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Gallery: Live photos of Nokia BH-806, BH609 and BH-217

New at Nokia world were some single piece bluetooth headsets – mandatory essentials for drivers (at least here in the UK) if you wish to still keep in touch when driving a vehicle. Though there are other uses for it too.

BH-609, BH-806 and BH-217 (left to right)

A nice feature introduced was the dual action clip. That’s not the official term btw. The first action of the clip is to store the headset, automatically switching off the headset and preserving to battery for an incredible 3 months! When you take it out, the headset is activated.

But what happens to the clip dock when not in use? The second action of the clip is that it can clip on to clothes (or whatever you can attach that clip to). So it could be on your shirt pocket, safe and secure. Pretty neat idea. DSP noise reduction is featured in the BH-217, with dual microphone action going on in the BH-609. The top of the range BH-806 (which looks to be the soul-mate of the silver C7) has no details yet on the product page.

Interestingly these headsets can connect to two phones simultaneously. I don’t know how that works. Also, you can apparently pair two of these headsets to one phone to have dual mono (not something recommended, I just asked if it was possible)

For more details, check out the product pages.

Nokia BH-806


Ergonomic Design

  • Slim and sleek appearance.
  • Wide selection of ear pads for your comfort.
  • Optional ear loop makes it easy to customize the fit.


  • Keeps your hands free for driving, typing, or reading.
  • Listen to text messages, directions, and even the time.
  • Connect to two devices for multiple calls.

Great audio quality

  • Advanced 2-mic noise and wind-noise reduction ensures clarity.
  • Boasts a powerful speaker and two microphones.

Enhanced performance

  • Fully charged in 1 hour, with up to 2 hours talk-time in 15 minutes.
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 180 hours of standby time when charged.
  • Battery charge level indicator


Always Ready

  • Answer calls with headset or phone, it’s your choice.
  • Switches on and connects automatically when you take it out the holder and switches off when you put it back.
  • Up to 3 months of standby time.

Helpful technology

  • Voice guidance for Bluetooth pairing, and battery and connection status.
  • Advanced Multipoint connectivity to connect to 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Adaptive volume adjustment.
  • DSP noise reduction for clearer calls.

Smart carrying and convenient storing

  • Take the headset with you wherever you go.
  • Use the car cradle to conveniently store the headset in your car.
  • Use the carrying clip to attach the headset to your clothes.

  1. September 23, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    What kind of charger do they use? Micro USB or 2mm Nokia?

  2. lintu
    December 14, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    please tel me the price of bh-806

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