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Video: Nokia N8 Video Test: Super Mario Playing Drums

November 6, 2010 3 comments

Just a little Saturday randomness.

YouTube user Jyrchi has been testing out his Nokia N8 and brought it to the DigiExpo 2010 in Helsinki.

At the Nintendo bit there’s an Italian plumber dishing out some beats and Jyrchi captures it in 720p HD with his Nokia N8.

Really great video quality there, great colours, great audio – makes for great sharing. The digital zoom bit is very brief but as noted in countless other Nokia N8 videos, it is pretty much as good as optical.

via  Jyrchi

Video: WORLD’S HARDEST FLOORBALL SHOT (205.0 km/h) – measured and filmed (HD) with Nokia N8! Available at the Ovi Store

November 6, 2010 8 comments

Here’s a somewhat witchcrafty app that you may have come across before called Speed Hero – a Sports Radar application that can help you measure the speed of your ball shots from football to floorball. There’s an actual speed gun there with the Nokia N8 and they’re both reporting identical/similar speeds. This is not like your GPS based speed sensor. The N8 is static and somehow calculates the speed of moving objects around it.

To try the app yourself it’s available at the Ovi Store 🙂

From the description:

The Finnish National Floorball Team player Otto Tikka shot a new world record 205.0 km/h. The record was measured with Speedhero Magical Games App using Nokia N8 and Stalker Sport speed radar gun. The record was made during the Finnish National Floorball Team training camp on 3 Nov 2010.

How does it work? In the comments SpeedHero team answers:

The measuring of the top speed is based on advanced sound recognition technology using the microphone of your mobile phone. Speedhero uses sophisticated algorithms to detect the first impact sound (your contact with the ball) and the second impact sound (the ball’s impact on the wall). Then, using a tested sport specific flight time dynamic formula and the processing power of your mobile phone, Speedhero instantly calculates the top speed of the ball.


Video: iOS like UI with Qt Webkit 4.6 UI demo on the Nokia N8 With Sencha Touch

November 6, 2010 5 comments

If I understand this correctly, Sencha Touch was built as a mobile framework for building rich applications for HTML5 enabled devices. i.e. WEBAPPS.

Reading their blog, their approach is very intereting. Also moving from button focused (which can clutter your screen) to intelligent gesture focused – with importance on animations to indicate to the user that information is being fetched that’s not currently available on screen (instead of dull blank loads that make you think the app has hung).

The video demo below is called KitchenSink – possibly because their demo has in terms of touch-events everything but the kitchen sink. You’ll note that it’s very iOS/iPhone like.

  • Lists
  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Gestures (Carousel Swiping)
  • Animations

This isn’t everything their demo can do but just what the short video shows.

via ofilabs

About Sencha Touch

Read more…

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Nokia N8 on Rogers Wireless Canada – 80CAD subsidized, just 449CAD unlocked! (That’s 276GBP :O)

November 6, 2010 25 comments

BGR says upcoming Road Map for Rogers Wireless – Canadian Mobile Carrier reveals that the Nokia N8 will be as low as 79.99CAD subsidized on contract with the unlocked no term, no contract variety going for just 449.99CAD. Holy crap, is that with or without tax? 449.99CAD at current exchange rate to GBP would make it 276.60GBP! That’s ridiculously cheap!

What incredible value for money. Thanks to Stylinred for the heads up to!


What’s the cheapest you’ve found the Nokia N8 for and where?

via BGR

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