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Video: Qt Quick on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPod Touch 4G

November 9, 2010 13 comments

Here’s Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab from CuteHacks (What a name 😀 – btw how do you pronounce Qt?) with Qt Quick.

“Shows Qt Quick, aka QML, running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android) by Ole-Johan from Devinco – and some help from Cutehacks :)”

CuteHacks via @aas

Oh on the related videos section there’s QML/Qt Quick on iOS powered iPod Touch 4G.

Ian says this is just proof of concept and needs more work.

Qt cross Platform. Really just build once and be everywhere.

cheers Jim


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@EldarMurtazin says New Symbian^3 Browser delayed until Feb 2011

November 9, 2010 51 comments

I know a few of you hate any Eldar Murtazin related posts – but regardless of what’s occurred in the past he does still enjoy poking the bull and does come out with, let’s say, “interesting” snippets of insider info.

Just now he’s tweeted that the new up and coming browser is not appearing until February 2011. Wasn’t it expected to appear this side at least in 2010 and around October-ish? I haven’t been following the time scale so I don’t really know if it’s late or if 2011 for the new firmware and new browser was already the due date.

Still, with Symbian features now not necessary coming out in bulk with features (but rather when they’re ready) we may see other enhancements coming much sooner, such as the new swipy-swipy draggable homescreen, possibly the portrait QWERTY (and 3rd party SWYPE support!) and other general bug fixes.

If true it’s a shame that there’s another wait. But that means, Nokia, you frikkin have to deliver. You cannot be late and produce something craptastic. This new browser better be on par with whatever is released.

BTW Eldar of course also says…

“Symbian is dead, thats clear from latest news….No need to put more pressure to the dead OS”

This was in reply to  O_NunoPereira who said

“I find it bit weird that @eldarmurtazin haven’t written anything about latest news on symbian. Does this mean it was a good decision? :D”

Dead OS? Ah…something for Engadget to pick up. Any bad Nokia “news” is great Engadget news. Cue “dying dinosaur”, “go Android”, “Go WP7” and “Nokia Still make phones?” comments.


Update: Apparently Nokia said today that New Symbian^3 Browser delayed until 2011 along with 50+ improvements (tweeted by @chilko – source was SEE2010 keynote)

Thanks to @chilko for the heads up on the source @AAS who are at SEE2010

“50+ enhancements coming to S^3. Portrait QWERTY, new browser, split screen input and more. Arrives early 2011. Fr new and existing devices”

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14.1MP, Full 1080p HD Video Recording, waterproof; 14.1MP and 3x optical zoom; Mini Projector Symbian phones coming soon amongst 11 new Symbian^2 devices from NTT DOCOMO

November 9, 2010 9 comments

Selection of the Symbian^2 handsets from NTT DOCOMO

An interesting tip from Catherine Donald (cheers!) – 11 new Symbian^2 (yes ^2) models are going to be coursing their way around Japan as Fujitsu and Sharp announce new Symbian handsets. There’s a lot of waterproofness going on here and being Japan, already going at it with 14.1MP and in build projector. It will be interesting to see how those 14.1MP pair fare against the Symbian N8. Also FULL 1080p HD video recording. Can it deliver?

Also – the flip form factor is living on strong – where as elsewhere it seems to have pretty much died with the RAZR fad.

What’s pretty cool is that over half of these handsets are expected this month of November. Some are expected later in Jan, Feb and March.

An incredible bit of Symbian Info:

A total of 143 Symbian-based models have either shipped or are in the process of being launched in Japan as of 8 November, 2010*1. More than 400 million units have shipped around the globe since the first Symbian-based device launched in 2000

So ok let’s get on with it. Today, Symbian announced that Symbian^2 platform (skipped by Nokia) is being used in 11 of the latest models unveilled by NTT DOCOMO (Japan). 5 of these handsets are from Fujitsu and 6 from Sharp.

Devices manufactured by Fujitsu:

  • docomo PRIME series™ F-01C – Slim, waterproof phone with customizable exterior. Quick- response touchscreen, Wi-Fi access-point capability and AR location radar. Shoots Full HD video.
  • docomo STYLE series™ F-02C – Cute waterproof phone with illuminated graphics on the front cover. The screen opens in two convenient ways and the phone is equipped with special energy-saving features.
  • docomo SMART series™ F-03C – Slim 12.9-mm waterproof body with 2-inch sub-display, handy touchpad to access mail, etc. when phone is closed, and multiple colors/textures for customizable exterior.
  • docomo STYLE series F-04C – Slider phone designed in collaboration with three popular boutiques from trendy “109” fashion building. Equipped with 1.3-megapixel inner camera and handy wheel-key.
  • docomo STYLE series F-05C – Simple, compact slider phone comes with easy-to-use wheel-key and other features for basic, user-friendly mobile functionality, including mail and more.

Devices manufactured by Sharp:

  • docomo PRIME series SH-01C – High-spec dust/waterproof phone with gradient coloring, AQUOS SHOT 14.1-megapixel CCD camera for Full HD. Wi-Fi access point capability and content sharing (DLNA).
  • docomo STYLE series SH-02C – Waterproof phone in monotone body accentuated with vivid trim, 9.6-megapixel camera and color organic EL sub-display, all packaged in a compact body.
  • docomo STYLE series SH-04C – Second model designed by accessory brand Q-pot.™, featuring a waterproof body, unique sweet biscuit motif, preinstalled content and coordinated fashion accessories.
  • docomo PRO series™ SH-05C – Full-touchscreen phone featuring AQUOS SHOT 14.1-megapixel CCD camera and optical 3x zoom lens for high-quality Full HD video and stills.
  • docomo PRO series SH-06C – Phone with embedded mini-projector to display photos and video on walls/screens, plus a large touchscreen for easy operation of projections
  • TOUCH WOOD SH-08C – Eco-friendly phone made with surplus wood culled from overgrown forests in Japan, featuring an ergonomic bean-shape body and pleasing natural-wood feel.

For more information on devices, please visit

Amsterdam, Symbian Exchange and Exposition (SEE 2010), 9 November, 2010 – Symbian today announced that the Symbian^2 platform is being used in eleven of the latest models that were unveiled by NTT DOCOMO, INC. on 8 November 2010. Five of these handset models are manufactured by Fujitsu Limited and six by Sharp Corporation.

Devices manufactured by Fujitsu:

docomo PRIME series F-01C

docomo STYLE series F-02C

docomo SMART series F-03C

docomo STYLE series F-04C

docomo STYLE series F-05C

Devices manufactured by Sharp:

docomo PRIME series SH-01C

docomo STYLE series SH-02C

docomo STYLE series SH-04C

docomo PRO series SH-05C

docomo PRO series SH-06C


For more information on devices, please visit

A total of 143 Symbian-based models have either shipped or are in the process of being launched in Japan as of 8 November, 2010*1. More than 400 million units have shipped around the globe since the first Symbian-based device launched in 2000

Video: Jo Harlow Interview – Nokia stays committed to Symbian

November 9, 2010 2 comments

Jo Harlow explains the recent return of Symbian to Nokia and its future. This coincides with yesterday’s post on Nokia Conversations from Jo Harlow that’s well worth checking out.

“The Foundation’s decision does not in any way slow down our plans for Symbian or Qt. Nokia has already started to focus its own engineering resources on Qt and Qt Quick and we’re busy developing our own applications and services in the framework.

We are grateful to the Foundation and its employees for all they have done to keep Symbian as the the most used global smartphone platform. Now it is time for Nokia to drive where Symbian can go next. The end of the Foundation is the end of an era, but for Symbian, a new era is only just beginning.”


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Event: Symbian Exchange and Exposition 2010 begins today! (1H 40M)

November 9, 2010 10 comments

Symbian Exchange and Exposition 2010 starts today!

SEE 2010 is not a tradeshow—it is a place for the wider community to come together, make cross-industry connections, conduct conversation, share ideas, educate each other and realize some of the vast possibilities that exist in the market.

The Agenda of the day is as below (as .png image):

Things kick off 10AM CET with new CEO Tim Holbrow.

  • 1:00 AM LA
  • 4:00 AM NY
  • 9:00 AM GMT (UK, Portugal etc)
  • 10:00 AM (CET, Amsterdam, France, Spain, Germany)
  • 11:00 AM Finland
  • 2:30 PM (INDIA)
  • 5:00 PM (HK, China, Philippines)

It’s quite a jam packed day! Any expectations from this year’s Symbian Exchange and Exposition?

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