glad Iain won a Nokia N8 because he’s got this “Crazy Ideas Folder” of stuff he wants to do with phones. (Especially since he had a X10 and iPad to take away attention :p)

It would be cool if Nokia worked with Iain on this. Even if just to provide it as a separate app like the awesome Panorama app from Nokia (that I want to make a post about soon). Nokia were aware of sequence mode, but at the time of early Q&A I think they said they wanted to focus on bringing good still images – understandable. / WhatleyDude


Rant: The Nokia Social App – Please stay signed in! (And a bunch of other annoyances)

November 14, 2010 14 comments

Before I begin my coursework I’ll let off some steam and rant about the social app.

The Nokia Social App

It really feels like a half baked offering when compared to something like gravity:

  • Scrolling – why the hell is it so crap? You’ve got smooth scrolling in browser, photos, contacts, apps yet here it’s like I’ve stepped back to the first N97 firmware. Yes it’s still kinetic scrolling somewhat but it’s so painstakingly SLOW and CHOPPY.
  • Titleless photouploads: The NEW update allows you to send photos to social places immediately after taking them. But why autosend without a title? On the plus side it compresses a picture and goes up pretty quick which might be OK for facebook (where it goes into a random “Mobile Uploads” folder). For twitter though, you kind of need to caption images most of the time. I wish PixelPipe would be preinstalled and let me upload like I did in N900 (where it also gave you option to compress photos in settings, titles and a million other social places not just facebook or twitter)
  • Forgetful sign-in: I thought it was just me until I got replies saying it was happening to other folk too. The app keeps making me log in OVER and OVER and OVER for EACH social network after a few hours. Very annoying when you just maybe want to read some statuses, or just quickly update one. It’s NOT an issue with security as Ovi Store remembers my password and I can easily make purchases without ever typing my password. This is why I go to other apps and even bookmarked twitter sites like tweetgo as that’s just left signed in. Perhaps it’s to prevent the old Frape or “Facebook Rape” (basics are that your status is abused, possibly many other features of your profile but that’s not possible even if you are logged in to social app as it’s very limited.
  • Ovi Log in fail. Maybe it’s just me. The initial OVI account log in was also somewhat difficult (required to even let you sign in to twitter/facebook). I already had an account but got convinced mine  got deleted when I was allowed to sign in again with THE SAME email address and THE SAME phone number which is now associated with a +1 account I will NEVER use. Shame really as when you do this, if you switch your phone to say another new S^3 device, the phone picks up your account name.
  • Missing Features: There’s a few. Main ones for me – Twitter: When clicking a tweet there’s no retweeting, option to DM. Just reply. Facebook: photo tagging.
  • Stop re-inventing the wheel with a cube: It’s an absolute shame we do not have an official twitter or facebook app that’s to the grade on other platforms. We have the AWESOME gravity twitter for years folks have wanted Nokia to make their official twitter app (but would @janole have gotten the same room to keep giving us new awesome features?). e.g. Tweetie 2 now twitter for iPhone. Though iPhone has a crapload of great twitter apps. Gravity is really the only decent option. On a side note, Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog says that “Nokia is looking at partnerships – no more looking to buy or make everything” – Bloomberg (orig article) says something’s coming on 23rd of Nov and Mark asked what Partnerships you’d like to see to which James Whatley commented: How about a parnership with @janole for their social client? YES PLEASE.
  • Well, let’s end on a positive. It’s free, the single stream is great if you connect your twitter and facebook friends together so they all get the same statuses – the facebook calendar/events integration with phone calendar is great if you’re a facebook user. It’s kind of OK once you’re signed in and perhaps in a few months time after a truck load of polishing we can all sing social app’s praises.

btw – These RANTS are not simply to bash Nokia but are little nudges in hope for improvement because we know Nokia can certainly do better.

What about you guys – any issues or improvements you’d like to see with the Social App?

Video: Playing Super Mario and other NES games on the Nokia N8 (and other S^3)

November 14, 2010 5 comments

Soon I’ll get around to not calling it S^3 and just Symbian like the Nokia folk…it’s difficult not to.

Anyway, kumaranunay123 has a couple of videos for where he gives us a tutorial on how to play those classic nintendo games on your N8. Since there’s no physical keys that old Flash keypad comes up.

I’m not sure if the frame rate will be as the video shows or if that’s just due to the capture rate.

More info at