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Video: MobileBurn’s Video Review (First Impressions) of the Nokia N8

Michael Oryl, my old boss back in the days of MobileBurn foruming has taken the main seat in reviewing the Nokia N8 (and rightfully so – as it’s often someone else now doing the Nokia reviews)

  • Michael seems to be unaware of the UBS-to go function, thinking the adapter was for a keyboard.
  • Anodized metal, everything feels really nice on this
  • doors for microSD and SIM – it’s kinda difficult to get in there without hurting yourself
  • No microSD yet as the device has so much internal storage
  • Really good looking package
  • HDMI port cover – not a fantastic design but everything else is really quite exceptional
  • Homescreen – I find the swiping doesn’t work that well, the lag behind it makes it feel off (unfortunately, the folks at Symbian designed it that way. God knows why – something to do with preventing mispress, I dunno -_-)
  • AMOLED display – really nice saturated colours, deep blacks and looks pretty cool.
  • A little slow to switch between portrait and landscape but not a real problem (NOT at all helped by LACK of transition to mask the lag. Good going there. Note, it is faster as pretty much everywhere else except the homescreen)
  • Swiping within the widgets themselves – cool flexibility, though does sometimes make panel switching difficult – you have to swipe around that widget.

This review seems to be more like a first impressions as Michael doesn’t seem to have used it that long (which is interesting in one sense as you can see how easily Michael is navigating S^3)

Apparently this is a 3 part review but I can only see 2 videos and a sample N8 HD.

Video Sample by the N8


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  1. ACA
    October 3, 2010 at 9:57 am

    heres a quick way of panel switching, press the 3 dots at the center of the bottom menu 😀

  2. October 3, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    As you said Jay, Nokia designed the swipe for going between screens so you don’t mistakenly switch screens if you are trying to do something. How many times have we heard people complain about doing just that on the iPhone?

    It’s a tricky best, and personally I think Nokia should allow for some configuration options so users can define their own delays, timers, adjustments – really fine tune it for THEIR needs. It would be a welcome change!

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