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WordPress For Symbian^3 impressions by @dani2xll (via Nokia N8)

The Nokia Symbian Browser leaves much to be desired at times. That’s why Nokia N900’s Maemo 5 and MicroB was such a revelation as I could access sites like WordPress.com and blog pretty much how I would on a PC. Not so much on Symbian. I’ve not really had that much fun either with wordpress apps and have just not followed its development.

@dani2xll takes another look at the wordpress App for Symbian^3 (download easily from Ovi Store) and well, colour me surprised. It doesn’t look half bad actually.

I’ve still to test it myself but it looks much more functional that early versions I’ve used.

There are, interestingly a lot of Off-post controls; stats, comments, pages and the likes. The most important thing however is being able to produce a blog post on the fly. Something I always felt comfortable on the N900. How does wordpress app fare on Symbian^3?

Post title, main description box with options for photos. I’m not sure I’ll have the same flexibility with Maemo 5’s in browser wordpress experience but it’s better than nothing. Dani notes some freezing problems, “Alternately either the N8 would freeze with the WordPress application open, or the WordPress application would open and then freeze when I tried to access this post, either to edit it or view it. I have deleted the application and re-installed with no effect and I have also tried a newer version which is not yet in the Ovi Store, all without success.”

Anyone reckons the upcoming browser will be able to handle wordpress like MicroB? (As promised by Nokia that it would be as good as ANY other mobile browser)

Via DailyMobile – check it out for more screenshots.


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