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Video: Nokia E7 Proto Camera

I found some old videos uploaded during Nokia World 2010 that I somehow forgot to post about.

This first one shows the Proto Nokia E7 Camera. It’s not autofocus and as you’ll see here I had problems taking a non blurry shot of folks. This was possibly due to the camera shake. If I remember correctly the shutter felt a little harder than the two-step Nokia N8 as you can see the E7 shakes when pressing one handed.

Oddly the E7 did not have sport-mode i.e. very fast shutter speed that could capture (in good lighting) fast movement, e.g. someone jumping in the air.

Also the camera does “suffer” from the old smudging having no camera cover – which is excacerbated with Flash.

But that’s a fault of many camera phones. I’m just being very picky here.

This below btw is a sample of the PreProduction firmware Nokia E7 HD Video

I have several qualms with the Nokia Camera UI which I will get around to ranting about.

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