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November 1, 2010 31 comments

I was astonished that we were able to maintain 300,000 from July to September. In October, we grew a little bit more and reached a new milestone of 400,000 views. 477,628 to be exact.

Your tips/suggestions/findings to or have been immensely appreciated and have been such a huge factor in keeping this blog not just alive (despite all the writers’ outside life commitments), but growing. I feel like it’s yournokiablog too 😀 And for that thanks! Thank you to the readers, commenters, those who mention our posts on other blogs/forums/sites/twitter/facebook etc. We love you for that :)!

Many thanks to MNB Crew for their hard work, making awesome blogposts and keeping up on the discussion.

To keep up to date with there’s the

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I’ve said this for far too long now but I will get around to changing the site appearance to make it easier to manage. It’s just one Uni thing gets piled up after another. (e.g. Like today’s hospital placement, and tonight’s Sum41 gig and tomorrow’s Symposium stuff, PBL things etc, etc). I’ll be asking for your suggestions on how we can improve this site (once we eventually make the move to self hosting/new theme etc).

ok. gtg. totally late again.

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@EldarMurtazin’s June tweet right about the Arm based Nokia Z500? – Nokia MeeGo tablet makes appearance on Ovi Store

November 1, 2010 19 comments

Back in June Eldar Tweeted about the existance of the Nokia z500 Arm based tablet which he said was nothing special. This was also the time when he said that the N8 camera was nothing special as his particular proto N8 was not the same as final N8s. (No big sensor or wide angle lens).

What’s interesting is that the Z500 makes an odd appearance at the Ovi Store meaning it actually exists (and oddly before any announcement and without Nokia taking this down after being up for so long). If it’s MeeGo Tablet, I want some experience similar to the Pre-Alpha UI.

So….will we get some Nokia Tablet Love in the upcoming MeeGo Conference?


THANKS TO Zak and Cherukuri Tarun for the heads up!

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