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Video: UI video for Gedda-Headz in the NOKIA C5-03 preloaded Theme-pack coming Q4

I don’t really know what Gedda-Headz is about but apparently it’s a competitive multiplayer game that you can play over bluetooth. The Headz are the personalities with different attributes which you can level up and make stronger. You can also play over WiFi or 3G if your phone has that (obviously targeted at lower end/younger audience) and if you have GPS your position can be shown on the Gedda Headz map.

You can trade your collection, chat, check out global leader boards  and play Gedda-Headz music.

There’s two new exclusive heads theme pack for the new Nokia C5-03, with affectionately named Aikon and Ivo.

youtube link: youtube.com/watch?v=md65xfQgYHc

Aikon comes from East. But truly a world citizen. Grown up in a large family. Some grandfather produced rubberboots and rubber tools. She never liked that. She is a
tech girl, always the latest gear at her hands – living by her mobile. Engaging people across the world.
She’s always wearing her red hat…even at night it’s rumored!
And by the way…Never underestimate her power to get back what belongs to her!

Secret/Rumor: A stranger, with a shiny gadget in his hand, one day showed up and ripped off her hat, claiming it belonged to him now. She, resolutely took it back and slammed her hand into the groin of that person, dryly remarking…”feels a bit fragmented down here”.

Def. Moment: Home alone she played around with the toys of the others, and never told anyone. She was accepting the others had brilliant stuff but no real consistency for her. She focused hard on what really counts …the full experience, of all elements, at one time. You can never beat people with true commitment and focus.
Slogan: Connecting with people is what I am meant to do.

No rumors, just truth. He is the brother of Aikon. They can’t be separated, that’s
for sure. There’s nothing on earth that could tear them apart. Ivo is tough like hell, protecting his home turf from anything threatening. He loves sports, plays every game, fastet runner in town.
And his Y-Box is full with sports games.
Did you notice he, as Aikon, always wear a hat. Don’t touch!

Secret / Rumor: In school he had an accident, fell off from the roof when trying to
proof what kind of free climber he is. But his nature of determined spirit made him climb up again and again until he reached the top…guided over his BT connected, earplugged mobile, by his sister.

Def Moment: His father is running a software shop in downtown. There he
found this TendoNin console with physical interaction. Ridiculous device,
not for real men. But he likes it. At home with Aikon, they love to play
some tennis and have a workout in front of the screen.

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