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Video: The Phones Show – Episode 117 – Nokia C3 Review

I meant to write about this yesterday when I saw Steve Litchfield’s Nokia C3 review in the infamous Phones Show.

Skip to 2:27. The review is sandwiched in between a couple of Droid pieces, the first the Moto Droid X and the second, the huge Dell Streak.

The C3 is NOT a smartphone, but it’s quite feature packed and gives QWERTY messaging to the masses. I’ve been smitten with its beautiful design, and if you aren’t expecting too much, it’s sort of OK inside.

Steve is a little more critical and is unhappy with confusing layout of certain aspects of the phone (settings menu), and the lack of multitasking. Well, millions of iPhone users have dealt with that for quite a while, and this is 1/10 of the price of that :p.

  • Keyboard, speaker, battery excellent
  • No 3G
  • Not good enough for Steve (well, I doubt it would be for any ardent smartphone fan, let alone one of the giants of Nokia-Symbian-Smartphone blogosphere)
  • Verdict – avoid like the plague and spend a little more and get E63 (hmm, possibly not an option for all. Anyone who is able to watch Steve’s show probably are more discerning customers anyway)

I do wish Nokia had made the C3 S60 3rd edition. I mean, for a similar price, you could get a 5230 (though C3 does have WiFi and 5MP cam advantage)

At the end there’s a user story including Symbian handsets like  the Nokia N79, 5230 and i8910.

3lib.ukonline.co.uk via stevelitchfield

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  1. Keith
    July 25, 2010 at 5:52 am

    One cant deny that Steve Litchfield is THE BEST smartphone reviewer of all time! I’m a huge fan of him 🙂

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