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Gallery: Pre #NokiaWorld 2010 Meet @WOMHQ

So, the pre meet was over. Many, many faces met, though still some I didn’t get a chance to talk to. Thanks loads to 1000Heads and WOMWorld for hosting the meetup, providing with food, drink and booze :D.

It was awesome seeing some of the guys again, so many new faces met too. A fair few twitter mates, some from blogs that I read (and felt quite daunting meeting them).

I am absolutely knackered, still haven’t had a decent nights sleep since I got back from the Philippines -_-. Boohoo, haha. Gonna try and have an early night in preparation for Nokia World Tomo. I’ll leave you though with a gallery and update this post perhaps with captions and also link to other people’s photos.

btw. There were several N8s in the roonm, and many opportunities to play with it, but I forced myself not to so as not to get too hypnotized and ignore the folk in the roonm :p. Will get many handset photos tomo.

Are you in the photos below? Do you recognize who’s who in the photos?

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  1. Joshua
    September 14, 2010 at 12:09 am

    I posted 1st from Ghana in Africa

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