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Netbook like MeeGo Tablet: Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 3 USB and an ethernet port!

November 5, 2010 17 comments

Here’s a new MeeGo based tablet: Indamixx 2 sporting some high end netbook like specifications in a tablet form factor. Thanks to Jim for the heads up to :D.

  • Single Core 1.66GHz N450 Atom (PROTO – Final planned to have dual-core)
  • 2GB RAM 533MHz
  • 160GB HDD
  • 3 X USB ports
  • VGA port
  • Ethernet Port (an ethernet port!)
  • Analogue audio I/O.
  • Price 999USD << Not meant to be a mass market consumer product but higher end professional mobile music multitouch tablet. Check it out

Any ideas on screen size and resolution?

CreateDigitalMusic asks and answers: Why MeeGo?

Unlike any Linux distro we’ve found so far, MeeGo is from the ground-up about multi-touch, portable devices that compete with iPad and Android. The main “desktop” user experience is sharp, fast, and finger-friendly.

Our departure from MeeGo is in tuning it for audio. Out of the box, Transmission will be more concerned with a high quality, low-latency audio rather than preserving battery life. However, our experience with the Atoms shows that battery life is pretty good, too.

Multi-touch support will come by way of Qt’s Multi-touch framework… which is expected to have a relatively smooth upgrade path to Xorg 1.10 or 1.11 when Xorg officially supports multi-touch (Q1/Q2 2011). [Note that this is a different solution than the one that Ubuntu is providing.]

indamixx/ Renoise / CreateDigitalMusic

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Video: White Nokia C7 Unboxing (Frosty Metal)

November 5, 2010 4 comments

The C7 comes in Mahogany Brown (Brown), Charcoal Black (Black) and Frosty Metal (White).  Here’s an unboxing of the latter (in Greek by johnkarak). Check out the box contents – ooh the 1200mAh BL-5K user swappable battery.

When speaking to the C7 product managers they seemed to be quite a fan of the White/Frosty Metal C7. Which colour for C7 do you prefer?

In the UK the C7 is around 70GBP cheaper than the N8 (from Nokia UK, unlocked – more expensive than Pay And Go BTW) and goes for Free on a £20/month 24month contract.


via johnkarak

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Nokia N8 Film: Super Hot Spy Girls Running Around with Nokia N8s and Solving Crime

November 5, 2010 11 comments

Up for another Nokia N8 Film mady by (and Starring the N8?) Since it’s Friday, what about some super hot spy girls too? Well here they are, some femme fatales running around with Nokia N8s and solving crime.

Who’s your favourite femme fatale?

via imaginenarwhals

Grats if this is fan made. Won’t be surprised though if it’s Nokia Social Media stuffs.